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Mystwolf posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 5:37am

Wow! That was definately worth the wait! I'm particularly pleased at the slowness of the relationship building with Harry and Pansy. It makes it much more believable. I also like how your characters are using 'Muggle' solutions to some problems, instead of going for wizard-only solutions. That has never really made sense to me in canon.

Anyway, keep up the good work! Here's yet another fan eagerly awaiting the next chapter, but no hurry. I know that creativity can't be rushed.


Gawl posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 4:18am

I've always liked stories where Harry is independent from Dumbledore, but this is one of the best I've seen yet. I hope Snape gets whats coming to him soon.

Shaun posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 3:12am

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.

Can't wait for chapter three, keep up the good work, ith is my favorite Harry/Pansy story, and seems to be more of a possibility than the other story's out there.

John posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 2:08am

Hello Jeconais,

      I just wanted to wish you  a happy belated birthday, and I'm a little sorry that your not posting the next part next week.  Oh Well, I suppose I can wait for it.  I think the part that I liked most about this chapter was Dobby, and his protection of harry, not to mention the idea that the parkinsons came up with in regards to a central house elf place were they would be safe and protected from evil, cruel masters.

      My other favorite part is going to be/is the Harry/Ginny reaction when they find out that Ginny and Dean are not really dating, she just said that to bother her brother.  Tonks reaction will probably be a little humurous when we see her at the dinner in the next chapter.  Oh well, hope to see the next part soon.


Fasor posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 1:55am

great, just great :)

Brad Crawford posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 1:02am

WOW   An excellent couple chapters i cant wait to see more thank you tim! 

lizzy posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 12:09am

Oooh I think I really like this fic.  I can see how the Parkinsons directness would be attractive to Harry.  He always wants to know what's going on around him and finding people who are allies, who he can work with and  mutually benefit from, is a blessing.

I love the bits about Ginny and how she's probably lost herself Harry.  If it was meant to be, it would come about.  I think your Pansy fits Harry much better then Ginny.  The fics I like that are Harry/Ginny have her much stronger then in canon I think.  Your Pansy will be a partner.  I like how your showing the direct efforts on the part of the Parkinsons to play matchmaker.  I bet Harry sees it and isn't too adverse at the moment either.  He knows they're strongly pureblood and if her parents are giving approval to a relationship then there's somethere for him to consider.  As said in the story, Harry doesn't play with people's hearts.

I can't wait to see what happens with the house elves and the goblins.  Heck, Harry will probably be making other alliances as well.  I also look forward to dinner with Tonks and, well, everything.  Good luck and happy writing!

Mickey posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 12:07am


kensai posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 11:23pm


I state that it is us the readers, and not you who got a spectaculer present.  I hope your birthday was as good as the chapter 'flawless'!  On the other hand, I am distressed that this chapter is nothing but a tease, which leaves me quandering when I can look forward to six weeks of updates on this story.  Thank you for all the work you put into this and all the other Harry Potter works that you bless us with.

Ham posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 11:16pm

Ok that was amazing!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this is one of the most unique pieces of Fanfiction on fandom and i cannot wait to read more.


Hilary posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 10:24pm

This story is a very interesting take on the Slytherine!Harry/Independant!Harry plot line.  I'm especially amused by your take on Pansy.  What would a Slytherine girl who not necessarily dark and who wants to hide in plain sight do?  She'd be Pansy.

zaito1985 posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 10:15pm

I like this series. So far it has a lot of things going for it... seldom used pairing, downplays the abuse (but captures the seriousness/extent of it), defiance against Dumbledore, amongst other things.  Has great detail, fun dialogue, and no (i havnt seen any) irritating grammer, spelling, misc mistakes. Between WN, GQ and Hope - you have produced some quality entertainment.


Paul posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 9:54pm

Wonderful i absolutely love this story and hate you at this moment. i think i'm going to die from the anticaipationover the next chapter.      

a few spelling errors were the only mistakes i noticed pansy says in the hospital scene "make up grow up" instead of make us

Waywren Truesong posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 9:45pm

Waaai, there's more!  *redoes from start*

“I did some research, and it turns out that this fat Muggle's wife is Lily Potter's sister.”

Gruoch leaned across and kissed her husband lightly.

“That's why I married you, my dear.”

“And I thought it was because I promised to make you the wealthiest woman on the planet.”

“That was a bonus,” Gruoch smiled.  “Your sneaky nature was by far my most favourite aspect of your personality.”

I love the Parkinsons so, so very very much.  ^^  That.  Right there.  They're so -cute-, in the most Slytherin possible manner.

Pansy shook her head.  “Not at all.  To start with, Harry's not a disgusting toad with a five year olds intellect.  And let's face it, sooner or later Daddy's going to be thinking about marrying me into one of the other pureblood families - like the Malfoys.  This way I'll actually get a chance at someone I'd choose.”

Quite so.  But it should be 'old's' there, methinks.

“I've been thinking about that,” Malcom said, a slight smile on his face.  “Your mother has been most eloquent in pointing out some of the holes in my plans for you.  Not least that I actually want you to be happy.  So you don't have to do this just to avoid my machinations.”
*giggles*  Lovely line, lovelier sentiment.

 He probably thought that reverse psychology was a sexual position.
Oh help!  *cackles helplessly*

If she could get him to fall in love with her, and her him, it would be a partnership that could take her to all the places her ambition wanted her to go.

I love Slytherins.  Ruthlessly subduing oneself to one's own ends--but still plotting and hoping for love.  And using it as an -asset-.  Yessss.  

Hum.  Should that be 'she him'?

“Yes, Mr Sampson,” Vernon Dursley simpered.  “What can I do for you?”
WAUGH!  Horrible image of Dursley object and Umbfrog meeting and having horrid little simpering oxtoad babies!  Must... scrub... brain...

Harry reached up, his hand shaking with effort.  “Angel,” he whispered, as he touched her cheek softly.

Pansy took his hand and softly kissed it.  “Your angel,” she agreed.  “Sleep, I'll take care of you.”


“Yeah.  So,” her lips curved slightly.  “Can I keep him?”
I love that girl.

I love Malcolm's compulsion.  Hee. ^^  I also adore how quickly Pansy sees the truth about our Harry...

...How quickly we forget that Dobby was a -Malfoy- house-elf.  Oh, I'm not impugning his -loyalty-, dear heavens no... it's just that I once read a fanfic in which Dobby's response to finding out about the Dursleys was to make human sausages... and Marge's dog, too...  But it's probably just as well Pansy stopped him.  Harry needs him more than he needs vengeance, anyway.

"You never notice them," he continued.  "They could be a great spy network.  Harry should be able to persuade Dobby to find out anything and everything.  It's a pity Voldemort thinks they are useless, otherwise it would be perfect."
Oooh.  ^^

“Euch,” he whispered.  “That has to be good for me; nothing that tastes that bad can actually do me harm.”
I love that boy.  And this line.  *giggles*

Harry reached out and felt for her hand.  Very slowly, he lifted it to his lips and gently kissed her.  “I owe you my life,” he whispered simply.  “What ever help I can give is yours.”

This scene.... so very, very lovely.  

Carelessly, she reached behind and undid the zip holding her dress up, letting it pool by her feet, her mind suddenly wondering what it would be like to do this with those emerald eyes staring at her, staring at her with want and need.
*shivers*  Ooooo.  Kirei na... and a very appropriate thing to think, in her position.    Small, but important, say I.

It made her wonder when the last time he had actually had a decent nights sleep was.
night's.... and possibly fourth year.

Tonks moved, faster than she ever had before, and picked up the tall Professor by his throat, and slammed him in the wall.  Holding him up with one hand, she pointed her wand straight at his face with her other hand.  “I found out today that I do have enough hate to cast the Cruciatus,” she snarled.  “And if I ever hear you say anything bad to or about Harry, I will make it my personal goal to make the rest of your life a living hell.”  Her now black eyes peered deep into Snape's, before she dropped him.
Tonks, I love you. Please marry me.

..When you're done slaughtering the asshat, of course.

Harry pulled his glasses on and twisted slightly to look at her directly.

Pansy felt herself blushing.

“So I wasn't dreaming,” Harry murmured.   “An angel really did rescue me last night.”

“You're not scared?” she asked, suddenly realising that he wasn't.

“In my experience,” he said dryly.  “Voldemort isn't in the habit of rescuing me, giving me potions to help me get better, looking after me, and leaving me with a beautiful nurse.”
Yes, such a bad host he is, we really should report him, shouldn't we?  *giggles*  I love that boy.

Harry raised his eyebrows at the casual swearing.  “So you’re parents aren’t Death Eaters?”

Pansy sighed.  “He doesn’t think that anyone should have dealings with Muggles like we do.  What he doesn’t see is that we actually make a lot of peoples lives better.  Sure, we make a lot of money, but we also employ nearly fifteen thousand people.  If we just pulled out, it would devastate a lot of people.
people's.  And Albus is terribly innocent, for a one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old man.

Harry didn’t disagree with her statements, despite the fact that he winced with each one.  “That was blunt,” he mumbled.
Doesn't mince words, does our Grey Queen.  And from the reading, his next sentence might should be part of this paragraph, not its own.

“If you win, Malfoy loses, and we can takeover his business.  I want to change Malfoy Manor into a Muggle Hotel.”
*grins* Admirable sentiment.  In this usage, tho, you want 'take over', not the verbed compound word.

Pansy leaned forwards a little, noticing that Harry’s eyes didn’t drop down to her chest.  
*shrugs a little*  Your bosom will still be there when he's not dealing for both your lives and livelihoods.

“So, I thought you’d be a lot more Gryffindor about this, not accepting it so calmly.”

“Being a Gryffindor has lost me everything,” he whispered, looking out the window.  “My parents, Cedric, Sirius, and nearly my own life.  I’ve done everything they have asked from me, and they go home to their families, and I end up starving in that room.”
*whimpers and hugs Harry*  But.... yes... Gods.

“That’s not being selfish,” Pansy whispered softly.  “That’s being human.

She sighed softly as she found him in the throws of another nightmare.

“Did Snape like your dad?”

“No, they were bitter enemies.”

“So why do you trust his memories of him?”
-Thank- you!  I love people who point this out.

“But away from his pranks, he was probably the nicest boy in Hogwarts.  He would help anyone with anything.  He even gave up his pocket money to allow a young Ravenclaw to take out a pretty Slytherin on a date.  The Slytherin was another Pure Blood that James knew and, while he didn’t really approve, he helped the Ravenclaw out.  The Ravenclaw took the Slytherin to the nicest places in Hogsmeade and for the first time, the Slytherin admitted that she liked the Ravenclaw.
*grins*  Somehow I knew Prongs was a matchmaker. *cheerfully ignoring lack of approval, because, after all, look at the end!*

“Two years later, in a scandal that rocked society, the Ravenclaw married the Slytherin, in a small ceremony, attended by James and Lily Potter.

“People were horrified that a Pure Blood princess, and soul heir to the family fortune, would marry a destitute Ravenclaw.

“James Potter didn’t care.  He stood by them, because he liked the Ravenclaw, and had come to like the Slytherin.  The Ravenclaw turned out to be a brilliant, if slightly ruthless, businessman and people soon forgot that he was poor.  A year later, the Slytherin became pregnant, and she had a daughter.  Breaking with family tradition, they named her in honour of Lily Potter, choosing the name of another flower.  Pansy.”
*grins*  Pansy, m'love, you are an excellent storyteller, and that is a very lovely history.

“There was no lion in the right room,” Pansy said softly.  “I lied, because I wanted you to go to the left.”

“I knew getting you a Muggle television was a bad idea,” Malcom muttered.  “Ideas above your station, wench.”
Have I mentioned in the last three seconds that I love the Parkinsons? ^^

Malcom nodded.  “Agreed.”  He started to look a little excited for the first time.  “I’ve got to admit that I hope he agrees.  Can you think of anything more challenging than starting a third group?”

Pansy and Gruoch shared an amused glance.  “For you?  No.”
*giggles*  Alistair the Sorting Hat had a very hard time with Malcom, didn't he? ^^

Harry nodded.  “Could you tell me a little about my parents?”

Pansy smiled at the look on Harry’s face.  The fact that her parents had illegal possession of a Time-Turner didn’t seem to bother him at all.
*grins*  Yes, well, he's seen one--and Alistair had a hard time with -him-, too. ^^

“With what I have just seen, he shouldn’t be allowed near children, full stop.  His behaviour was immoral, illegal, and disgusting.”
Oh I -like- you.  I like you better than Chocolate Frogs.  Good woman there. ^^

Harry turned to look at her.  “Much more than I want to.”

Pansy laughed, “I don’t doubt that.”
Such a wise young woman.  (Quoth the old lady of twenty-two. c.c)

Harry nodded thoughtfully.  “You know, I think I might have to do something about that when we get back to school.”  He grinned suddenly.  “As a Gryffindor, I can hardly stand back when a lot of students are scared, can I?”
*grins*  I can't -wait-.  (But I will, patiently.  It's why I lurk, because I'm bad at patience. ^^)

As she led them towards the Owlery, Pansy replied, “Most Gryffindors would, if it was the Slytherins.”

“True,” Harry sighed.  “Are you as fed up with the school as I am?”

“In what way?”

“Everyone keeping to themselves all the time.  There are hardly any inter-house activities, apart from Quidditch, and that’s more open warfare half the time.  I don’t like all the suspicion.”

-Thank- you.

“Dear Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Dean, and everyone else that likes to interfere,
SMACK!  *cackles*

Ginny groaned and banged her head onto the table.  “Don’t tell me.  In Harry logic, that means, ‘Ginny doesn’t fancy me at all, I should think of her as a sister.’”

Hermione nodded.

“Don’t worry, Gin,” Ron said, giving his sister a brief hug.  “We’ll be able to sort it out when we get back to school.”

“Yeah,” Hermione said.  “With the three of us, he won’t have a chance.”

Ooopsy.  Sorry, Gin love, Hermione shoved your hand out of the way of that catch, and I'm afraid I'm ballacking for Pansy on this one--she gets such chances so -rarely-.  But you've got an awful lot of Jeconais stories where you get what you want already, ne?  ^^

“Noted,” Dumbledore said firmly.  “I will send the Portkey tomorrow.  I believe I shall set it to bring Harry back to the Weasleys, so that he is somewhere familiar.  Severus, Nymphadora, if you would accompany me tomorrow, to ensure that if someone else returns, there is nothing we can not handle.”
..I can hear the hockey hooligans already.  They're screaming for blood.  This is rather fun.  ^^

Dobby had been deliriously happy to be able to produce fifteen meals for Harry in one day - and hadn’t even bothered to use a Time-Turner.  The hard work had been enough reward for him.

I love that elf.  ^^

“Mail Alarm,” Pansy explained.  “Someone’s just sent a Portkey through the mail.  Some of dad’s rivals tried to kidnap me once when I was young - got my Nanny instead - and Dad had the wards made shortly afterwards.”
Oh, dear.  How awful for the rivals, I'm sure. ^^

“Dobby thinks that Harry Potter should stay with the Park’sons.  The Park’sons are a good Wizarding family, who have looked after Harry Potter.  Dobby will go and talk to Dumbledore, and tell him that Dobby quits and is Harry Potter’s elf now.  And tell him to leave Harry Potter alone.”  Before Harry or anyone else could stop him, Dobby grabbed the Portkey and vanished.

“That is one remarkable elf you have there Harry, but you should really find out what he was earning before you offered to double it,” Malcom advised.

“A galleon a month,” Harry said casually.  “It’s obviously a token gesture, but the amount means more to Dobby that it does to me.”

Malcom nodded.  “Sorry, shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”

Harry smiled.  “Don’t worry about it.  You don’t really know me that well yet.”
I love this exchange.  Particularly Dobby's bit, but Harry's being in fine form is always a delight.

“I’ve already started some things at the Ministry to remind Fudge of his position in life - doing what I tell him.”

“What would you get out of this?”

Malcom smiled.  “Apart from peace and prosperity, which is great for business, we’d be recognised as good guys for the first time - which would open doors that are currently closed to us.  We’d be able to crush Lucius into the ground, and I know that Pansy has some wonderful plans for Malfoy Manor.  And, we’d have you as a very close friend, which would be worth a lot in its own right at some stage.
*cackles maniacally* no -wonder- Gruoch married him.  I adore this man.

*grins*  I have this idea that the hippogriff approach works for most beings. ^^

“You’ll get used to it quickly.  Ready to move?”

“No,” Harry replied promptly, a grin on his face.

She had been positive that he was a natural rider.  She’d been really impressed with how well he had ridden the Hippogriff in their third year.  Normally, she would have started a new rider on one of the smaller horses in their stable, but she had felt that Harry would enjoy the big horse more.”
*grins* I quite agree, but I don't think that apostrophe is supposed to be there.

*cackles*  Is Dr Pierce by any chance called 'Hawkeye'?  Oops, that's his first name and not his last.  S'who he reminds me of tho. ^^

Peirce nodded solemnly.  “I’ll have the potion here tomorrow night.  Harry will need to start eating tonight - and I mean stuff him to the gills.”
Dobby will die of joy.

Dobby looked delighted.  “Dobby will get to work immediately.  Harry Potter sir will have all of his favourites.  Dobby likes the idea that Harry Potter be full size.  House-elf size is good for house-elves, but it’s not so good for great and powerful magicians.”
See? ^^

*grins*  I -knew- Tonks must have more family worth the lead it takes to shoot 'em.

Gruoch sighed to herself softly, having heard the feint hitch in his voice.  ‘Don’t hate me for this, Lils,’ she thought to herself.  ‘You’re his mother, you always will be, we’re just acting.’
Gruoch, love, she married Prongs; she'll understand... and you're looking after her boy.  For that she can forgive you anything, I'm sure.

Pansy grinned.  “True.  It gives a whole new meaning to cause and effect.  We’re doing something because we know we did it because we didn’t see the outcome of us not doing it.”
And she didn't pause or trip over her tongue!  Harry, marry the gel.

Jamie posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 9:38pm

Wow. :) What an awesome chapter. :-D hehehe. really. It was just great.  I *really* liked the Weasleys/Dumbledore/Snape bits, and then Dobby! :-D wow. Dobby had such a fun bunch of dialogue in this (very long) chapter. Awesome.  Happy birthday, again, but thanks for making it slightly special for us, too, by posting such a great chapter. :) Fun times abound. ;) lol.  Can`t wait to see what the `new and improved` Harry is going to look like...  hahahah! I betcha Pansy remains herself at school, and everyone thinks that the two of them are transfer students or something! :-D hahaha. :-p blah! In your face, Draco!

Robbie Byrd posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 8:30pm

I enjoyed reading your story. I liked how Dobby told Dumbledore  & Snape off. Have you thought of making this a Harry/Pansy/Ginny pairing?

scott posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 7:49pm

Excellent chapter!!! I love your plot. I love your Pansy, and Grouch and Malcom. I like that direction you're taking Harry in. And yes. I hope you bless us with chapter 3 of this soon... because yes!!!

Mary the Filker posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 7:45pm

Nice and tasty--and a good depiction of a middle-ground Pureblood family. Nearest thing I've seen to this is Lisa Roquin's _Hogwarts Apprentices 1: Gentry Green_ (which also gets in a fair amount of Dumbledore-bashing). Also up to your usual writing standards; only a few minor errors (it's "throes of a nightmare", not "throws"). Keep it up--along with TMW! Mary the Filker

Kai posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 7:39pm

Excellent. I like the way the story is progessing.  I just love the way Harry and Pansy are progressing, not to fast, but at the right pace for the two of them. Post soon please.

lia posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 6:45pm

i enjoyed it very much

thank you for posting