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Status: In progress on 15th Dec 12
Rating: Mature
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Fluff, Humor
Word count: 132,433
Reviews: 642
Chapters: 10
Also available as: Epub | lit | mobi | pdf | txt

After being given some advice from Sakura, Naruto realises that the only way his life is going to improve, is if he does something proactive about it.  And so he does, and the Elemental Countries will never be the same again.

Status: Completed on 2nd Sep 10
Rating: Teens +
Genre: Comedy
Word count: 6,193
Reviews: 58
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | txt | pdf | mobi | lit

The council has decided.  Naruto will be banished.  After all, civilians do know what is best for Konoha, right?

Might possibly be crack-fic.


Status: Completed on 24th Dec 10
Rating: Teens +
Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Fluff, Romance
Word count: 22,557
Reviews: 56
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | txt | pdf | mobi | lit

When Hanabi indicated that she wasn't like the rest of her clan, she didn't quite realise where that would take her - and that maybe she'd finally stop being cold.