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Pat posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 5:21pm

That was an enjoyable read! (Although, as usual, it took me a while to get through each chapter.) Not sure where you're going with the Pansy/Ginny thing, though; that was a bit distracting, especially from the main Harry/Pansy relationship. Still, it was fun, and had me struggling not to laugh out loud on occasion.

Oh BTW, since this is the last battle, why not add the last couple of sidelines in? I can somehow see McGonagall as the spear-chucker. It just seems to fit her character, you know?

Now that we (including you) know you CAN finish a story, can we have another chapter of TMW, please sir?

Lucinda posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 1:16pm

Quite an interesting tale - I enjoyed it very much. I do look forward to the sequel that you mentioned plans to write.

insidelola posted a comment on Tuesday 27th September 2005 8:44am


I can not express how much I loved your fic. You took Pansy and wrote a character to a name, which made me shudder every time I read it. This will be the best story with a Harry/Pansy pairing EVER!

I am looking forward to read more about the world you created with this fic. Expecially about the Harry/Pansy/Ginny issue.

I loved your story and I hope to read more from you.

Alaranth_88 posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 4:59pm

I see you managed to get Ginny in there anyway. ;D

That was wonderful, Tim. Thank you and well done, to yourself and your crew. *appauds*

rue posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 10:41am

wow I have just spent the last few days at work hidden reading your fic and wow, I dont like pansy most of the time but this wow...
I cant wait to see the future in a world of no voldy and intergrated with muggles cant wait to read more, thank you for the ride so far and more from them with politics and school being the main thrusts and ginny so needs to sit her exams with H and P or she will get left behind...
humm hows dudley? it would be good to have harry go "home" to kay the last ghosts with pansy at his side (and ginny) oh hell there is heaps still to do, and then I can spend the day curseing any one who interupts me....
lol rue

Ascetic Hedony posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 5:16am

This is not a pairing I've ever read. This is a different story to my usual preference.

Yet I loved it.

The details needed to manipulate the many flaws of the wizarding world, the development of Harry (and Pansy) as a force to be reckoned with - great.
The only quibble I had was the characters seeming too perfect, in emotional development and learning ability.
The dialogue, despite occasional bouts of wordiness (a few things I really couldn't imagine the characters saying, or just the tone) was often funny and well scripted.
Really, I don't review too often, but this fic was so engaging that I wanted to encourage further writing (in this storyline or others).
And the less said about my need to stay awake 'til 3am to finish it the better :)
Well done!

hyper_swain posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 12:30am

LOVED it! it was a most enjoyable story and the final battle was plausable. love ya babe!

Joe Morris posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 1:56pm

Amazing story! I really really enjoyed it, read it through about 4 times while waiting for it to finish (checking back occasionally, I mean), and I look forward to shorts covering the aftermath, including the talk (and more?) in France, and the quidditch game. :D

Thanks for writing, and sharing it with us!

Steven posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 11:03am

I really enjoyed your story, even more then the real sixth book. The only thing I really disagreed with was the idea of the Harry/Pansy/Ginny hints you put in at the end. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it just seemed that the Harry you painted in the begining chapters wouldn't do anything like that. He only seemed to change to be like that in the last chapter, which ended up seeming sudden.
Can you tell me what the next story you will work on will be?

Lori posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 9:11am

I did not expect to like your story - Harry and Pansy? I would have never put them together. However, I am officially sucked in and loving every minute of it.

Thank you.

John posted a comment on Sunday 25th September 2005 1:47am

Please email me when the shorter stories are available. Thank you for the best story I have read yet!

FairyQilan posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 5:57pm

I must say, this is an amazing end to a truly amazing story. Though i really do want to read the short stories you have planned ( Dobby on a broom would be something to see) and to find out how Ginny, Harry, and Pansy work things out, leaving the story here was a good idea.

cronenus posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 5:15pm

I loved it can't wait for the off shoots, but hopefully you can finish "This Means War" now. ^_^ please...

Debra Sensale posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 5:01pm

Absolutely Incredible. Extremely well written as well. I wouldn't mind an epilogue (hint hint, nudge, nudge :)

Ashley posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 3:02pm

OH MY GOD!!! *squeals reeeeeeally loud* I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED IT!!!
Great job, Tim!!! It ROCKS OUT LOUD! I'm lookin forward to those short stories!! Wow...There's not much else to say! WOW! I think this is your best one yet, and I am a big fan of TMW. xD It was hillarious. All the movie quotes from Gruoch and Dobby...HA! I can't stop laughing!!!! Thanks so much for writing it, i think you are one of the most talented writers EVER!!!! *squeals again*

Carlos posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 2:09pm

this story was great!!! at first i was skeptical with the harry pansy...but you made it so good that any1 would have read it. i just cant wait to see what u have for the epilogue for this and for TMW..

Ichtys posted a comment on Saturday 24th September 2005 4:25am

Hi Tim.
Congratulation on finishing this monster-sized fanfic. I must admit that I'm probably one of your worst fans, mainly due to the fact that I haven't given you a single review. For that I apologize, and hope I by saying that I love ALL your HP-fanfics can be redeemed.
This was truly a great story, and although the ship you wrote about had a very small chance for being believable, you pulled it of. If I should give a rating it would be somewhere between O and E (HP ratings).
I noticed that some people on your Yahoo groop were discussing the amount of smaller errors (I tend to call it SNOT: Small Non-essential Omissions & Typos) in this story. I probably noticed a few, but it is still a LOT better than the edition of LOTR I have in Danish.
I don't know if it would help decrease the amount of SNOT (Hermione would be proud ;-)), but I was wondering if it would be easier to handle smaller chapters. It must take a lot of time and focus to correct chapters this long, so perhaps it would make the editing process faster and more effective?
Please don't take this as an insult of the hard work you and your beta's are doing on each chapter.
Please give your beta's a big hug from me.

Grey posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 9:21pm

I'm sitting here... and I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad. I'm elated that this story is done, and was concluded beautifully. But at the same time, I'm sitting here and realizing "It's over." Somehow when you wrote this, and I've noticed this in many of your stories; you make us (the readers)truely connect with your representations of the characters.
I personally dislike asking an author to do anything with a finished story, but I implore of you, please do a sequal, epilouge, something. This story is truely a work of art, and I know it is, quite honestly, one of the best pieces of fiction I have read.
On another note, I have been curious for a while as to whether or not you write original fiction along with your fanfiction. If you do, and you have it posted anywhere, may I ask to be informed in some manner as to how to get a hold of it? With your level of skill, I am sure it would be a treat to read.
I cannot currently find any more words to describe my praise for your writing, so I shall conclude this with a simple thank you.

Thank you.

John posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 5:18pm

Great story and AWESOME ending. It took me two days to get through the whole thing.

Art posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 2:40pm

Hey Tim, it occurs to me that it might be fun to imagine a farther distant future when more of their reforms have been implemented.

- malcom and harry's business empire is probably the biggest in the world. (I was going to suggest that WWW might be large also, but considering the investment of Harry, and future plans, I expect it will instead be a division of Parkinson + Potter worldwide. (PPW)

- There's been a baby-boom. There usually is after any war.

- Remus has spent 3 terms as minister of magic before retiring. Hermione was *about* to take over, but got more interested in working with PPW on merging magic and muggle technology. Now she is driving 3 research divisions batty trying to keep up with her ideas, plans, and experiments. After seeing the potential of her first inventions payoff, Malcom has devoted 5% of the annual profit of PPW to supporting her research.

- Daphne is darned ambitious. I can see her marrying George for the laughs, money, and power that provides.

- Not sure about Ron and Hannah. I'd say 5 kids after 10 years of marriage, perhaps more. Did he chase quidditch, or is he one of Harry's "Handlers".? If the ego can withstand the permanent "second fiddle" status, it would probably be the more lucrative and fun position.

Harry? He spends maybe half his time on business, including the required public functions and "pressing the flesh". He stays in shape, practises his magic and works out. He doesn't want to become fat and lazy, but really, he's having to look farther and farther afield for any criminal element that hasn't heard what the "security" arm of PPW does to anyone who, ah, "bothers" people that PPW consider "family".

And he makes sure to go horesback riding at least once a week.

Oh the security arm of PPW? This is top secret, but roughly 10% of the troops are house elves, mostly young and and adaptable ones (not set in their ways) detailed by the Council of Elves to make sure that Master Harry and his family are well "taken care of".