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adam777 posted a comment on Tuesday 31st August 2010 11:33pm

good fic i love it

Amylin Christin posted a comment on Sunday 29th August 2010 1:27pm

You created a real conflic from me. I absolutely loved the fic at the beginning. You wrote, as usual, in a very realistic and beautiful manner and I could really get the characters. But then it totally changed and reading the fic became some sort of torture (don't take that personally). You still wrote amazingly good, but you suddently totally changed the characters, and I can't really understand why. I realise that there are many Harry/multi fics out there, and some are really great. But I have to say, I somehow felt that you really undermined your stroy when you introduced Ginny into Pansy and Harry's realtionship. I fully get why Harry, and partially Pansy want to be nice to her. They are friends and don't want to make it hard on her etc. But I felt that it did not work. First of all, you did not introduce any real relationship between Harry & Ginny before he met Pansey. We know from the books that they fought in the DA and in the Department of Mystery, and you mentioned that Harry finds her attractive. Thats all well and good, but it creates no reason as to why Harry would feel so attrackted to her and so guilty, that he introduces her into his realtionship. Pansy has even less reason, and she did start that love triangle. Ginny has so far no serious emotional connection to Harry and therefore no right to 'claim' him, like she said herself when they got the letter from Harry saying that he has a girldfriend. The way you described Pansy's character in the beginning, their relationship made no sense. She said that family is everything, and as Harry is included in her family she will try to be friends with his friends (weasleys etc.) One would therefore understand when she tries to befriend Hermione or Ron, but Pansy goes totally against her character and reaches out for a girl, which might be included in the circle of friends because she is Rons sister and was a member of the DA, but really, she has no connection and relevance for them at all, other than that she is in love with Harry. And the whole thing got a bit reduculous after that because in this fic it neither suits Harry's nor Pansy's and least of all Ginny's character to start a love triangle.
And somehow I really feel that you need to write an epilogue or sequel to sort this out, because really, you write amazing fanfiction and I really like your stroys. But suddenly you make no sense at all and I don't know how I can deal with that.
Hope to hear from you about your point of view about this realtionship you created. Amy

Denise Jelfs posted a comment on Thursday 19th August 2010 5:52am

Just a heads up - lord of the light cartwright is starting to post your story on thier page and has said:
this story is owned by Jeconais, I just wished to share it with the best fanfiction website on the net; if Jeconais asks me to stop posting this story or to take it down I shall do so but until then enjoy the best Harry/Pansy fic out there.

I don't have an account on the site, but I thought I'd give you a heads up on here

I really enjoy this story and your others, but I never feel the need to repeat 'well written story' review

loretta537 posted a comment on Saturday 24th July 2010 7:04am

this was another great story!

Abraxan posted a comment on Monday 19th July 2010 6:26pm

What a fun read! ! And Harry has TyWO mates? ? Yikes! I really. enjoyed your story.

Abraxan j

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Thursday 8th July 2010 1:55am

Great story and long. A very good read. I would have liked an epilogue but oh, well. Thanks for sharing your work!

Emp posted a comment on Thursday 1st July 2010 3:15pm

Excellent work, easily the best Harry/Pansy fic out there. Unfortunately, there aren't that many to begin with though.
It would be great if you did either another Harry/Pansy fic, or even better, a sequel to this one.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 21st June 2010 3:34am

I absolutely *love* Daphne's comment (about herself) after she noticed Harry's Reaction to the Girlfriend Test. "Professional inserter of foot into mouth" indeed. Since I read (and reviewed) the original WKGQ, I sense that someone's done some editing. Mister B, would that B U?

Ledivin posted a comment on Sunday 20th June 2010 10:46pm

"Ten-page bet response," indeed... great story, easy 5/5. Everything flowed together really well, you made most extraordinary facets believable, and the dullest moments interesting.

This just might take the place as favoritest fic ever - right up there with Wastelands of Time, To Fight the Coming Darkness, and Bungle in the Jungle (Being the best doesn't mean much if there's no way to compare it, after all).

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 20th June 2010 10:44pm

Here we find out that horking off a house-elf is bad enough (remember, Lucius Malfoy got knocked off his feet by Doggy three years ago, in Dumbles' office doorway); horking off *any* Parkinson (especially Pansy) is probably worse. Dobby, if he weren't a house-elf, would likely be a Gryffindor (given that Dobby was the Malfoys' house-elf, that says something rather disturbing about the Malfoys in general, and Draco in particular); Pansy would definitely come after you (and get you); however, you would have no idea when, or how.

Severus Snape, do you want to live beyond the war? If so, I would suggest you shut your yap and keep your ears open, especially about Harry Potter.

Harry is recovering (and getting closer to Pansy), Dobby is horked off, Tonks is horked off, and Remus is *getting* horked off.

avidreaderbz posted a comment on Wednesday 9th June 2010 11:39pm

such a fantastic story!

Tiberianfest posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 6:57pm

dam gd story one of the best with the characters and world taken and molded by you perfectly creating one of the best story I have had the pleasure to read keep you the good work pls.

Secca posted a comment on Sunday 14th March 2010 7:48am

A thoroughly enjoyable tale. I like how you engineered a super-trained!Harry without falling into the ridiculous cliche that are floating about out there. Your characterization was as wonderful as ever. Your chapter lengths were far from standardized, but I only point this out to show that you are, indeed, human.

Thanks for the great story.

wacky witch posted a comment on Sunday 28th February 2010 4:15am

YOu are such a great writer. I just read this story from start to finish today, and loved it. I actually have enjoyed your stories much more then JKR's. Thanks!

prateek91 posted a comment on Monday 18th January 2010 11:52am

AAAAMmmmaaaazzzzing story!!!!!

White Knight Leo posted a comment on Friday 15th January 2010 11:52pm

Actually, that is being selfish. The problem is that the meaning of selfish has been perverted.
Properly speaking, "selfish" just means "concerned with one's own interests".
This is difficult for many to understand, as it is the position of the altruists that selfishness is evil, and since they are largely in charge, we are taught that selfishness is evil. As for helping others, by what right does anyone have a claim to your life? By their need? Why do their needs supersede yours?
This has always been my primary complaint regarding Dumbledore, who talks so much about the greater good, but has never actually taken upon himself the sacrifices he demands or imposes upon others. In this sense he is no less evil than Voldemort, even in canon, because both men want essentially the same thing, its just that Tom is willing to name what he wants (he simply refuses to consider the consequences) and Dumbledore is unwilling to name either.
I really like this story otherwise.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 4th January 2010 10:40am

This is a really good story, but I admit I would like to see one more chapter to see how Harry, Pansy and Ginny deal with their issue.

David Coleman posted a comment on Thursday 31st December 2009 4:32am

very nice.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 6th December 2009 2:47pm

Great story, this is the third time I have read it and it is one of the best,


Jonez227 posted a comment on Sunday 22nd November 2009 12:11am

i love this story. i really would like to seea sequel to know how everything will turn out in the end. idk if you still run this site or not, so i won't hold my breath. I will read this story again someday.