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Turtle posted a comment on Monday 22nd August 2005 5:59pm

Oo, interesting. That was great with the torture scene. Thank you very much for making Dobby become an actual Character instead of just a side-person.

Quizer posted a comment on Monday 22nd August 2005 5:49pm

This is simply amazing, even though I'm reading it the second time already. Please continue ASAP! ^_^


PS: Will we get to see the message Pansy wrote on the former Mrs. Black's picture anytime soon?

Kaze Dono posted a comment on Monday 22nd August 2005 2:13pm

THIS ..... is the BEST fic I got to read since ..... never before in fact I think ^^ lol
I'm stumped . Really. You got another fan ^_^

Kim posted a comment on Sunday 21st August 2005 11:36pm

Oh please hurry and add more to this story. I love the political intrigues and hostile take-overs.

Katelyn Emma posted a comment on Thursday 18th August 2005 11:38pm


Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 18th August 2005 3:06pm

A highly interesting and well-written story, with a unique pairing as well. You had to use your freedom as an author quite a bit to make Pansy a likeable character, but that just proves how poorly and flat she was written by JKR.
I'll go on reading now ;)


Max posted a comment on Monday 15th August 2005 4:10pm

An excellent story so far. I hope you continue it, and don't fall prey to the idiotic "Oh, HBP is out now, and everything I've written is non-canonical, so I'm abandoning this story" plague that seems to be affecting far too many authors of late.

I am particularly impressed with your depictions of Pansy and her parents -- ambitious, without being evil. Your reasons for why she has been hiding in plain sight were plausible, and your depiction of how she won Harry over were good.

Keep up the good work.

elementalmoon posted a comment on Sunday 14th August 2005 10:55pm

I must confess I didn't think that I was going to enjoy this ship, but I can honestly say that this fic is amazing! I hopeyou update this soon, along with This Means War! Until then!

Steve posted a comment on Sunday 14th August 2005 10:04am

Please, keep up the good work.. i have very much enjoyed reading your work both in this verse and the buffy-verse

Thanks again

victoria posted a comment on Sunday 14th August 2005 8:39am

fantasitc! more please!... i'm hooked.

Kat posted a comment on Saturday 13th August 2005 8:01am

This is one of the best stories I have ever read!1!

Darrell posted a comment on Wednesday 10th August 2005 8:11pm

I just finished reading it from start to finish i must say its great so far please continue and is there anyy place where i ccan sign up to recieve emails of when you update?

Arch Druid K'yros posted a comment on Monday 8th August 2005 8:25pm

great story. i really enjoy your work especially this an TMW. can't fait for them to be updated and hope they will be soon. it's a pity that you left but i understand your reaoning and atleast your still going to write unlike the great Master Eldryn who quit writing after leaving write more soon please.

karlii posted a comment on Saturday 6th August 2005 3:18pm

Wow.. what a great story. I loved TMW, but WK/GQ is now in my top fanfics of all time.

I think I like this because of the interaction between the Parkinsons and the muggles. To me, it seems most logical that this is how it would really go. What would be the point of NOT using lasik surgery to fix your eyes? Or using the best of whichever world would get you where you needed to go?

I LIKE the Parkinsons.. and I hope we get to see them in some spinoffs of this fic!!

Good job!!!

Nick posted a comment on Thursday 4th August 2005 7:47pm

Nice to see a HP story that's not set completely (or even mostly, so far) within Hogwarts, and one that's set mainly on the political, rather than physical battlefield. The tone is very similar to a more serious version of TMW (not that it doesn't have it's funny moments; Sirius' will being the best IMO), which was what led me to it, despite worrying about how the Harry/Pansy 'ship was going to work. Speaking of which, I loved Pansy's recharacterisation; it's definitely a welcome change to see a Slytherin who isn't Blaise portrayed positively.

Overall, I'm loving the story, and I have to say I can't wait to see the next chapter posted.

pip posted a comment on Thursday 4th August 2005 4:54pm

woot woot! just a note to say i love this fic (and TMW! which insidently is my most favorite fic of all time and should be praised eternally...) and that i cannot wait for the next installment.
am sitting here in the study at 1.47am, because i simply couldnt stop reading - its addictive!
right, im off to see what other great fics youve written.
email me when you update (i think im on the mailing list any ways, but oh well)
oh and this isnt constructive, and you probably get this alot, but please please update soon, im on tenterhooks waiting for TMW, and now i've discoverd WK,GQ - well i dont think i could possibly wait any longer!

SueP posted a comment on Thursday 4th August 2005 3:06pm

I fell into your website and was so intregued by the idea of Harry and Pansy I had to read this story. I am stunned by how believably and beautifully you have set up this relationship. The development of each character, particularly Dobby, Off-White!Harry, Grey!Pansy, the Parkinsons, and too old!DD, is phenomenal. I'm a huge H/G shipper and I like how you've portrayed their relationship - meaningful even if they can't be soulmates. I found your story edgier and darker than cannon, and, for that, more satisfying than HPB. I love Harry taking over the world - dishing out punishments, making people take sides, making his own rules, and doing what it takes to ultimately protect his own. I look forward to the final chapter.


Sue Prihar

Cxjenious posted a comment on Thursday 4th August 2005 12:16am

You need to make a Harry/Harem fic.

Revan posted a comment on Monday 1st August 2005 7:19am

The more of this story I read the more I like it.

Please don't kill Tonks. I love her.

CRose posted a comment on Monday 1st August 2005 4:00am

I can't wait to see more of this! I hate getting into a story and running out of story to read right when things are getting good! I'm not sure how often you update, but i'll be checking back every few days until i find and update.