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Particle_Accelerator posted a comment on Monday 8th May 2006 10:46am


I've just finished reading this story in its entirety, and I must say, it was very well done. The premise of this story was unique and intriguing, and it drew me in. Your characterization of Pansy was interesting, and the fundamental changes she made to Harry's character were insightful. That being said, I was a little disgruntled when you brought Ginny into their relationship. While multiple partner pairings can be fun to read, I don't feel as if it fits in this story, or stories to follow. Towards the middle of the story you had Ginny moving on, and had Harry admit that while he had SOME feelings for Ginny, it was Pansy whom he wanted to be with and raise his family. Heck, the boy was planning on proposing (what happened to THAT, by the way?) Suddenly, this all changed and it was almost like you took some of Pansy's characteristics away and gave them to Ginny so she too, could be a true partner to Harry. To me, this just didn't fit right with the flow of the rest of the story. Now, like I said, in the main, I liked this story, so please don't misconstrue this review as a flame. I just wanted to point out what I felt was an added plot point that weakened the storyline at times. Keep up the good work!

j porter posted a comment on Saturday 22nd April 2006 9:17pm

this story is now one of my favorites!!! you are an awsome writer i bow down before your greatness. im going to have to read all you stuff now. all hail the great jeconais. you rock. let me know if you have any other storys you think i should read.

ghanima posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 8:20pm

I've read this fic several times and I think it has a good plot and is well written, however every time I read it this bit of dialog makes me want to pull my hair out.

Will you fix it? Please!

“Wonderful news! The owner of GP International, our parent company, is coming here on Wednesday for dinner. He’s bringing his wife and daughter. If it goes well, I will be promoted to the parent company!”

“Oh, Vernon,” Petunia whispered breathlessly, and then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “That’s wonderful news.”

The loud clomping of feet announced the arrival of their elephantine son. “Yo, wassup?” Dudley demanded, his arms folded in front of him.

“Duddikins, what have we said about talking like that at home?”

Dudley rolled his pig-like eyes. “Don’t,” he mimicked.

“Exactly. Now, listen carefully son. I have a chance of a huge promotion. My ultimate boss will be visiting on Wednesday with his wife and daughter. You have to be on your best behaviour and in your smartest clothes.”

Oh, and I'm thrilled that you have so many more fics sent to beta!


fx posted a comment on Friday 14th April 2006 12:07pm

a bloody brilliant fic! cost me my sleep though and only manage to get 2 hours of sleep before off to work. Pity I can't say it's all Jeconais fault when my boss would be breathing down my neck for taking a nap at office. So where's the link to the follow up fics to this one? Especially the one that deals with Harry trashing out issues with his 'mates' and the one where Dobby would be playing in Quidditch

Alcatras posted a comment on Monday 10th April 2006 7:47am

i like your fight bur you need to finish the story some day because there are too many open issues

rblack posted a comment on Sunday 9th April 2006 9:25pm

wow, brilliant story, I just wish there was more about the end, you know after the battle.

Thank you.. Well done..


kwokinator posted a comment on Saturday 8th April 2006 2:53pm

Excellent fic. I'd rank it as one of the best HP fics I've ever read. An excellent epic on all fronts, very well-written, the characters are developed well and progression was nice.

Awesome work.

Lira posted a comment on Saturday 8th April 2006 4:09am

I've just been rereading this story as it's really, really brilliant. I hope you'll find the time someday to do some of the shortstories you talked about in your notes.

Bob Joyce posted a comment on Thursday 6th April 2006 8:54am

Enjoyed the hell out of the story. I know its
AU now, but I think its better than HBP

Hazel posted a comment on Wednesday 5th April 2006 1:23pm

I've never read a Harry/Pansy story before, but as I couldn't find any other good stories to read, I thought I would try this one. I'm glad I did. I like the way the human sides of the house system are brought in, because the world is definately not just black and white. I enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that I finished it so quickly! (yeah, I know it's over 200k words, but it took me two days, I got so into it!)

Highschool Nerd posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 7:30pm

I totally fell in love with this story! This is the best Harry/Pansy story I have ever read. I liked how you portrayed Pansy as a real person with very real feelings.

DJ posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 7:17pm


What a story I love the way you make odd pairs work you do it better then anyone. One question is Hermione into girls in this story like Daphne maybe? I hope you do add to this universe it grate but then I have yet to read anything from that I did not like keep it up.

wolfey posted a comment on Monday 27th March 2006 4:32am

I love this story. But I want to know what haooens after. Do you think you could maybe do a couple one shots to tell bout what happened in the election or the talk between harry, panys, and ginny. Or what happened to the house elves. Or just do a sequal to cover the after plz. thank you.

Meg posted a comment on Saturday 25th March 2006 6:45pm

Tim, this is about the 4th time I've read this chapter, and I still sob at the end.


Looking forward to more of "Hope" as I re-read WKGQ. It's the awesomeness. :D


Viridian posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 8:05am

Wow... nicely done. I think the budding relationship between Ginny and Harry and Pansy was nicely developed and handled with taste and care. You went for a slightly different resolution, but it flowed so naturally that it was very believable.

The FINAL BATTLE (tm) was everything it should have been. Good guys used smart tactics and played on the weaknesses of their enemies.

By just showing the planning for the aftermath and Harry's Revolution (tm), you've already outlined the epilogue for us... except knowing exactly how those three work things out - which I think was kind of the point.

The Parkinson OCs (all THREE of them) and their grey code of ethics was magnificently developed and utilized. Here are REAL Slytherins, people.

Ron's attacks of foot-in-mouth disease were getting a little repetitive, but I'm glad he finally saved up and purchased a clue card.

But what are they going to call the new House? Potter House?

Viridian posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 12:25am

Ginny's epiphany was particularly well done!

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 23rd March 2006 10:34pm

Oh sweet Jaysus, intelligent Slytherins?!? This cannot be!

Nicely done!

Hutcho7188 posted a comment on Sunday 19th March 2006 9:12pm

Are you planning on doin a series of small stories
that have the results of everythin- the election,
Harry, Pansy and ginny, and all of those fiddly little details u left at the end of the story?

Jeffrey1 posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 10:05pm

great had me enthralled.

jake m posted a comment on Thursday 16th March 2006 4:06pm

very impressive the only imporvement i can thin kof is if hermoine was with ginny pansy and harry as aragog so well put 'mates'