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LordLexx posted a comment on Friday 3rd January 2020 4:28am

Wow.... just wow... not the good wow either. I mean, the Snape banishing was great and I guess the horseback riding was okay, just inconsequential. You clearly didn't do ANY research about eye corrective procedures. Don't worry, you aren't the only author that thinks that LASIK is the holy grail of eye correction. It is not.. it's just newer and is advertised more. What isn't said in those advertisements is that LASIK is NOT for people who lead active or high impact lifestyles. War, quidditch, auror, ect. fall under that category. Meaning, if you told the doctor that you were going skiing in 3 days, they would tell you come back later. Also, you're forcing Harry to go through the physical parts of puberty, so his body isn't fully formed right and getting a corrective surgery of ANY type BEFORE you readjust his body is just sheer stupidity. He should be getting PRK, it's an older laser corrective technique that is more suited to those with active lives. The downside is the recovery time and that it is recommended that you be at least 18 or so before getting it. The recovery time is easily to deal with because of your temporal abuse and the age thing is just recommend due to growth of the body. But that can be taken care of with magic to an extent. But that leads back to him correcting his natural growth stuntedness first before correcting his eyesight. My source for this was my optic surgeon when I got my corrective surgery. Also a quick Google search would lead to it. LASIK is more popular and well known because it is for the common citizen. Harry does not fall under that category. I will stay ranting about your pairing of Hermione with the ginger idiot until corrections are made. I will also say that I kinda feels like you're just throwing others together to get them out of Harry's hair (hehe) for him to be with Pansy.

LordLexx posted a comment on Friday 3rd January 2020 2:45am

Theres alot I feel is wrong with this so far. The Parkinsons feel generally ok in their attitudes but Harry feels off to me. Far to trusting. Why the hell is Pansy the one talking to him and not a professional or at least an adult? Why, if they were friends, did the Parkinsons not try and help Harry this whole time? Even if they were blocked before Hogwarts for whatever reason, why didn't Pansy approach Harry after? Because of house loyalties? That seems like a pretty piss poor excuse considering your backstory for their parents. I can see Harry at least giving them the benefit of the doubt based on Dobby's word, that's reasonable. But not him spilling his guts and about the prophecy so fast. While you having Pansy have a similar experience to relate to the Sirius stuff is fine, I feel like it's far to early in their relationship to get into shit like that. You had Harry say that "being Griffyndor has gotten him nowhere" but then he immediately "goes Griffyndor" and just accepts her deal with no discussion. Why? Because she's being honest with him? That's not a good reason to just accept what they say. The Parkinsons saying that they are gonna get tudors for him to train him up to fight is just as bad as the order demanding he fight. Either was done without his permission. Granted, at least the Parkinsons would be the better way because they are actually getting him better prepared but either option has taken away his choice. One one hand its "You're going to take all these classes so you can deal with the Dark Idiot for us and then help us make money" and the other its "Your going to kill this Dark Idiot because Dumbledore told you too". Other random parts that bug me: I must have missed where Pansy was a blonde. You has Harry compare her to Hannah Abbot, a blonde and Daphne Greengrass, fanon usually has her as blonde. Pansy has dark hair, not blonde hair. I can't see her glamoring that. Thinking Hermione was interested in Ron. JKR made this mistake also, so I guess it's understandable that others would too. I'm not sure who thought that yelling and screaming at each other and insulting each other to the point of tears or anger was a sign of sexual tension but they should stop. Those two together is nothing but a domestic violence dispute waiting to happen. I can't pronounce the mother's name.. completely unimportant but still bugs me. Your magic detection, the infamous trace, has no grounding as being centered on the wand. Harry got a notification of using magic at his residence when Dobby was using the magic and Harry didn't have his wand. While it's only one event, it is also the only of such we have to go off of to conclude that the ministry can only detect magic in an area and since Harry was the only magical living in the area, it must have been him. I understand that JKR never went into depth about this and people like to make their own way with it in their stories, so this is just more of a pointing out of facts. The names of James Potters parents... The Parkinsons are the ONLY pureblood family that deals with non-magicals... statistically improbable. More like impossible really considering basic needs. Other than that it's really well written. I especially like Tonks' reaction to Snape. Well deserved.

MrHawkeye posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 11:00pm

Great story, from beginning to end. Can't wait for the next one.

Upandcomer posted a comment on Saturday 10th November 2018 9:07pm

Nice "Dune" reference drop

dephunkt posted a comment on Wednesday 16th May 2018 3:51pm

I came into this fic with low expectations as I'm not a Pansy fan, but I was completely blown away by the characterisations, schemes and relationships. I'm not sure leaving the ending as it is is a good thing, but it at least creates some room for the reader to use their imagination. Good job.

ThorSenpai posted a comment on Wednesday 30th August 2017 6:50am

Damn good fic. But no epilogue about the relationships??? Your killin me smalls lol

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Friday 11th November 2016 11:07pm

Nicely written. It seems like It will be a threesome, but I hope it stays a couple and Ginny as the little sister or close confidant.

Terrorpen posted a comment on Sunday 28th August 2016 6:48am

I enjoyed this story immensely. It was very well done and I congratulate you on your character depictions especially the use of Pansy as the main romantic interest of the tale since she is overall an underutilised character by most people. All in all I would recommend other people to read it and I cant wait to check out some of your other work.


lolimjustherefortheHPfics posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2016 10:25pm

Lololololololololol "Dobby doesn't care!" XD dead

PGHammer21B posted a comment on Saturday 19th December 2015 5:51am

Okay, folks - don't faint. "Quality Street" is a real brand - I've actually seen them. (BJ's Wholesale Club - locations throughout the muggle United States.

PGHammer21B posted a comment on Saturday 19th December 2015 4:28am

Muggle laser surger = LASIK (Laser In-situ Keratotomy); at that time, it had started catching on in Britain, as well as the United States. It has since progressed that more near-sighted and far-sighted can take advantage of it for correction to full-range vision - the only exception are astigmatics ("lazy eye syndrome").

Wanderer posted a comment on Monday 26th October 2015 8:48pm

A solid tale with a lot of fun quirks and characters, thanks!


kyoshi posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2015 5:11am

Grouch has got to be the worst name that I have ever heard. Is it pronounced you are a grouch.

Jon08 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2015 2:21pm

Brilliant, from start to finish.

Jon08 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 3:10pm

Never read a Harry Pansy story before, but your summary jumped out at me.The only stories I've seen before with a HP/PP tag have been 'contract' stories. The opening premise behind this is so Slytherin, helping others to help themselves to the mutual benefit of all.

Looking forward to the next chapter and I'll be reading that before you read this.

Aries-Antares posted a comment on Monday 1st June 2015 5:23am

What is wrong with being 5'8? Johnny Depp is that! And Robert Downey Jr. is lower then that. Why do heroes always have to be like 6 feet?

Aries-Antares posted a comment on Monday 1st June 2015 5:07am

Uhm, explain why Tonks as an Auror just let's Dumbledore plan on kidnapping Harry?

xander-45acp posted a comment on Friday 8th May 2015 11:40am

Hi there !

Having just finished this story in pretty much one big sitting....I LOVED IT !!

I saw a reference to this story by - I THINK - TheBlackHand724 on, Master of War story if i recall correctly, but again i'm not sure.

So far this is pretty much the first Harry/Pansy story that has some length to it and really works.

I'm quite partial to Harry ending up with a Slytherin, or more over showing his Slytherin side so to speak :P

In any case, Great work ! Right now i'm about to work my way through Blue Steel and probably the rest of your fics too ^^.

I hope you'll continue to write many more stories, as I'm sure i'll enjoy them.

Loved the way you incorporated Nymphy's metamorph skills like that btw first time i've read something like that as well.

All the best,

Xander-45acp [yes i'm a bit of a gun nut, couldn't help but chuckle at Betsy ]

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 2nd March 2015 10:47am

So what was Molly on about? Is this now officially Harry/Ginny/Pansy? And what about a sequel? Any chance of one?

Mirky posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 12:59am

wow... just wow...

I know its like 10 years (o.O) since this was written and in those 10+ years of my fanfiction reading I've never read a Pansy/Harry fic. I can say this is very well written, not too far from believable, and the fan girl in me isn't squeemish with the Het love being thrown around. <3 <3