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reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 7:48pm

I got my call out of the way so i could reward myself by reading more of this. It's excellent. So much fun ...

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 5:43pm

that was so great--i may have to read some more before i call verizon or do real work ;)

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 3:19pm

This was great! :)

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 4:41am

I like how this is going. In many ways it's pretty realistic

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 2:25am

I really liked this. This Pansy handled herself well. i think i like her, too :)

sitruc1986 posted a comment on Friday 22nd April 2011 8:36pm

i think this is like the 10nth time reading this story i love it

Serph Black posted a comment on Tuesday 15th March 2011 6:19am

Masterful! A truely great work that i will enjoy for years to come!

Sweetdoggie posted a comment on Monday 7th March 2011 5:55am

Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed this story and the unusual pairing was quite refreshing. You handled the wrap-up nicely. I liked the way Bellatrix met her end, Draco too for that matter. It was a nice read. Thanks for sharing.

keichan2 posted a comment on Sunday 20th February 2011 7:44pm

This is a nice story!
I liked the initial ideas (both Pansy hiding herself -- and I now remember Lucifael doing the same in Futures Insight 01: Futures Insight -- and her family looking for Harry to make an alliance) and the way you went through the story.
There were some interesting ideas (like the Elf Council) and I did find it interesting that you made the wizarding shields stopping bullets (most authors prefer to make them either not able to, or just useful for one bullet)

And the ending was funny :-D

Thanks for sharing.

DeeZeno posted a comment on Tuesday 15th February 2011 4:57pm

I sorta want a sequel to this story... It is REALLY good!!!

nikkole posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 7:22am

best story ever. It was a [u]delight[/u] to read.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 23rd January 2011 10:19am

Pansy and Daphne really played Draco well. I love it!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd January 2011 8:53pm

I don't think Harry would have told pansy about the prophecy so quickly but other than that, very believable. Good job!

Jack Butler posted a comment on Wednesday 8th December 2010 8:12pm

Something that has always bugges the ever-living crap about this story. Jerusalem artichokes aren't "just some artichokes". The artichoke is a flower; what you are eating when you eat artichokes are leaves and petals. Jerusalem artichokes, on the other hand, are roots of the sunflower plant. They are more akin to potatoes or jicama, and have an altogether different taste and texture.

I hate when non-chefs create a "fine dining" meal that would never work in a real world restaurant.

Meg posted a comment on Thursday 2nd December 2010 5:37am

Were Pansy and Harry dancing the paso?

HellWolf666 posted a comment on Tuesday 30th November 2010 5:00am

Dude i loved it u have to finish it and write more on the harry/pansy pairing that was just to great to end it there wat happened with harry,pansy, and ginnies issues wat happened between them and wat happened with ron and hannah and wat happened with daph

Andrius posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 4:13am

I'm just re-reading this right now. It's absolutely some of the best Harry Potter fanfiction out there. The only stories that can come close are those by Draco664 and jbern.

billallen posted a comment on Tuesday 21st September 2010 4:15pm

Great story. One of the best Pansy stories that I have come across. Congratulations.


Radical7 posted a comment on Sunday 19th September 2010 11:25pm

Brilliant story! One of the best I have read so far. At first it was weird with Pansy but this story changed my view of the character (for this story at least).
Thanks for the fantastic read. I hope you continue writing more HP fanfiction!

TheSandyToadfish posted a comment on Monday 6th September 2010 11:21am

Do you realise how frustrating it is when you just finish the story on a cliffhanger like this?

Just because the story was bloody awesome doesn't mean you can manipulate me into reading the rest of your stories by leaving me wanting more. I'm only going to read a couple more...

But seriously, this was fantastic. It's interesting seeing Pansy from a different light (although I'd always had a picture of her as a blond in my head for some reason). I've been reading a lot of stories where background characters are brought to the front recently, mainly because it gives author a larger degree of flexibility when it comes to personality.

And I've loved you're stories so far. Gabrielle, Daphne, and now Pansy have all worked extremely well. And I do enjoy a happy ending, although for some reason, the word "ending" can't really be applied to many of your stories...

Keep up the awesome work so that we can all continue to enjoy a nice story with comfortable characters and without JK coming in a screwing with everything.