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Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 3:03pm

Ch.3 - - Everyone has probably commented on how exciting the fight scene was, and it was terrific.

I like the way you brought them there. The training and attitude adjustments were very well setup and written.

I cannot help but like Grouch and Macolm very much.

Great work!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 1:38pm

Ch.2 - - I liked the fact that Harry admired in the Parkinsons, and Grouch admired in Harry, the practice see-a-problem-make-a-plan-solve-it approach.

This is a very logical appraoch to solving Harry's problems ina pragmatic Slytherin manner.

I like it a LOT!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 12:33pm

Ch.1 - - This is perhaps the best story I have read to give the meaning of being Slyhterin, outside of the Voldemort Pureblood balderdash.

It makes me see how being a Slytherin might not be that bad. Interesting. I have known that the house would not have existed over a thousand years if all it did was produce Dark Lords bent on world domination.

Terrific start!

altbisc posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 12:38am

Hmm, I did enjoy the story. However, the inclusion of Ginny into Harry and Pansy's relationship really detracted from this story for me.

Overall though, a very enjoyable read. :)

Tildessmoo posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 10:56am

For some reason, when I try to picture Dobby in his new outfit, for some reason I get a combination of a "Munchkin" card illustration and how I always imagined Musket looked in his coachman getup in the Westmark trilogy. Minus the flintlock pistols as big as he is, of course.

Tildessmoo posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 6:28am

Ah, heh, heh... I was rereading this story (I'm a bit sick and troubled and wanted something fun) and I noticed that you referred to Jerusalem artichoke as, essentially, artichokes. The two actually have little to do with each other; an artichoke is a nettle whose flower and stem you can eat certain portions of, while a Jerusalem artichoke is a bush whose main edible portion is a tuber-type root. The Jerusalem artichoke root resembles ginger in appearance, radish in texture, and a cross between radish and artichoke (hence the name) in flavor. It is used, essentially, in the same ways as potatoes and turnips, and is especially popular as a replacement for flour in pasta because it acts similarly to wheat when ground and dried, but has very little in the way of digestible carbohydrates. And now that I've said that I'll have to look up on Wikipedia why that is... Ah, says that they store the carbohydrate inulin rather than starch which breaks down during cooking, giving them a reputation for causing flatulence. I guess that's why it's usually mixed with regular flour...

sundays posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 9:03pm

Absolutely stunning, all of it.
I wandered over on a rec from, and was immediately hooked. I tried to parse it out and make the reading last, but in the end, I just inhaled the whole bloody thing.

I'm off to read everything else you've written.

potterhead posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 12:21pm

well, Tim. this story was awesome!
as is just about everything else on this site that I've read so far.

a good slythrin...or grey if you insist. I absolutely love that.
you really do have some skill with the quill, and you use it. and turning evil wizards into squibs? perfect punishment!
too bad ron and hermy didn't work out...I love that pair together.
but as ron says, "you can't have everything in life."
I was very entertained, keep up the good work.

daxi posted a comment on Tuesday 24th January 2006 3:57pm

Just wanted to say thanks for writing this story, because i really enjoyed it. It was wicked and you really are a most talanted writer! Now i'm just reeeeaaaaally looking forward to that quidditch game with Dobby as beater! ;)

LP posted a comment on Sunday 22nd January 2006 6:49am

I must say, you are a great writer! I have read most of your stories and I have yet to be disappointed. In regards to this story, I finally found a good HP/Pansy, very well writen and very interesting.

Congratulations and Thank you

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Friday 20th January 2006 2:55pm

I read a praise another fanfic author gave you, saying you're one of the best. And I agree whole hearted. Everything you wrote are great, entertaining and keep me wishing for more. Keep us happy and thank you!

Amy B. posted a comment on Wednesday 18th January 2006 10:44am

This was a great read! I loved the political intrigue. I like that even when Harry woke up and smelled the coffee and realized that Dumbledore wasn't going to get the job done, you didn't make Dumbledore ravingly evil or a complete idiot, just very, very flawed (much more realistic). I love Pansy's glamor, and her very Slytherin approach to everything- what a great "reveal" of her true self, both physical and personality-wise. This is an unusual pairing, but you've done a great job at explaining how this unlikely couple would get together and do it so quickly.

My only disappointment was that there was no big proposal scene- or wedding! I hope you will write more of this story at some time, at least an epilogue. Maybe I'm too much of a sap!


jacwil02 posted a comment on Thursday 12th January 2006 6:19am

This was an absolutely fantastic story. Grammar was great, characters thought out, and had an awesome plot that everything tied into. The only thing I can say even slightly negative about it is that I wish you had an epilogue of some kind, showing how Harry and co. finished their revolution. Anyway, great story. I didn't think anyone could possibly make a even a decent HP/PP story. Great job and thank you for letting us join you on your ride.......

Tobang posted a comment on Tuesday 10th January 2006 6:40pm

Great work, thanks for writeing it.


Bernd Jacobitz posted a comment on Monday 2nd January 2006 2:31am

I have been a bit sceptical about a Harry/Pansy story.
You made it more than worth wile. great plot, very logical and intriging. And As I am a firm Harry/Ginny shipper I raly appreciated the final outcome.
Over all this is a story I would rate within the top of all ff I read so far.

luantum posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2005 11:16pm

Hey! This is a well done fic. I like it a lot and it seems rather realistic. I also like how you show the "grey" families as apposed to "evil" in stark contrast to "good". It is much closer to real life and therefor makes the fic more interesting.

Joseph posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 9:50pm

Wow! Really good story... just finished reading this and I have one peeve: please please don't let this end up with a threeway between Ginny, Pansy, and Harry. I thought that you continually made references to Harry being completely faithful to Pansy and he was raised on Christian Principles (which means he's monogamous) so please... no ginny. Find her someone else ok? Only significant 'pet peeve' (alright so it is significantly more than a 'pet peeve', something like an extremely annoying itch) is this Ginny situation. You've even charactered the story under the pairing of just Harry and Pansy (NOT including Ginny) so... yeah I may be a little repetitive but I wouldn't have read this if Harry ended up with Ginny in any romantic way (unless she becomes an 'ex')


Sorry if I appear to be rude but this isn't a flame and I'm signing my name and email so you can email me about your qualms. Good night!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 25th December 2005 6:12pm

"House-elf size is good for house-elves, but it’s not so good for great and powerful magicians.” - Dobby

My Killer Quote of the Chapter.

Earlier in the chapter, Dumbles refuses to take Tonks' advice and sends Harry a Portkey. Dobby intercepts the intended pass and proceeds to hammer the entire Order (physically, in the case of Severus). Speaking of Tonks, she later visits Malcom and is briefed on the Harry Situation. Ginny realizes (through Dobby's report). that she's really bunged things up with the comment about Dean. Harry learns about riding horses (unfortunately for Pansy, he takes to riding horses as well as he took to riding a broom) and starts Reconstructing Harry.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 25th December 2005 5:51pm

So far, we have Independent!Parkinsons, Clueless!Dursleys, MegaGIT!Dudley, and (unfortunately) Depressed!Harry and Physically-Ill!Harry. The Parkinsons spring Harry from the Dursleys, and Imperio the Dursleys into confessing their actions to the cops. Tonks is sent to investigate, and proceeds to tear Dumbledore a new one (and engage in some Snape-bashing in the process). In addition, Dobby, who ALSO finds out how Harry was treated, is VERY upset with Dumbledore, and resigns from Hogwarts to join Harry at Parkinson Manor. The surprising trigger for (to paraphrase Lemony Snicket) this Series Of Fortunate Events? Malcom and Lucius have a spat over Malcom's Muggle dealings and Lucius goes crying to the Dark Wanker.

sammie posted a comment on Wednesday 21st December 2005 6:45am

it was a enchanting story, with so many interesting and totally indepth characters. i realli loved your story, this means war, too. hope you would complete it. was a great great story.

thanks for a beautiful story.
and sleepless nights.