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Makieus posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 6:12am

So far, I have read multiple parings that you have written. I am glad, you haven't done the one that I don't like, Harry/Cho. For some reason, I just don't like that type of paring. Every other paring though I have enjoyed. This fic has been one of the better parings I have read, and I look forward to more

Thank you


sonicdale posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 5:13am

Samantha posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 2:08am

You have a wonderful gift for writing Tim. It is rare to find a fan fiction writer who has enough faith in his words to give his readers just enough information to explain the story yet leaves them room to use their own imagination to fill in the gaps.  Good writing, whether it be fiction or non-fiction is meant to stimulate your mind and raise questions. It draws one into the story and leaves you thirsting for more even as you strive to fill in the gaps within your own mind. Too many fan fiction writers get caught up in showing off their own cleverness and fail to allow their readers that pleasure. Once again you've captured my imagination with your words. Thank you.

beney posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 9:13pm really are a great writer. you make every ships you write seems to work.

Crystal posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 8:49pm

ah man. I'm so in love with this story! I want to have it's babies!

My first Harry/Pansy story and I can't wait for more!

Fanfictionfanatic posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 8:15pm

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your story. There just isn't enough good Harry/Pansy stories out there. Saying that, I must say that this is the best one I have ever read.  I like the Pansy you have created, she is smart, tough, and has a good heart.  Harry, is very well written as well. He is evolving and growing from a boy to man in a wonderful way. The interactions between Harry & Pansy have been great. Loved Pansy teaching him to ride a horse, and can't wait until Harry gets Pansy back up on a broom. I look forward to reading more of this amazing story.

Malaskor posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 8:10pm

Excellent story. I simply love it :)
I have only one nit-pick about the first chapter, there were a couple of scene changes where (due to a POV change) 2 consecutive scenes started in way so close to identical (imho) that I had to check if I had somehow scrolled wrong - it distracted a bit from the chapter. The 2nd one was way better, also because that problem didn't show up.

Very interesting how Dumbledore is manipulating all around him with his changing the topic on Tonk's questioning to what Dobby meant...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this story plays out - I see several interesting possibilities in my immagination, now I'm curious if I come close.

Keep up the great job and thanks for sharing

Greg J posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 7:55pm

This is a good chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next chapter! Keep up the good work and update again soon. :)

Jack posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 6:29pm

Outstanding as ever!  Man... I am dying to see what happens when Tonks goes to dinner. 

I do have a question.  In chap 1 you mention that two years after they start dating, the Parkinsons got married, in a wedding attended by Lily and James Potter (which implies that Lily and James were already married, but doesn't have to mean that).  In this chapter, Gruoch mentions that she started dating Malcom in their 5th year.  Are the dates right?  In which case they got married in seventh year or fairly shortly thereafter.  Also, were Lily and James in the same year?

I really like Harry here, as well as Pansy.  Your other characters work well, and I am particularly interested in this version of Tonks.  Still, for me the stand-out character so far is Dobby!  Got to see more of that elf!  Standing up to both Snape and Albus... too cool. 

I am a little sad at the way things are going for Ginny, being as I started as a H/G fan, but such is often the way with teen romance. 

Looking forward to more!

neely61 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 3:46pm

Ok, thought I'd read all of your stuff.  Didn't even know of this site.  Like the story so far.  Haven't ever read anything quite like it.  Is it going to be Harry/Pansy or Harry/Ginny?  Are there cat fights in the making?  Can't wait.  How do I get updates for this story?  It's not loke Pheonix or

Philip Jacobs posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 12:12pm

Just thought I'd say how much I'm enjoying this story.  I could easily see a Slytherin running the sort of deception that Pansy has been using to get through her years at Hogwarts.  I do have one quibble, though.  Wasn't the prophecy the _first_ true Seeing of Sybil, not the second as Harry described it in the chapter?

Philip Jacobs posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 12:05pm

pamr6 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 11:01am

m4r13 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 10:53am

I totally forgot... sorry : Happy Birthday Tim !


Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 10:28am

You know, I'm actually looking forward to when you write a bad story, just to see if you're human....and you say you don't write professsionally?  maybe channeling JRT???lol

Sarah posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 8:17am

As usual, you give good story.  Since begging and pleading for more looks tacky (and is probably useless) I will refrain.

Thanks for the update and happy belated birthday

m4r13 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 8:03am

I really like the kind of relationship they share. Like brother-sister. Kinda funny when you see the princess Slytherin wanting him so much. You're dealing with all the little things of OotP, the Quidditch ban, the occlumency with Rogue, etc. You gave us some answers. I love the Harry riding part. I love horses, and you can sometimes spot some people who are just natural with them. they don't need a lot of explanation, they're doing the right thing at the right time. Margret Tierow is strange though. She's new, no dinstinctive feature at all. Like a ghost passing through a wall in Hogwarts, too normal.

Good job to not explain all the Time turner story, how it works and all. We don't really need the explanation, just the goal and how he does it. The rape part seems a little rude. Snape hate Potter. Potter hate Snape. Even if he is "teaching" occlumency, something seems not right. Something miss. I love the Hedwig fly away immediatly. The break in the relationship with Mrs Weasley. In HP books she is the mother-figure for harry, but with his new family, he has Gruoch, kind of a mother for him. She seems to care for him. Like the other the Ron-Hermione go out just because Harry said so is to fast. Ginny is back to her 12 years old. But girls are so strange, isn't it ? :p

Dobby is equal to himself (can we say this in english ?). Abolutely nutters. I love him a lot, Hp without Dobby isn't Hp after all. Good argument with the Order btw. The eye surgery seems interesting. I will probably do it too this year, so... 8-)
The doctor reminds me of a scottish friend of mine, a little bit evil sometimes, but a great friend !

This chapter is really amazing. Hope to see the others soon !

#Crazy lazy frenchy girl#

Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 6:03am

I do not know what you are feeding your Muse but please do continue to do so if it gets great results like these. I cannot wait to see what legal actions will be taken against Snape due to the mental damage he delt Harry.

Rogue1615 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 5:44am

Well this was a surprise.  Nice one though.

If this is how the rest of the series is going to be I cannot wait.

I am liking how you are putting a different perspective on things.  Interesting to see how ginny lost her chance just because of a comment meant to get bact at her brother.

Till later,

Fay posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 5:38am

Tim - a brilliant next chapter in what is turning out to be one of my favourite stories, and it's hardly even started yet. It is really great to see how well Harry gets on with Pansy's parents and I love the way that Pansy isn't perfect - it makes her that much more believable. Many thanks, you've really made my day! Fay