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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 15th September 2005 5:36pm

Very good start. Looks very interesting.


Maressa posted a comment on Thursday 15th September 2005 12:15am

You're awesome. This story fills me with such envy that it's not even funny.

What's also not funny is that I've got a Bio Exam in three hours and I've yet to sleep, so ta!

egret posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 11:45pm

I adore this story - please tell me that you're going to continue it!

blind-phoenix posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 11:21pm

Hi, I've just gotta say, I'm absolutely enjoying White Knight Grey Queen.
I hope to read more of it in the future. I do like how you ensure the Harry/Pansy ship is believeable. and not only that, Having read all of the harry potter books, HBP included, I can see how you could come up with the sinarios you have in this fic.
keep up the good work!

Adam posted a comment on Monday 12th September 2005 6:27pm

Ok it is now far too early in the morning, as I found that once I started this story I just couldnt stop reading - it is that good!!! I love what you have done here and look forward to the rest of it.

Debra Sensale posted a comment on Saturday 10th September 2005 6:01pm

I like it. I hope you are able to finish it sometime soon. Keep up the EXCELENT Work

Spike of Doom posted a comment on Saturday 10th September 2005 1:18pm

This is a really well written story. Its also the Best Pansy/Hp fanfiction ive ever had the pleasure to read. I hope to read future updates to this story...

Louis posted a comment on Friday 9th September 2005 5:51pm

Oy, mate! I like it when you write, and I don't think I'm the only one. If you aren't writing currently, can you just display a bit of news about it on the starting page? I'm clogging my poor bandwidth refreshing TMW and WKGQ's pages.

I still bow to your writing skills and hope that you'll indulge in a few more words to complete your wonderful stories.

Me stop ranting now. 4am is too late anyways. Cheers.

John posted a comment on Friday 9th September 2005 2:56am

This is just as good and "This Means War" and I do wish you would write it faster as the suspence is killing me.

Harley posted a comment on Sunday 4th September 2005 6:39am

I really enjoyed reading this so far. At first I was not going to read it because of it being an Harry/Pansy pairing but as usual you pull it off in a believable way. When will the next chapter be coming out? If this story is not to be updated next which story will be? I have et to read a story by you that isn't good.

Keep up the good writing, I look forward to what ever you put out next.

Quizer posted a comment on Friday 2nd September 2005 11:57am

“How do you braid hair?”

Harry sighed and pulled out his wand. “This is
only as a thank you for earlier,” he grumbled,
casting a spell to make his hair grow.

“First you have to comb it well.”
You know, I'd really like to see a picture of Harry with a braid...
Can't you have a little talk to the artist of Pansy's picture in Chapter 6? ^_^


Lord Virail posted a comment on Thursday 1st September 2005 9:47am

Amazing, absolutly amazing. My hat goes off to you.

- Lord Virail,
Fiction ally Tech
Founder: Vault Phoenix
Moderator Nairicax.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 31st August 2005 5:00pm

read the whole story today - very impressive - the characterization and detail are fabulous - thanks for your great efforts - please write fast.
best regards

Anna posted a comment on Saturday 27th August 2005 6:29am

Absolutely amazing and definitely most realistic independent Harry story I've read so far. Only bit I don't like is Pansy changing looks - it would be much better, in my opinion, if Harry fell for her character only. But still - I'm stunned with your plot, which has some really witty ideas, as well as lovely characterisation of whole Parkinson family.

Is there anyway to get update alerts about your story?

Good luck with it, and I hope you will update soon.

Puck posted a comment on Friday 26th August 2005 2:15pm

Please continue this fic. This is amazing.. Though I am a touch confused how the Pansy/Ginny/Harry triangle works out. As long as you don't make any of them Deatheaters and give them a chance to stay friends or more I will be happy. Hope Tonks survives, I like her.. Remus/Tonks is one of the few canon Pairs I can agree with

James posted a comment on Thursday 25th August 2005 5:18am

Not really got anything to say that hasn't been said already, other than a question going back several chapters as to how Gruoch knew about Prongs. In his position I think I'd keep the ultimate hole card secret from everyone bar the other Marauders [and Lily once they were married]. If *anyone* knew about the animagi they would have come forward when Sirius was on the run. Pretty minor though, and the rest is pretty damn good. Update soon, if it can't be soon make it another long one, if it can't be long make it as good as the others.

James posted a comment on Thursday 25th August 2005 2:43am

Damn good again, though after your sarcasm in Parody you should know that I've never heard an Englishman say 'licence plate' - it's a number plate. That's my only nit; Dobby especially is fantastic and if you're being a little hard on Snape that's fine by me. Never really thought of Harry/Pansy as conceivable, let alone writable, but you've changed my mind. Keep it up, update soon.

Terry posted a comment on Wednesday 24th August 2005 10:23pm

great story. looking forward to the next chapter. i do like the fact that you made this story very realistic.

bigD posted a comment on Wednesday 24th August 2005 9:29pm

will there be an update to white knight, grey queen, or this means war, anytime soon? there so well written, i hope you wont abandon them. are there any net novel length storys coming?

Keldore posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd August 2005 7:52am

I cannot wait for you to finish this story. You are a marvelous writer, and have a knack for portraying what it truly means to be a Slytherin, not what Draco Malfoy shows the world the house is all about.