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Thom posted a comment on Tuesday 31st May 2005 6:24am

I Like It!
I Love It!
I Want Some More of It!

Roy posted a comment on Monday 30th May 2005 9:18pm

ALrighty then, I have now read this fic about a dozen times and I definately must say that it is one of my absolute faves and will be printed out and bound fir future reading as a stand alone(having on puter just bites). I love the changes that have been made since it was originally posted(big grins). Although there is still one gender error I found Tonks would be a witch not a wizard(semantics). As I said in my email Tim, I am so looking forward to watching everyones reactions to seeing Harry and Pansy together as well as the amazing bouncing ferret, when he gets his comupance. I will be waiting with baited breath for the next chapter(ch3), when you start posting once a week. As well I am glad and relieved that I will not becoming Kibble for Norbert or Fluffy any time soon.

Fate posted a comment on Monday 30th May 2005 7:44pm

This story is amazing!!!
I love how you have the characters interacting with each other and your Dobby is so cute!
Can't wait for more!

Rowin posted a comment on Monday 30th May 2005 12:25pm

your story is great so far i do hope you continue to update this story it is one of the best written ones i have read in quite awile.

Rene Otto posted a comment on Saturday 28th May 2005 11:03pm

I am a huge Ginny/Harry fan but I have enjoyed your other stories so I found myself reading this one. I find this story as good as your other stories and I look forward to reading more. I find myself likeing this Harry/Pansy matchup. Keep up the great work. On a different note are you going to finish THIS MEANS WAR in the near future? Great stories sould not be left hanging. Thank you for your stories.

silent-fire posted a comment on Saturday 28th May 2005 12:54pm

Yay!!! Spiffy cool new chapter!! Thanks very much.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 28th May 2005 12:20am

This is great! Pansy is obviously in love with Harry. Harry is slowly falling for Pansy. He is getting to ride horses and loves that! I have great memories of riding my horse when I was young. There is nothing that makes you feel so free and riding a horse at a full gallop when you have no fear! Falling doesn't even enter your mind!

I think it is so cool that Malcom is making sure Harry is healthy and fixing his eyes is a great tool to use against Voldermort. It will do a lot for his self-esteem to reach his potential height as well.

I like the fact that you have pointed out that what Snape did to Harry was mind-rape. I like the way you had the Legilmens repair Harry's shields and explain the right process. That helps a lot to repair the damage to a person that has had major interference in their mind. Now I have another story to really look forward to while I am waiting for TMW!

Thanks for the great entertainment.

Patches posted a comment on Friday 27th May 2005 10:34pm

This is a surprise! But, like all your stories, I am spell bound! This is so believable! I can see Harry learning to trust Pansy after finding out about her real appearance and the reasons for it! I really want to hear the rest of this story.

I also want the conclusion to "This Means War". I have been a big fan of yours ever since my daughter (who will be 34 tomorrow) introduced me to "This Means War". Please keep up the great stories but remember we want all of your stories to become complete stories. It is almost painful to hear such good stories and have to wait so long for the "rest of the story"! I will wait but please don't wait too long! Thank you for a different perspective on Harry's Slytherin side!

Amanda posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 7:34pm!  There you go again, blowing me out of the water with your original style and imaginative character variations.  Harry is still very much the adorable boy we love from canon, but I'm thrilled to see his inner steel and backbone.  I love the unique take on Pansy...she is a clearly underappreciated character and I think she's got more to her that what people associate with Malfoy's lacky girlfriend.  I really appreciate your take on Nymph...she and Remus are my favorite characters and I do hope that Moony isn't as constricting to Harry's new growth as DUMBledore seems to be.  Can't wait to see how Harry and Tonks interact.

Danny Underwood posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 4:57pm

 Thanks for the good story. I have enjoyed it alot so far and as with all your stories, will be hopefull for the next post.

John W. Conner posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 4:18pm

An excellent chapter.  More than lives up to the promise of the first chapter as well as the quality of your other work I've read.  It is my sincere hope that you won't keep us waiting to much longer before you let us see the rest of this.  That being said I will school myself to patience as I'd rather see a finaly crafted piece that took a while rather than a rushed out piece of junk.  :)  Keep up the excellent writting.

Flora posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 2:18pm

I really like this! I never like Dumbledore being portrayed as a fool, but I do think that this story works. When I first heard of it, my reaction was one of incredulity at the Harry/Pansy pairing, but then I read it, and it is very good. My favourite of all your stories is This Means War but this is competing for second place, definitely!

Sorry if this review makes no sense, I wrote it at 11:30pm...

Fash1986 posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 12:50pm

That´s really cool!!


Gwion Bach posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 6:23am

Pansy grinned.  “True.  It gives a whole new meaning to cause and effect.  We’re doing something because we know we did it because we didn’t see the outcome of us not doing it.”

Lines like these show how wonderfully written your stories are. They are well thought out and elegent in there own way. I enjoy your writting alot.

Maxennce posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 5:09am

P.S Happy Birthday Tim

Maxennce posted a comment on Thursday 26th May 2005 5:04am

Great chapter, love your ideas with Pansy and Harry.  And with Ginny saying things like that, despite the fact that she is a teenager, she should be left to wallow in her misery.  I mean shit, if your going to say something like that to someone you want to be a potential boyfriend, expect him to look for someone else thinking that you don't want him.  So, loved your chapter, really am looking forward to the next one.  Keep up the great work



Daenin posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 5:15pm

Wow!  I'm always impressed how you make each story unique.  I like the way you're handling the Harry falling for Pansy instead of Ginny.  It makes sense.  I love Malcolm as a character!   hmm... Harry's character and personallity are slightly different in this one, but then it's a different path he's taking, so .... I thank you for an  intriguing story, that's very well done!   :-)  

cronenus posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 9:59am

thank you, thank you, thank you for part 2. I enjoy reading all your story's and ever sense I read the first part of this one I've been biting my nails waiting for the next parts to come out, hope the others are to come soon because I'm running out of nails to bite. ^_^

vic posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 9:48am

i'm kinda thnakful that you sent that msg out by mistake, cos i really wanted to catch up with any updates you might have uploaded. anyway, great story, really loved it, and pls include me in your update list. cheers!

John posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2005 8:42am

Wow Tim... you make me want to hate you. Now I have to wait a whole week for the next one. You suck man. Chapter was excellent though.