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horus posted a comment on Sunday 20th November 2005 1:48am

That was one of the best bloody stories i have read in my life, please write more. Are you going to have an epilouge?

edgar bynoe

Kyle Bissett posted a comment on Wednesday 16th November 2005 11:09am

If Sirius was going to go Python-esque during his will, he should have told Harry to watch out for blancmanges (In the science fiction sketch, which came out eleven years before Harry was born, a man named Harold Potter was the first person to be turned into a Scotsman by man-eating blancmanges from Andromeda as the first step of their plan to win Wimbledon. Seeing as Harry is the son of a prankster, you have to wonder if the name similarity is intentional.)

Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 7:17pm


I am having trouble signing up. I keep getting a database error and I would like to read the final chapter of "Sunset Over Britain"


I love "White Knight, Grey Queen" Absolutely wonderful story. I hope there is a sequel sometime soon.

Crystal posted a comment on Thursday 10th November 2005 9:00pm

Awesome! Frickin' amazing! Pardon my language. Read this whole thing in two sittings, pretty much. Exquisitely crafted story; description didn't stope the flow of action, and clichés were avoided for the most part. Interesting cast of other characters, as well as lending new life to some of J.K. Rowling's original cast. All in all... FANTASTIC!

quizgirl posted a comment on Tuesday 8th November 2005 11:03am

Awesome. It took me quite some time to read through, but Bobmin recommended you so I had to take a look. I don't really like H/G, but as this is mainly a H/P story I don't mind too much. Great job, how you can post so huge chapters is beyond me. I'll look through some more of your stories and see if they're as good as this one.
Take care!

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Friday 4th November 2005 7:01am

Pansy's a hotttttttty!!!!

Logan_macLeod posted a comment on Thursday 3rd November 2005 10:35pm

WHen I stumbled across this fic I had my reservations but so far this is BRILLIANT!!!

rick posted a comment on Tuesday 1st November 2005 9:43pm

This story is great. i think that i like it better than book6. i like the different takes on some of the Slytherin. I am looking forward to the other stories you have planned in this verse.
I am wondering if my webbrouser is working because of a blank square covering some words in part 8?

Mysteryqueen posted a comment on Monday 31st October 2005 5:25pm

Err... I'm part of the Yahoo!Group, and so got the messages when this was being posted. Was far too swamped to read then, but just re-discovered the story and was about to read when I saw the WIP tag. Did a fast scroll to the end...(Don't look, don't look!) and I can't tell if this is in fact the end (as the 8/8 on the last message suggested), or if this really is a WIP.


Exile posted a comment on Sunday 30th October 2005 7:44pm

By far one of the best stories I've ever read! I can see why it was nominated for it on DLP. It's got the qualities that they usually go for.

It's been an amazing read. I haven't had so much fun in ages! Made my crumby, rainy day stuck inside a while lot better. *grins*

Thank you!


mashimaromadness posted a comment on Sunday 30th October 2005 1:24am

I absolutely loved every second of this last chapter... as long as it took me to read. I'm so sad it's over, but immensely glad that you are going to do side stories, I think I would die if this universe was gone already. I think that this is by far the best story I've ever read, EVER, which is huge, since pretty much all I do is read. Congratulations on an awesome story. You are a fantastic writer.

Oldwolf posted a comment on Thursday 27th October 2005 7:49am

Screwy and hillarious. An awesome series, though I think it might be best to reclassify this as Harry/ Pansy/ Ginny, but that's just me.

Ginger posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 10:45am

Please write what happens next please... pretty please with sugar on top please... Come on I read it too many times need more story... please

Kate posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 3:13am

Great story, not the biggest fan of the harry, pansy, ginny thing but it seems to work :D.

Really looking forward to the follow-ups, especially the quidditch match... But now I need to sleep! Your chapters are the longest I've ever seen.


Archean posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:07am


This is one of the most realistic stories i have read. I've loved the way you have woven shades of grey into the story.

But somehow i find the story a bit incomplete since it stops midway between the last fight. Maybe it is a glitch in the server or a broken link.

Could you please look into it as this piece of fiction is rather addictive


Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 9:58pm

Excellent story. I truly loved reading it.

One of your best works.

And it really is awesom if my only complaint is that including Ginny somehow taints the great relationship you had building with Pansy and Harry. I'd somehow hoped it wouldn't turn into a three way, so I'm a little dissapointed in that.

Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 8:13pm

Man, what an excellent part. And you sure do write Ron well as an ass. I really dislike him.

Though I hope you're not going to turn it into a Harry Harem or a three-way, I'm really loving Ginny just being a good friend, and Harry and Pansy being all on their own as a couple.

Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 6:53pm

I'm really loving your Harry, he's powerful but not overly so.

And just let me say, any fic that has a lot of Dobby in it... is a good fic.

Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 5:03pm

Very nicely done bro. You've exceeded yourself with this fic.

Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 4:17pm

Good god this is a great story. Again I beg you to not ever abandon it.

The only thing that does make me gag is the H/R, mainly because I hate Ron.

You've got a talent my friend.