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Vipomus posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 10:42am

Great story and a good ending. Leaving things open so it can go different ways makes it a believable story.

I use to train with armor fighting & throwing each other around for exhibitions. So yeah you can move a whole lot in armor. But definitely a exhausting thing, so the auror training is believable.

So thanks for writing. It's was a fun ride till the end.

HopelessFan posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 10:25am

Thanks! very lighthearted and fun :-)

Alun Lewis posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 10:23am

Oh, Jeconais...this is one hell of a story you've put to metaphorical paper here! All these wonderful changes from such a small tweak at the start, and Harry gets to be brilliant without becoming super-powered through some wacky ritual or artifact.

Amazing work :D

HP-DG-SB posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 10:20am

This was a fantastic story.It was impeccable as usual thanks to the work you and your betas put into it. I truly enjoyed reading this story from start to finish. I don't often get to read truly original HP fanfiction stories. I really can' wait to see what else you manage to work on. Keep up the fantastic work!


LuxEterna posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 10:08am

nice i really like it

though i already wonder what your next project will be

maybe have harry for once not be an 'actor' but the teacher/mentor for others and show them on how to solve the problems (might take dimension and/or time- travel to make it work)

musketau posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 9:50am

While i love seeing finished stories, there are some you don't want to end.

Your stories always work around the interactions of the people, rather than the action, and you crerate some incredible people. The worst part is that you don't tend to reuse them, which means Derek and Cressida are gone, Boris will never again rip off his shirt, and Nadya will never pass on her ascerbic advice.

The story is grat. You built from a solid frame, and came back to the beginning (nearly) at the end, with Harry following his mothers advice and killing him with a sword. I'm not sure about the armour for all the others, as it seemed a bit quick, but that may just be story time, as it was a long time between tasks.

The defences to stop others take the armour were great. Simple, not mentioned until it jumps out at you, and effective. Something you go 'oh of course' about when seen, but don't think about until then.

About your theory of 'Magic is Magic'. I had always seen it as something similar, but more along the lines of radio frequencies, with each able to 'tune in' to certain frequencies which made different magics easier or harder, or like light, where different species could see different frequencies of light. If you followed further on this idea, i'd expect some people, and other species, could extend their 'range' a bit, but that some may just be too different, like an analogue TV trying to pick up Digital.

You create so many unique, fully fleshed out characters that you can truly see as real, or as realistic as possible given the story. Derek was probably the most developed, but everyone is built up, even Isabella, the cuddlebug.

The bounce boots and similar improvements were fun, and will probably inspire others to do similar things themselves, after all, magic is limited only by imagination. I saw Podska expanded to have multiple teams playing at once in a field shaped like a plus sign, or one that changes during the match, with the platforms moving as the game is on, maybe even something like in Tron, with the entire thing flipping, or gravity changing, since we know that is possible in HP.

Once again, a great story i'd love to see more of, but it has finished at probably the best time, as anything more would require introduced enemies. Can't wait for what comes up next.

red jacobson posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 9:26am

Hey, I was just re-reading this chapter, and it occurred to me, what ever happened to Snape? He disappeared from the story after the first couple of chapters, and I don't remember him being listed as killed.


Wolfric posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 9:18am

Congratulations on finishing your fine story. I enjoyed the blacksmithing as well as the rest of the story. I have a Great Uncle who I'm told was a well known blacksmith arround the turn of the century and I have dabbled with it, mostly in the nature of repairs. I do hope you will be inspired to write more as I have long enjoyed your efforts. All the best to you and thanks for writing. W.

Lokilos posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 9:04am

Another incredible story Jeconais! I'm so glad you continue to put out quality works like these.

Rob Clark posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 8:26am

Overall a good story. It has a good finish but leaves plenty of loose plotlines that you can wonder 'What if?' about many things.

spurio23 posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 8:16am

i thought the story was great. Not your usual which is probably what upset the other folks. I liked how he became Super Harry and then once the need was over, he stepped away from that. Nice recognition that Super or not, he was still a teen with all the issues of being a teen.

Thanks for the story.

Pennywise posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 8:09am

Awesome ending to a amazing story. Loved the concept.

Kilderon posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 7:52am

I'm sorry that you've gotten comments about people disliking this story, though obviously everyone's tastes are different. It did prompt me to write this comment to praise your work however. I've liked reading all of your published stories, your style of writing is casual yet polished and makes for an enjoyable read.

Blue Steel has been something that I've been following week by week since I first discovered it. Checking in every Saturday to read the newest chapter. I wish it was longer, but I suppose being short is better than having it overstay it's welcome. I liked that you ventured into what is to me unexplored territory in Harry Potter Fanfiction, I don't believe I've ever read one about Harry taking on a trade like Blacksmithing. The many secondary characters you've promoted into prominance were fun to read as well, exploring them in ways I've never seen before; Daphne was delightfully atypical, and I am sad I won't get to read about the rematch game of Podska.

I encourage you to continue writing whatever you find enjoyable, and not to worry overmuch about how others view your work. Enjoying what you do makes for far better end results than attempting to do the impossible and trying to please everyone. Obviously critisim has it's place, and we should always strive to improve, but please don't forget that the vocal are typically a minority, and that most people who have come to read your work have likely enjoyed it before quietly moving on, grateful, but perhaps not motivated to comment.

Thank you for writing, and for posting your work publically for others to enjoy. I have enjoyed reading this, you have my sincere thanks for sharing. I'll be back to see what you might write next.

RD Cox posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 7:34am

I liked this story because it was different, unconventional and wasn't derivative. In my opinion, this was a fun bit of escapism. Thanks for sharing your imagination.

Chris257 posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 7:21am

a good end to a great tale.

sanbeegoldiewhitey posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 7:12am

This story is a tragedy - for Astoria and Romilda. Only Daphne and Fleur were happy. In fairness to you, you were honest from the beginning and classified this story as "No Ship". But my opinion about this story will not change as I have no intention of reading it again as the ending did not make me happy. I am not a critic but just a reader who reads for enjoyment. So that "dispassionate" thing will not happen for me. I have read "Perfect Situations" and Matryoshka Vignettes several times already but this sad story is a one-timer. I am sorry that a story you enjoyed writing really disappointed me.

Silo posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 6:46am

i like it i just wish to know who who harry ends up getting with

Anansii posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 6:35am

Awesome! This was delightful. Thanks for this - I'd missed your writing.

Secca posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 6:30am

A thoroughly good read as is most of your work. Thanks for this gem. You had me checking my inbox each Saturday night/Sunday afternoon looking for the next chapter; definately worth the wait. I would have loved if you had found a way to have it continue, but I think it ended where it needed to.

Thanks again.

amortentiate posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2014 6:22am

I loved this story. Harry getting a family that loves him is far more superior than one where he just does his hero thing.

In fact I would actually love to read more of the same from you. Perhaps a sequel if the muse hits you.

Good job.