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jecctex posted a comment on Tuesday 14th March 2017 9:56pm

This is an awesome story. Your discriptions of Harry as he learned to use the smithy is wonderfull.Great storyover all. Thanks for sharing.

Full_Pensieve posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2017 9:08pm

I've read this more than once, and enjoyed it each time. It has the essential Jeconais tone and tenor, but is also a startlingly effective HP/Zoolander crossover. I like this Harry, who is mature enough to know he's not mature enough to set his whole life in place at 14. There's a certain amount of physical absurdity here, but that seems perfectly reasonable in the context of a Zoolander crossover. I can see why some of the usual suspects might not care for it, but this is a pretty crafty bit of work. Well done.

RHJunior posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2017 9:10am

Riffing on Darth Vader there a bit, was he?

Magnus Scipio posted a comment on Thursday 29th December 2016 10:51am

Would love to see a would love to see a sequel. As always a cracking yarn filled with the correct mix of humour and angst. I've read this twice now just because I find it so much fun. Thank you for an enjoyable story.

4rm36uy posted a comment on Saturday 24th December 2016 5:11am

Where did you get the name for the game that the Elves came up with? And what does it mean?

seiryu posted a comment on Saturday 10th December 2016 2:07pm

I thought the image of the Ebony Armor attaching itself to Harry in a small tornado a very nice image. It also brought to mind the transformation sequence from Makai Senki Garo, even though there is no tornado there. Either way, it brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

bruluna posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2016 11:15pm

Your characterization of Daphne was extremely unique. I had never read a fanfic that interpreted her this way until this one. I really liked it, in fact, I think that this is my favorite take on Daphne. Very well done!!! :)

NerdLord2nd posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2016 6:05pm

Refreshing new idea for a Harry Potter story, first story that I could really call original that I have read in a long time. Black smithing was also very interesting

Shivers82 posted a comment on Tuesday 13th September 2016 1:05am

This story was laugh out loud funny. I still figure you have to have major stones to do an HP/Zoolander crossover. Looking forward to more of your works and Hogwarts Dawn.



Dardrian Breynt posted a comment on Sunday 21st August 2016 1:55pm

I really like this story a lot.

DannyBoy2k posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2016 12:35am don't think you slipped in your units, there? Five kilos is a lot even for a two-handed sledgehammer, and you wouldn't need that sort of weight in a blacksmithing hammer, since it's about repeated blows, not mass impact. And a 100 kilo anvil is a BRUTALLY large one, not to mention easily more body weight than Harry himself is sporting, most likely.

Belgareth posted a comment on Sunday 17th July 2016 11:14am

Have you thought about having Harry the Smith have something happen that causes him to end up in either the World of Warcraft or the world of Laurell K. Hamilton's Nightseer? Just wanted to ask that and say I really enjoyed reading your work.

domi1187 posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2016 7:05am

i wood like to see more of the story

Ebbie posted a comment on Monday 20th June 2016 5:17am

I just found this story and read it. It is wonderful. I really like the new characters that you introduced -- they added a lot of nice flavor to the story. Thank you for writing it.

HarnGin posted a comment on Monday 6th June 2016 7:16pm

This story was very entertaining,. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Carick posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2016 12:21am

good twist on canon and a well thought out story that works and hold the readers intrest.

Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 27th March 2016 5:52am

It was a wonderful break from calamity. As I've often pointed out in other stories, if the hero is constantly facing tougher and tougher challenges, it's only a matter of time until they collapse from exhaustion. this kind of 'down time' also serves as the most important part of a story, at least imo: character development.

Thanks for the fun read. M

Wanderer posted a comment on Saturday 26th March 2016 8:12am

So much fun!

Thanks for the Skyrim references, and for giving Harry a way to Become Uber, but not Giving him Uber - as per gimicky goodies out of the CoS.


Wanderer posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 12:28am

Oh my this is such a fun story. Back for another go - so many other stories out there, so many that fall so short of yours in quality, imagination and just plain Fun :)


sheepgrenade posted a comment on Thursday 10th March 2016 11:01pm

Loved the story and was hoping for more, quite sad it finished. Boris is fab by the way, please use the character more.