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Rhyselle posted a comment on Friday 21st November 2014 3:25am

I absolutely loved this story. I really loved the smithing, and the armor and how Harry turned the Tri-Wizard Tournement upside down from canon. I wish I could draw because I'd love to have a picture of so many scenes from this tale; especially one of the four champions in their armor going into the maze. The characterization was fun, and I was very pleased with how you handled the OCs and the underused characters from canon.

This is definitely going on my "to re-read" list.

Well Done!

Lighhtwhispers posted a comment on Wednesday 19th November 2014 3:18am

I very much enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing it. Not everything was wrapped up, which means I would love to see a sequel, but stories don't have to tie up all loose ends... just tidied up enough to keep my brain from tripping over them, which you did.

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 18th November 2014 8:41am

Nice story. Not your best, but I am so glad to read a new story you've written. Thanks. Tell Jeconais to finish some of his stories.

ralob posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 11:48pm

I loved the story! It had a wonderful, warm tone that your stories usually have, and it was very entertaining. Never before have I seen a blacksmith!Harry. And I thought your OCs were great. I can't wait to read what you come up with next.

MaMoKe posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 9:35pm

a huge thanks to the betas but from this random reader also a huge thanks to the writer ;) I hugely enjoyed this story and the fast pace in which it was posted. sure it might not be your most polished grandest story but as I stated earlier it proved a lot of fun to read, I even read some of the chapters @ 1am local time when I figured out that was when they where posted :P so thanks and selfish as I am, keep em coming :)

KenF posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 8:44pm

another ripping yarn from one of the giants. Thank you for an amazing tale!


Dupapier posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 8:13pm


Like some other readers I'm quite surprise that some people didn't like this fic as I found it amazing.

The fact that there was a chapter a week was also really great as I enjoy quite a lot the way you write and the idea's you can have. The way Harry become a leader is always inspiring clearly borderline with fairy tale but there is enoug dark in our daily life to enjoy something positif in our reading.

That's why I read fantasy. Because it can multiply your imagination.

And your stories clearly fullfill my needs :).

I was reading your news a few months ago and was really surprised by the one from April, 29th 2010 where you say :

After years of trying to fool myself into thinking that I'll get back to writing like I once did, I've faced the fact that those days are gone. Stories like Hope, WK,GQ, TMW etc are in my past, and will not be topped.

I find your stories still really good and I always enjoy them. In fact when people ask me what stories they should read to be introduce to the world of fanfiction I give them a link to your site. Keep us dreaming and thanks a lot.

sh777 posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 5:18pm

Thanks for an excellent story.

Ravnos posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 4:51pm

I am suprised that people didn't like it, I really enjoyed this story, granted Harry is somewhat super powered, but I like the ones that are well written and have a reasonable explanation for how that came to be. Please don't let the negatives slow you down. Just a quick question have you ever considered writing a dark harry story, I think you would be able to do it with a reasonable explanation for how it came to be, even if he is not working with Voldemort.

steveh11 posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 4:30pm

For the record, I *loved* this story. Thank you very much for writing and sharing it with us.

Renzo7 posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 4:27pm

Hello again!

This story has been a very upbeat one, and there's nothing wrong with it. I liked it quite a bit, and I'm sad that it's over now.

I know I asked in my last review, but I would really like a story like the continuation of Best Man. Any chance you're up for a big one? Keep up the awesome work. I hope to see more works from you soon!

amulder posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 4:21pm

Thank-you, Tim. I appreciate the work.

Gabriel Alaxander posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 11:55am

Have to admit I enjoyed this fic, just like I enjoyed your others. I kept imagining Harry meeting Tony Stark though, that would be a laugh.

tlslick posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 5:31am

I thought this was a well writen entertaing story.

thank you for sharong it

Honebar posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 3:48am

I can not say I liked this fanfic.... I absolutly LOVED this fic! It is so refreshing to see a story where You have all these amazing elements. I think this is the first story I have seen where Harry was a blacksmith and that all 4 champions worked together as a team. Thank You! Plus the fact that yes these are still kids and are not ready for jumping straight into bed. I would give this story a 10 out of 10.

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 3:41am

I liked this story for the simple fact that it was different. Harry was not some super-powered near deity or some super wimp.....he discovered a lost art and thought outside the box.

Iarann posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 3:37am

Thank you for this excellent tale! I have enjoyed all your writing and was very excited when you started this. You definitely lived up to my expectations as I eagerly awaited each installment. Very nice take on Harry and practical learning versus theoretical. I sincerely hope you do a sequel but this stands alone very well.

Joe Fenton posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 3:02am

"His initial estimate that a piece could only accept two enchantments was correct. However Astoria had wondered why, if the limit was two enchantments per piece, they couldn’t just make the armour have more pieces. His armour was now made of more bits, each with the maximum enchantments." Ha! That's just what I do in Skyrim - find a custom armor with as many bits and pieces as possible. Then there's jewelry - don't forget the left handed ring mod. And earring mods. By the time you've enchanted it all, you're a walking tank. :)

EricMyerson posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 3:00am

Count me as one of the people who liked it! While it had a bit of wish-fulfillment/super Harry vibes, it was still a fun read, and well put together.

The Seeker posted a comment on Monday 17th November 2014 2:49am

Well count me among the many readers who looked forward to each update with great anticipation and was never disappointed. You've created a new HP world through the morals, friendships and activities you had Harry and his ever increasing group of friends establish and live by. It's a wonderful place, and now that Riddle and his friends are gone, one that I'd love to live in.

The OCs and lower level canon characters were wonderfully fleshed out, very real and very appealing. Even Riddle in his final words was fascinating, and i can understand why Harry was upset with the life that was wasted. Daphne, all the Greengrass family for that matter, along with those of Viktor, Fleur, Cho and Romilda were charming, very different yet very similar in the most important qualities, and had intriguing personalities. I'd really like to see them again, if you are so motivated.

The ending screams for a sequel, where you could show the group of friends as they mature, how Hogwarts, Dumbledore and the professors change with Harry's new approach to education, the families' investment scheme, summering with Romi's clan, where Harry (with Hermione) explores his new concept of magic, on and on. There's so much more this group can give us through your inspired writing.

This story has been so fun to read and I greatly appreciate all the work you and your betas put in. It truly was worth the effort, and I'm looking forward to your next project, with the hope that at some point you will revisit this incredible world you've created.

Many thanks, The Seeker