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tcl7189 posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 4:41am

Great Chapter!!! Loved it!

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 4:22am

Good chapter, left me smiling.

rusty32539 posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 3:56am

Sometimes filler is needed, so keep up the good work. I know you said that your days of masterpieces like Hope & Matryoshka Vignettes are over but I still find your stories better then 99.9% of the stuff other people write.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 3:48am

You did a great job with showing a fun filled and enjoyably relaxed day without making it boring. The Peter scene, lol, was really funny. Thanks for sharing!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 3:17am

A quiet chapter, though the trial of Sirius could've been much more of a show if things had gotten out of hand, and it developed all the characters nicely and gave some interesting perspectives. I daresay Vernon Dursley is not going to enjoy that curse and I doubt he'll have any idea how he came by it; and on the off chance he contacts another of the Romany to remove it, I reckon they'll see the nature of it and either refuse or claim to be unable to un-do what another of their tribe has done.

You did Christmas and the Yule Ball up very well, indeed. It should be fascinating to see where things go from here.

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 3:11am

I wouldn't say "filler", more the meat and potatoes into which you introduce the spice. Too much action actually inhibits character development and plot advancement. I think you've gone the right way around with this.

Jason Karr posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 2:19am

it is nice that Harry made some thing for each of the girls

Pai posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 2:06am

Did you just give ever one dragon bone daggers? Daaaamn

Richard Robinson posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 2:01am

I rather enjoyed the chapter.

I consider this sort of thing as showing the characters personality and a general view of the world around them, which while not essential to a story, it does make it more interesting to me.

Richard Robinson

ficbob posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 1:39am

'Blue Steel' is an excellent title and I did think 'Zoolander? . . . nah' and was very impressed when I read on and it is indeed Derek

While I have enjoyed each chapter, chapter 4 has a impressive Christmas feeling that comes through . . . thank you

I am looking forward to more from you

Lia1 posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 12:53am

A nice slow relaxing day for Harry? Impressive :)

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 12:40am

I rather like a chapter where everything goes well, honestly. They're pretty rare in Potter-verse. I'm glad Harry got to dance with the girls at the Ball, and that everyone had a good time, and that nobody got to be stupid at them. Merry Christmas indeed!

ladysavay posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 12:12am

Lovely update, full of Christmas joy and completely devoid of angst. That was a nice and relaxing read for the weekend. Thanks for that.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2014 12:00am

A well written Christmas with peace and good will to all but Vernon.

Crys posted a comment on Saturday 11th October 2014 2:13pm

Interesting portrayal you're giving Daphne. And actually I'm surprised she's not in Hufflepuff from the description people keep giving her. Consistently called hard-working.

. . . dragonplate armor. We're really talking about dragonplate armor, aren't we? And that forge area is almost a spot on description of many of the forges in Skyrim.

Interesting little additions to "real" blacksmithing. Hook being traditional first and the method of lighting a cold forge. Little details like that make the story feel more real. You've consistently giving Kokopelli credit for the blacksmithing info, so I'll assume that's from him, but good additions.

> Blisterwort, a glowing mushroom, a sabre cat tooth and some Spriggan sap

and at this point, I knew you were giving a nod to Skyrim.

Hmm. If he actually manages basilisk boneplate (or scale) armor, I wonder if Amelia Bones will end up contacting him for making more armor for the Tactical Wizard Assault Teams.

As a complete aside, we could get into a conversation on plate versus scale basilisk armor and Harry's proven dexterity and defense based on movement. But that'd just prove I'm a hopeless geek. So I'll just suggest he doesn't forget the weightless runes if he uses plate.

The whole forgiveness thing. I agree that the people would be trying to do it (honestly or just for better food), and that Harry really, honestly, doesn't care much about them anymore. But you used it to make a point through Nadya. A good and not overbearing example of showing instead of telling.

Die Hard from Nadya? Really? And then Blues Brothers from Hermione. *laugh* I think the kipper thing was Red Dwarf, but never watched it, so not so sure of that one.

> "Show tunes!"

Okay, now you're just having fun with it :)

> while Dudley was getting his weight checked." He paused. "And there was a lot of weight to check

*snicker* Where do you come up with these?

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Friday 10th October 2014 6:09pm

So far this has been a highly entertaining story. As always I look forward to all of your work and cant wait till the next update. James

Encarnia22 posted a comment on Friday 10th October 2014 4:05pm

Another great chapter. I love this rendition of the first task as well as the inclusion of Daphne.

Your rendition of Romi reminds me a bit of Harley Quinn from the Batman universe, who can be all over the place as well as more then a bit vindictive.

Anyway, keep up the great work. Can't wait to read more.

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Friday 10th October 2014 1:05pm

Loved the first chapter. Another amazing story as I have come to expect from you. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story. I especially like the way that you did the house elf and Hogwart's house issues. James

sanbeegoldiewhitey posted a comment on Wednesday 8th October 2014 8:50pm

Simply enjoyable to read. The "Que Sera, Sera" song of Malfoy really cracked me up. And Warrington was really scared of the armored Harry. I likes the new agreement of Tori and Romi to stay friends whoever Harry chooses and only curse if the lucky girl is not one of them. Brilliant.

diagonalpumpkin posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2014 12:02pm

Great chapter once again. I like that we are getting some more view into Astoria and Romilda, and that they have decided to remain friends, regardless of what happens. I also enjoyed the Zoolander references (even if I failed to put together that Derek was a reference until he started talking about it). As much as I usually like Amelia (for the reasons that you mentioned in your note) it is kind of good to see her portrayed in a different way. Keep up the excellent work. I'm excited for your next chapter :D