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Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2014 9:53am

This is a great story. I really love all the different angles being talked about. I'm glad Harry is happy and busy. That and he is learning a lot. Helping the elves was fantastic and I love the way they tell wizards off now. They are free and happy to work if they are appreciated and not hurt. Of courst some old purebloods don't want to agree to that. I'm glad Dumbledore apologized to Harry and told the school that Harry did not entere himself in the tournament. Harry's armor and skills are fantastic. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p

freeze107 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2014 8:41am

I really enjoy this story. its such a refreshing change of pace from the norm that I cant help but keep reading it. I am terribly exicted for the summer scenes where he visits with the families now. Also excited for more forign scenes, never come across a fic like that so far. Solid Gold!

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2014 12:01am

Definitely enjoying this story so far. One question that comes up, other than the Skyrim references, is what other games are you going to allude to? Will Harry figure out something as strong or stronger than Deadric? So many people are going to be ruined with Romilda being so curse-happy.

millercommamatt posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2014 10:23pm

Did I get rick-rolled? No. But it feels like I was rick-rolled.

I imagine that anyone even acknwledging the NKotB reference is dating themselves. Alas.

firedawg posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2014 2:15pm

Great story and thank you for writing an entertaining , and different tale. I haven't read anything with Romilda other than the usual "girl hot for Harry" its nice to see someone take the time to as it were give her a chance to be a normal person. Well done.

kstchr posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2014 3:57am

I love the positive, redemptive aspect of this...yes, people really mess up, but they admit it and everything is better because of it. Great banter between the girls...especially regarding Harry!! I also like seeing more about Romilda in this, and in a very positive light. I've never been a big fan of hers, but that's because of how she was portrayed in the books - love potion that poisoned Ron not withstanding. I was under the impression that Romilda was in the same year as Ginny, however, so I don't see how she's two years younger than Harry??

mwinter posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2014 12:19am

Awaiting more.

BJH posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 11:42pm

So Harry Potter as Ironman, huh? His Mark I suit is basilisk but his Mark II will be dragon, and since he made a point of keeping the heart I'm guessing heart strings in the gauntlets will give him the ability to cast spells. Now if he can just work out the flying bit. Will Daphne fill the role of Pepper Potts? I really like this characterization of Daphne, btw. Will she reach the point where she wants him to want her?


Bigguns123 posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 11:34pm

I Love reading your work, you are an artist. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

red jacobson posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 11:02pm

Another enjoyable chapter, and I'm liking this version of Albus. I'm very appreciative of the fact that you waited until you had the story finished before starting to post, so we don't have the agony of waiting for an update (I know I'm probably one of the last people who can complain about that, but, meh *GRIN*)

See you next week


The Seeker posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 10:40pm

This story keeps getting better and better. Derek reminds me of Lockhart but redeemed by his self-awareness. Harry's bout with the dragon was appropriately epic and more charities will get donations as a result of the slaying. Lucius' little ditty was hilarious, but bringing Draco in made it even better. Your revised Amelia and Fudge were actually fun to read, as was the Prophet's editor in chief. And finally, Romi and Astoria remain wonderful characters in your very creative hands. Looking forward to the next chapter! - The Seeker

Pamela St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 8:44pm

Wow, this is a great tale. Who knew blacksmithing could be so excited? Thanks for another great read.

tcl7189 posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 6:52pm

Awesome chapter!!!

Lunis posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 5:23pm

Just a note those four ingredients wouldn't make a stamina potion, only a Smithing one, but if you replaced the glowing mushroom, or the blister wort with Honeycomb it would make a restore stamina potion that also increased smithing.

Michael10 posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 4:56pm

thank you for another chapter and as always keep up the good work

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 3:38pm

A great update, I especially like the part where the children were still children.

keichan2 posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 1:12pm

“he wouldn’t have had the patience to watch someone work on a forge as they had” Bwahahahahaha! I wouldn’t say it is patience ;-p

“just to reassure himself that he was still straight” Ooh… Must have been such a chore… ;-p

“They had found the spells to give him the experience[…]and increase his smithing ability” And right now, I’m expecting that Harry will need none of that and simply ask for the egg in Parseltongue…

“We do get to keep it, after we’ve killed it, right?” OK… I’m revising my previous comment, given Harry is already considering the armour(s) he’ll make with the remains of said dragon…

“Now I can make even better armour with dragon scale and bones.” I find myself wondering: Does Harry intend to ADD to his armour to improve it, or REPLACE his basilisk armour by a dragon one?

“And let me remind you that he can make armour and a shield form from the ground.” Hey! I didn’t think about it that way! We knew he spent time making the armour, and “just” found a flashy way to put it on and off, but indeed, to those that didn’t know that, it indeed might seem like he is able to conjure an armour strong enough to survive dragon fire…

I’m surprised about Amelia… She does seem to only be after one thing: herself! So… Was she manipulating the Minister, or is she no better than the rest of the Ministry? (edit: the ending notes answer this…)

“Yeah, but I think I’m a bit young to be licking spray cream off of his chest” Bwahahahahaha! (Couldn’t help but think this was an answer of the kind of those “Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?” from Pinky and the Brain :-D)

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!

brennus posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 1:03pm

*Sigh* It doesn't give me any pleasure to leave this review, but this is what the comments section is for. This story is awful. Oh, it has some positive points: as always, it's well written, gypsy Vane is an interesting character and I'm intrigued by what they'll do with the Horcrux in Harry, but the rest of it drags it down. Now, I'll ignore the Ginny-bashing as it’s a minor part of the plot, although I think you'd be better served just leaving her out rather than turning her into an unrecognisable OC. But really, the girls don't like most of the boys at Hogwarts because they smell? That's something a five year-old would say! Frankly, I would expect something better from the writer of 'This Means War' and 'White Knight, Grey Queen'. There are numerous other minor plot holes, like saying the Parkinsons are eating bread and butter because the elves won't cook for them now. No, they have enough money to hire staff - they'd just go out and eat! The whole Lucius song thing was ridiculous, too. Why would Narcissa believe a song that he was obviously charmed to sing would be true? And it's hardly justification to be arrested, is it? Astoria's is also a completely characterless, as well.

I think the main problem I have with the story is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. It's not funny enough to be a comedy and not exciting enough to be an action/adventure. The whole premise you based it on of Harry, dressed in armour, slaying a dragon just isn't strong enough to carry the story. This almost feels like a parody of a Super-Powered! Harry story.

Sadly, this story continues the downward trend in my opinion of your latest work. I really don't like 'Hogwarts Dawn' and even the last chapter of 'Perfect Slytherins' wasn't as good as what went before it. I appreciate that I'm a lone voice of dissent, but you were a major influence on me and one of a handful of writers that encouraged me to have a go myself. It pains me that I have to stop reading your work because I'm simply not enjoying it anymore. Thanks for all your past stories, and I wish you luck in your future work.

musketau posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 12:51pm

Another great instalment. Harry is building on his own and his friends achievements, and it's leading in a fun direction. I do wonder how, or if, smithing can be used in the second task, unless he makes the old armored diving suit, although it could be used for his weapons.

I knew i knew Derek from something, but it took to his line about being ridiculously good looking for it to hit, then i had to go back and reread that part again.

12 for the girls is young, but you and they accept that, and that it will be in the future they get together, if at all. These ideas are interesting because i can believe them right up until i look at my 12 year old niece and think of her thinking the same. It doesn't compute. Yet it is still believable. In the past, marriage was at that age, and they were expected to run a home.

Okay, that went in a different direction.

I am enjoying what you are giving us through Blue Steel, and hope to see more soon (please give us the next part of Hogwarts Dawn as well. Please)

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2014 12:43pm

I like the changes to the standard version, it did seem much more realistic. Loved the Zoolander bits!