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dakinumas posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:55am

I love it , I love it , I love it!! I enjoy reading it so much, thanks to you and your beta!

please update soon,
can't wait,


Lufio posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:40am

Wheeee! You cleared up in this chapter a lot of the plot threads that have been weaving through the story. The end is on the horizon, and the culmination of this great story is drawing near. A shame it's going to be ending, but the satisfaction of knowing what happened makes up for it.

Rita being the voice of reason for Sybil was hilarious.

Chris1 posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:37am

I got the update at 15 past 2am. That mans you posted it on Friday :p ^_^ Any chance of posting future chapters a couple hours earlier, so I can read the Thursday night, not friday morning? My timezone sucks >.<

Finally mentions of Ginny :D guess she's still off doing Ginny-things ^_^

Truly awesome chapter, and I loved the scenes with Aimee. Thanks for sharing this with us, and not letting the fanfic loss turn you away from this story.


Thorfinna posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:30am

Love it.

Maria3 posted a comment on Friday 20th April 2007 12:18am

That was great, another excellent chapter for a fabulous story. Yay! they are finally engaged!

maritza posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 11:55pm

OMG it is 3:52 in the morning
and as always when you uptdate I'm sitting here smiling, enjoying and reading at 3:52 am in the morning,
I'm so going to drink cofee tomorrow.

You get 22 things from me,
two thumbs up,
my love for not droping this story
and a third one,
to let you know your stories with deep and something of your sold,
give me something almost tangeble for that
you get my apreciation.

And if that was to long do remember it is now
3:56 am


Liane posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 11:45pm

Thanks for an amazing chapter. I loved the part with Rita, it's totally in character for her, but refreshing all the same. I'm looking forward to the end of the quidditch competition, and I honestly hope that Malfoy will be caught before the end (and, preferably, that he will put Snape on the spot too).

Jalimar posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 11:45pm

As usual, an amazing chapter. This story is great and continues to get better.
Thanks for such an enjoyable read.

finally_sso posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 11:09pm

Every good. Can't wait for chapter 11.

James Barber posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 10:12pm

Oh Man that lucky dog! said the man while waiting with baited breath for the next two installments!

ghanima posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 10:09pm

Definitely worth the wait, a pleasure to read. I love the character development, they seem to be more alive with each story. Although Harry's conversation with Aimee about his plans did seem a bit like pure plot forced in. It seemed a bit awkward. It did pick right back up with ring shopping.

Still loved it. Harry's really getting to know Gabrielle. Finally.

Ashestoashes posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:49pm

Nice filling chapter again. Sometimes a little too mushy, but with quite some original turns, like the defusion of the Trelawney line (that had too much angst potential for this story).

Some minor remarks.
Does "German lunch" have another meaning than the lunch being German, because Antwerp lies in Belgium, or was it simply some misdirection from Aimée towards Gabrielle?
The walk from the cathedral to the diamond district is not that short (not that long either, but not the crossing of a street, something like 1 to 1,5 km).
Is the shopkeeper that observant he knows they were talking French outside his shop? Antwerp lies in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, but if he knows they were speaking French, normally he could too, because we're supposed to be bilingual, I think lol.

And some minor minor remarks.
A small dark alleyway without people would be quite difficult in the vicinity of the cathedral by day, perhaps apparating on the tower...?
Italian would be a easy choice of food, because the alley between the cathedral and the Groenplaats is filled with Italian restaurants. There's also a Hilton on the Groenplaats. (And there's also a café 'with a hundred beers (sorts/brands of beers?)' next to the cathedral. Never checked how many beers really, but many. Ha, Belgium, country of beer, not that Heineken pee you find everywhere in the world.)

jalva200 posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:47pm

Right well IT WAS GREAT!!!

Now update again soon and i'll be your slave for ever!!

Rachael Price posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:37pm

Oh, wow!

What a wonderfully romantic and fulfilling chapter! This was wonderful, and it is only for you that I read any pairing other than H/G...for others I just can't stand it.

This was an incredibly awesome chapter...I can't wait for the final 2! Great job!

tdougla posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:34pm

Great chapter! I really love this story. Can't wait to read the ending and knowing there's more in the pipe helps with the wait :)

If you would forgive me, I have one nitpicking editing note. In this chapter you stated that Aimée was forced to retire because she was 65. I reread the story, because it had been a while since I'd gone over it, and in one of the begining chapters Gabrielle mentions that her mother doesn't look like she is in her fifty's.

Stupid and irrelevent to the story as a whole but it jumped out at me when I was reading. The fact that that was the only error of note that I picked up is a testement to you and your betas as I am the type to look for things like that.

Again, thank you for the time it took all of you to work on this and keep up the good work!

Jeconais replied:

That's why I added the line about her using Muggle Makeup to make her look older.   She was forced to retire because she had worked at the company for 45 years and her records say that she joined when she was 20...

Finbar posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:34pm

Damm! That is a good ending to a great chapter. Thinking about the situation in England, the Minister, Headmaster and Daily Prophet Editor are the three most influential people in England. However they are all portrayed as backward, small minded and petty. I'm imagining that all three will be gone by the end of the story, replaced with people of vision? Percy Weasley Minister for Magic: The Paperwork Prince!

draxomulus posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:28pm

Okay, Jeconais... I would like to further commend you on this excellent story. Once again, I must admit that my girlfriend and I like Harry/Ginny pairings in stories, but for once, we seem to have found an extremely talented writer who captivates us to the point that we don't care about the pairing. We love the fact that you have developed Harry into a more mature, pro-active character that J.K. Rowling just didn't seem to grasp in the books. Gabrielle is a perfect balance to the character you have evolved Harry into for this story.
We applaud you for dedicating so much time to ensure that your readers are rewarded for their patience that, at times, seems to waver ever so slightly. :-D (Not us, though, we only found your story fairly recently, so our wait wasn't nearly as long as some of the other readers.) Thank you, once again, for taking the time out of your life to brighten ours.

Draxomulus +1

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:25pm

I am so glad you are finishing this story! You paint a very real and compelling picture where Harry could actually fall in love with Gabrielle. But then, I don't think I've read any of your stories that hasn't been just top-notch.

In a different world I think it would be great to see this - or any of your other stories - on the big screen.

Thank you for an enjoyable trip into the world of Harry Potter


Roary posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:25pm

Lovely! Its hard to blame you for making us wait so long for this. Hope is the definitive Harry/Gabrielle out in fanfic world.

DvorakQ posted a comment on Thursday 19th April 2007 9:17pm

Awesome. This has been my favorite story of yours. Thank you.