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TheWickedTruth posted a comment on Wednesday 5th October 2011 7:11am

That was utterly beautiful

Mark Awesome posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2011 4:03pm

Awesome, shame it took me so long to find and read it.

gustavia posted a comment on Tuesday 6th September 2011 6:55pm

What a wonderful yarn that left a real feel good factor.

This had me enthralled and there was no Veela in sight at my home LOL.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and your work.

Joe Ritter posted a comment on Thursday 25th August 2011 5:41pm

I still have the epilogue. Unfortunately, Tim hold's the copyright which makes it unlawful and immoral for me to post it. Anyway, this inspired me to create a loosely based version of haiku. It's a pitiful attempt but should be seen as praise for the author of this most awesome piece of fiction.

Hope strives to complete
Enters after-life struggle
Join's great adventure

KennethRose posted a comment on Thursday 21st July 2011 5:13pm

Truly a fantastic story. It's funny; normally I frequent, and yet every single story that I read on this site is significantly better than any I have found there.
I really don't know where to start in regards complimenting you on this story; I really don't. The relationship between Gabrielle and Harry was something very special to watch develop and grow, and when Harry finally said those three magic words it was really something. We all knew it was coming, but for it to finally arrive was fantastic.
I could say so much more, but I've just spent five hours straight...from midnight 'till morning reading this fic, and so quite frankly my eyes feel like they've grown hairs, and so I believe that now would be a good time for me to fall asleep. Thank you so much for a satisfying read; I doubt I'll forget it in a hurry.

I look forward to any future stories you author,


Children-of-Bodom posted a comment on Wednesday 6th July 2011 6:40am

One of the best HP-Fics ever.

I don't ned to say anything else, it simply is!

Jacqueline posted a comment on Friday 24th June 2011 5:20pm

I just wanted to mention that I disagree with removing the epilogue. I always felt it fit the story perfectly and did live up to the premise of the story. Also as much as I like the last sentence, I think the story has an unfinished feel without the epilogue. Either way I've loved your writing for a long time and that's just my take.

Davidjanetamplen posted a comment on Thursday 2nd June 2011 8:42pm

I wish you had kept the epilogue in - I rather enjoyed it!

Andrius posted a comment on Tuesday 31st May 2011 12:41am

Great story, cheers.

Asad posted a comment on Wednesday 25th May 2011 9:03pm

Tim, just reread this fic again till this point and enjoyed it as much as I did on first reading it. Not reading the epilogue this time made the ending even better. :)

Thank you, yet again, for sharing this wonderful fic.

switchhammerhit posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2011 1:59pm

Have read "Hope" for the fifth or sixth time and I still enjoyed it. thanks for sharing Tim.

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 12th May 2011 3:43am

Overall, a nice, WAFFy Power-fic, but not a literary masterpiece. Things line up a little to neatly for that, but meh. It's now twenty to six - AM, that is.
And I was just starting to get my circadian rhythm right...

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 12th May 2011 12:36am

I get flashbacks to the Addams crossover where Morticia Imperio'd Lucius into jumping off of a bridge...
Puts a smile on me face, it does.

Arithmancy posted a comment on Monday 18th April 2011 11:12pm

I was re-reading this, and I noticed that Dumbledore could have quite possibly been on Harry's side. He knew about the mating, and he didn't interfere with anything they did that involved it, like the duel between Gabrielle and Malfoy. It's written in a way that Dumbledore could have been sworn to silence about the potion, and part of the reason he wanted Harry back in Hogwarts was to go up against Snape. Though either way, this was a brilliant story, and an excellent pick-me-up while doing some light reading. I thank you for writing it.

ttzdrkpl posted a comment on Monday 18th April 2011 4:56am

Firstly, let me just say that I immensly enjoy your works. I've read most of them multiple times. They're beautiful romances. The reason I'm writing this, however, is to express my absolute enjoyment of the humor you manage to add to your stories, most specifically, "Challenge accepted." Best line ever.

Curlism posted a comment on Saturday 9th April 2011 2:05pm

Second read through of one of my favourite storys and i would like to say thanks for writing.
I agree with your decision to remove the epilogue, which although good, did actually kill the ending a bit.
Anyway, i've lost two whole days where i should of been doing things but have been reading this instead, so i better hop to it.

rorouniken posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 7:34pm

Why???? The ending was perfect. i have read you story a few dozen items as almost of all of your work is that good. Is there anyway i can get a copy of that last chapter for just myself?

Sweetdoggie posted a comment on Sunday 13th February 2011 12:50am

What an excellent story! I thought the pacing was great as was the characterization. You had an interesting plot twist that you developed very skillfully. I enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you for sharing your work.

wolfey posted a comment on Tuesday 8th February 2011 8:00pm

Bummer I liked the epilogue. you could have made a small parady sequel from it of their travels or whatnot. maybe a mass x-over as well.

thaumologist posted a comment on Saturday 5th February 2011 11:25pm

Damnit, not only do you make the H/Gabi ship one of my favourites every time I re-read this, you ruin it, as nothing else really comes close. so thank you, but also damn you.