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Ledivin posted a comment on Thursday 10th June 2010 1:28am

I'm sure I've already commented on this, but I just reread it and all I can say is: my god you are an amazing writer. T'is a shame we don't see too much from you nowadays, but I guess it's not all that surprising - you've written more than most authors I know of, and certainly more good fan fiction than any I've read.

Hagrid posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 3:25am

I hate ter admit I ever said "Great Man Dumbledore," with out the "ipulater" after the word man. I don't think I've been as shamed since I meself was expelled from Hogwarts in my 3rd year. Now you take are of out 'Arry

Eclipse94 posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 11:48pm

A pleasure to read. An addicting tale of lonelyness, deception, and above all, unyielding love. Kept me reading for hours without fail. 10/10

In other words: AWE-SOME STORY!!!

Eclipse94 posted a comment on Wednesday 26th May 2010 2:05am

I stumbled across your little profile and story on the fanfiction site. I wasn't aware they had banned song lyrics, I hav seen so many fics that still have them, and the staff do not seem to care. But that is neither here nor there. Getting back on topic, I followed the virtual "breadcrumbs" and came across this. I have got to say, I am impressed at the quality of the stories on this site. There are some really devoted authors that really know what they are writing about. Though I will not be swearing of fanfiction (the site) like you have, I will nevertheless be checking back here periodically for updates. Thank you for your kind attention to a humble reader like me. Cheers!

PS, the review, and go to next chapter button has a typo. don't know if you noticed...

Heliosion posted a comment on Sunday 16th May 2010 1:18am

you write awesome fics and i have to thank you for leaving that link on or i would have never found this treasure trove of a site!!!

ToriCat posted a comment on Saturday 15th May 2010 2:34pm

Ye gods, I don't think I have the words to describe how much I love your fics....!

ToriCat posted a comment on Saturday 15th May 2010 6:27am

I love your Arthurian legend!!!! I am now believing that it is the only good Arthurian legend out there!!!

This fic is AWESOME!!!!

Illusia posted a comment on Thursday 6th May 2010 7:34pm

I could almost swear you've made this longer since I first read this when you wrote it all :) Took me four days. Then again, I do have a job.
This was brilliant, as usual. Couldn't get enough, as usual. And now I have to go and read all your other stories as well *sighs*, as usual.
;) Don't ever get bored with writing please.

Mihir posted a comment on Friday 30th April 2010 9:11pm

You know, one has to wonder why the Cannons sucked so much if they have such a rigorous training regimen ... It doesn't seem to fit!

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Sunday 25th April 2010 5:10am

Your betas were right.

Amylin Christin posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 10:35pm

I just worked my way through this epic fanfic, and epic it is. And I have to say I am absolutely blown away by it. This story is without a doubt the best Harry&Gabby ff I have ever read, and I do try to read as many as possible. You write create realistic characters, storyline and scenery. It is truly magnificent and I loved every single line of it. Whilst I have to say that the simple volume of the story made it unable for me to sleep for 2 tays, as I could not stop and read through the whole ff in one go I think it would be an absolute shame to cut any single line out of it. So, well done, I really enjoyed this story. Amy

azrielmienta posted a comment on Wednesday 17th March 2010 9:57pm

its a shame really that you deleted the epilogue the first time i read this fic i felt that it really tied in nicely with the fic as its ending. but you are the writer here not me so if you felt that it didnt live up to your expectations then that is that

Lottii posted a comment on Friday 12th March 2010 11:51am

Thank you! This story is just brilliant, awesome read! I'm usually not a fan of Gabrielle/Harry pairings but this story may very well change my mind!


RyokoTenchi posted a comment on Sunday 7th March 2010 5:33am

well i for one will miss the epilogue Tim. but i an understand if something does not fit how you imagined it. i hope to see more from you soon.


LifeScientist posted a comment on Saturday 27th February 2010 8:36pm

I've already written you about this long ago but hadn't had the chance to test the review system under the new code release until now.

Kathleen posted a comment on Tuesday 16th February 2010 2:15am

Came back to reread the Hope story. Loved it yet again. It is the perfect romance.
But hey, I miss the epilogue! I liked it! Will you please reconsider?

dimriver posted a comment on Friday 12th February 2010 8:27am

"Knock them dead."

This is poor word choice. She is often literal with orders. I think this is the fifth time I've read this story. It is one of my favorites. Thank you for your work.

dimriver posted a comment on Wednesday 10th February 2010 5:16am

I think it was started by the bird brains stealing some eggs. Good thing Merpeople are fish, it would be a shame to lose our favorite cheerleaders.

prateek91 posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 7:25am

Very well-done!!!!

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 16th January 2010 2:24pm

Boot to the head for Snape is priceless. I hope that something long and nasty happened to Dumbles. Great fic . Thanks