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OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 11:45pm

So, just testing the rules on this site for repeat reviews on the same chapter. Also, I'd just like to say that this is probably the best Harry/Gabby story I'm ever read, it was fantastic, I forgot to give it the kudos it deserved in the other review. Also, I got through the story without reviewing it every chapter, I was that absorbed in the story, I didn't really notice switching chapters.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 11:40pm

I loved this story, and I love the pairing of Harry and Gabriel. I mean, Harry doesn't have any more connections with Ginny than he does with Gabby(Sister of best friend vs Sister of friend(who happens to married to brother of best friend) and has a crush before he saved her life and the crush is based on his fame vs has a crush based on him saving her life and being himself). Anyways, I have many more reasons than that, and it's also fun to read stories about them, because while she is always depicted as somewhere around ethereally beautiful, her personality is very different from one story to the next, due to her being only a small supporting character(albeit one who has a basis for a strong connection with Harry that authors can play up). Anyones, those are some of the reasons it's my favorite pairing, and why I infinitely prefer it over Harry and Ginny(I have many more reasons for this and why it is my favorite pairing above anything else). Also, most stories end up with Harry embracing his power and/or fame and riches, and living a long and fulfilled life with a beautiful wife. So yeah, the ending is always better than what most Harry and Ginny stories end with, which from what I've seen is usually Harry just being a pretty good minister and having some kids who go to Hogwarts, which isn't very deep and puts Harry into the position of doing what he hates(from what I've seen, he hates being in politics a lot and is more content to just endorse people or spend his money for the betterment of everyone, from the background, all legally(had to add that because while Dumbledore seemed to be trying to better everyone, he did so illegally and ruined Harry's life, along with a lot of other people's dreams of doing anything related to potions or being an auror when they grew up, and Harry is definitely not like Dumbledore). Jeez, I keep telling myself to stop ranting and get on with the review of this story, and then launch into another one, sorry about that. Anyways, I love how you made Gabby in this story, making it(the bond) an enslavement that she found her way around and maintained control of her free will, along with having her be the perfect match for Harry because she worked hard to make herself so. I mean, instead of where Harry and Fleur/Gabriel have a bond and their personalities are immediately changed(I know you said that was what would have happened in this to most Veela). I was really not expecting the thing at the end with the Death Eaters, as I'd been used to most of the story, which was happy and upbeat(not overwhelmingly so), as your usually are(that's a good thing for me), and I had to reread it to make sure I was seeing it correctly. I like OP Harry, as long as he doesn't abuse his power or turn weird and dark(or like the fanfics that say he's turned grey, while he's gutting people with magical flying knives and saying it's all about the intent. -_-). I also like stories that focus on Harry's Quidditch, and the fact that in the books he's described as any amazing seeker, a natural on the broom, and the best in centuries, when he's just barely beating out his competitors, who aren't that great, to the snitch. And then he doesn't pursue the obvious career that he has the skill for, when he loves to play Quidditch(in canon I mean). Anyways, I liked the overall plot, the characters, Malfoy dying, and it was a fun and interesting read. Great work, sorry for the rambling in the review, and keep it up. I can't wait to read all of your current stories and some future ones of yours.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 6:14am

Ok, compliments of my dirty mind(with a start like that you can guess what I mean by this), when I saw "and he can’t even do the one thing he loves anymore," uh, yeah, you can guess what I thought. Also, this is probably the wrong story to be asking this on, but I'm lazy, and I've reviewed every chapter in HEA already(I don't know if this site has rules, one review per chapter, and I'm too lazy to check that too :P), so will you ever post Castles in the Sky? I saw something from like 8 years ago on your stories page that said you had 15 pages done, so where is it now? I really would like to read it.

Archyver posted a comment on Thursday 7th May 2015 3:16pm

Happy 10 year anniversary to one of my favorite stories. Thank you Jeconais for giving me a source of happiness that's never failed to put a smile on my face when things around me are going pear-shaped.

r00ney posted a comment on Monday 4th May 2015 4:51pm

Excellent story, thank you for writing.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Tuesday 24th February 2015 11:00am

Just finish this after another read-through. Still excellent. But what is this 'Object Lessons Trilogy' you speak of?! :-S :-S

theshadow603 posted a comment on Sunday 8th February 2015 7:28am

Hope is quite simply, a masterpiece. This is an OUTSTANDING piece of writing.

HWLLHP posted a comment on Saturday 7th February 2015 8:24am

I recently reread this -- enjoyed it as always.

But I still think, as I always have, that there's a good argument Ron and Hermione should make in their own defense: Their "manipulation" didn't take options away from Harry, it gave him an option that he otherwise would not have had: to fall in love with Gabrielle without the pressure of knowing that saying no would mean abandoning her to insanity. It was always in the plan that if he had not fallen for her, he would have been given the information in time to act on it if he'd wanted. And he could've been told about the Bond after falling for her if he had.

KSpringer posted a comment on Sunday 4th January 2015 5:09pm

Always a good read. I really like your writing.

Thank you for the stories!

mahaffe posted a comment on Sunday 21st December 2014 1:35pm

This is one of my favorite stories that I have read. Is there anywhere that the epilogue is posted? It is what helped to make it one of the best in my opinion.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 17th December 2014 3:31am

Oh. My. F-ing. God!! That. was. FANTASTIQUE! And no, I won't apologise for the broken French!! :-P

jspring posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2014 12:13pm

Wonderful story. Thank you very much for allowing us to enjoy it.

motherjenjen posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2014 9:00am

Just reread your author's notes for this. Got to the end and I was like O.o wasnt there some more of this the last few times I read it..... then I was like ahhhhhh. I prefer how it ends now I think. Leaves it more open and hopeful. Jen

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 8:53pm

FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN, POST MORE!! This. cliffy. sucks. quaffles. :-(

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 3:20pm

"Challenge accepted", eh?! Is it mean of me to say that's terribly cheesy?!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 1:51pm


P.S.: I thought their family name has an 'e' in it somewhere?

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 11:26am


He carried her into her bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. She made no resistance as he undid her robes, enjoying the feeling of her Mate caring for her in such an intimate manner.

She half-smiled as he used magic to change her bra for a t-shirt – he did have some peculiar notions about not seeing her naked – but she was too tired to protest. He slid her into bed, and a few seconds later, she felt him against her back. As she had before, she pulled his arm over her, and fell into a deep sleep. She was exactly where she belonged."

And that's Harry for you - too damn noble for his own good!! :-D

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 10:53am

Right. I want to SLAUGHTER Trelawney, Malfoy AND Snape. In a very disgusting, public and painful manner. Am. I. evil?

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 10:15am

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY, PLEASE FINISH THIS!! It's marked as a W.I.P since 2008!!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 9:26am

Too damn noble for his own good, that boy!! *GRINS*