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Sonicdale posted a comment on Thursday 19th May 2005 1:01pm

Steven Augart posted a comment on Wednesday 18th May 2005 2:52pm

I'm enjoying the story.   I like the picture you've painted so far, bringing in lots of different threads: giant society, Veela society, Veela goals in choosing a spouse, Harry's relationship with Ron and Hermione, what Harry did to end the war, what happened to Draco, and many more.

Stahchild posted a comment on Tuesday 17th May 2005 12:26pm

My God!

You have to continue this story.   I've just realised that you don't post all your stories in one website, and that some stories you have on other site and others you don't.  

This story grabbed my attention for the sole reason that it wasn't a Harry/Ginny ship.   That ship is becoming so common that its now almost cliche everytime I read one.   So to find a fic that has Harry with someone who doesn't play an important part in the Canonized fics - its enthralling!

Hermione and co should have listened to Ron.   Harry's going to feel like he's been manipulated when he finds out.   He'll probably feel like the only reason why Gabrielle is with him is not because she loves him for himself but because she doesn't want to go crazy and die.   They have good intentions but as the saying goes....

I really do hope that you decide to update this.   Please don't abandon it, it's one of the more original ships that I have read.   And it's refreshing to read.

Sen posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2005 6:49pm

Very good, reminds of TMW interestingly enough. It's got that type of romance in it. Well great chapter, looks like it's going to be a good story, though I haven't read one of your stories that I didn't like.