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GknightS posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:48pm

aww man.. after a few hours i feel so sad.. that this beautiful story has ended.. sigh.. i can't believe this is over.. are you going to write another Harry Gabrielle story? she really is a wonderful girl.

uberwald posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:41pm

well done, mate :)

maritza posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:38pm

So no asking about the night-club outfit?
*sounds of gigiling in the background*

Hey and it is only 11:32 pm so I manage to read this with out showing up at work tomorrow
like a zombie and laugh when people ask me
Way are so sleepy?
yeah like I'm going to tell them
I just coulden't sleep reading and uptdate of my favorites stories

So my review *yes I'm to chatty today*
I'm so happy that you continue with this story,
aldo you seem more mature
in your writing style,
I have enjoy it all
you have being very creative,
romantic a bit naughty wich I like,
and I was surprise to see so much happen
in one chapter,
but that might have being by you
spoling us roten,
giving us very long stories with
no end in sight,
So yes I'm a bit sad to see it go,
but happy there is one more coming,
and I love the fact that I we had a pick in to your brain with the none night club outfit,
that I wont mention at all.

Thank you for lettting us in to your
personal fic world.

bigzj51 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:34pm

Dude Grade A awesome

oldman posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:26pm

brikkiant. kept me up till dawn

patsh posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:03pm

This was amazing and has left a smile on my face that I doubt will go away all evening. Thank you.

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:52pm

The 'cursed hair' line made me laugh out loud!

Gabby's comment on Fleur's performance in the Tournament was a trifle harsh, wasn't it?

Is the arriving 15 minutes late a real French custom, or a Beauxbatons thing?

With the possibility of corrosive liquids or poisonous gasses being released, is the fourth floor really a good spot for a potions lab? Even with charmed floors, etc... I don't think I'd want the room directly under that one...

Seeing Harry go into combat mode was chilling, and definitely sets the reader on edge. Foreshadowing? And now we know why he won...

Jean's soliloquy on how great Harry is seemed a little... maybe overdone? Like he was reciting a formal speech. Maybe there's a reason I'll discover farther in, but it was sort of jarring right then.

The vampire impression was a nice touch. Intimidating without breaking the Statute of Secrecy!

""What have you done now?" Hermione sighed." Had me laughing out loud again. I guess some things never change, do they?

Albus' little stunt definitely takes the story into a darker direction as the plot kicks into gear, and segues nicely into Harry's growing suspicions.

Again, nicely done!

Maria3 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:44pm

I love it! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful...

morriganscrow posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:43pm

That was really excellent!
Draco got a most fitting end, as did the Merpeople. Dumbles has a brain like swiss cheese and yet will have to face the music. Viktor got himself a cute Chaser.
All in all, a very happy ending.
I look forward to the epilogue.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:38pm

Just so many fine touches and well crafted details. Too many to mention, but I must say having Neville capture Snape, and beat him twice in a minute or so, was very satisfying.

Great all around!

Stygius posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:35pm

thank you, in some ways i am sad to see it finish. and as such, i look forward to whatever you decide to write from here on out.

the story was excellent, a nice conclusion as well, if you have watched xmen3, thats the power i am imagining as harry controlling, when he was facing draco and the merpeople.

many story epilogues have harry living to old age with many great-great-grandkids, and having completely reformed the wizarding world... i can't see that happening, sure his actions will help, espcially with everythign that percy is doing, but still. also, i wouldn't mind harry and gabby both 'dieing', when they feel its their time. with all their frinds an relatives dead. or them even doing what the Nicolas and Pennellope Famel, do, learnign and passing on their teaching in private.

anyway, congrats

I don't think you have done a time travel, or alternative reality fic as of yet.... there as challenge for ya...

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:20pm

Finally I get to read this... now that this is pretty much complete and I won't drive myself to the brink of madness waiting to find out what happens next!

(Not a bash on the time between chapters, but a commentary on how addictive your writing can be! David Eddings prompts the same restraint before I'll buy the first book in a new series, so you're in good company...)

It's interesting that Ron is the voice of reason and responsibility in that discussion... but it makes sense that he would see Harry's viewpoint better. Hermione seems to want what's best for people, whether they do or not, and that hasn't changed. You let Ron grow up - bravo!

The byplay between the Golden Trio in Harry's flat was also nicely done. Adult friends who've known each other for years and years get this comfortable around each other - if they are lucky. It also complements the earlier scene and reinforces that they both really do want to help Harry (making the deception more palatable).

The summary at the very end was also nicely done, and makes Gabby a much more sympathetic character.

Shayne Rich posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:09pm

Wow, what a wonderful story. This has been my favorite story for about a year now. I have read it and re-read it countless times and I can't thank you enough for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your stories and sincerely wish you joy and happiness in writing. You have certainly brought a great deal to me.


jodec123 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:54pm

Oh, one more thing. I don't suppose the epilogue will center around the wedding?

jodec123 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:50pm

Wow. That's about all my mind can produce right now, in regards to this chapter. This is an amazing story, and you are an extrodinarily talented author. I think the only thing I'm sad about is that, at long last, this story is drawing to an end. It has been part of my daily schedule for many months, logging on to your website to check if an update has been posted. And, now, it's pretty much over. I applaud you and your story. Bravo!

C. Harris posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:39pm

Wow. The ending was powerful. I loved the whole Gabby goes back in the lake- idea. It seemed to go full circle. Excellent as always!

Decumo9 posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:38pm

another good chapter, another good story. I eagerly await the epilogue and whatever new story you decide to write.

Highbrass posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:31pm

Great job Tim. You have a knack for writing some of the best fiction on the net regarding HP. I hope to see you starting a new project soon. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment.

Haeton posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:25pm

Once again you have proven you are among the best; if not the single best writer in fanfiction. The other writers in that category I believe you have gathered here at fanficauthors. Thank you for bringing together this talent to provide entertainment for your fans.

Highschool Nerd posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 5:17pm

Wonderful! *tear*