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AlexAces posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2014 10:28pm

This was very good! I joined after reading your unbeta'd version of this story. I found Harry's turning on humans a bit strange. It is a sensible conclusion, and it certainly paid off, but I felt like it would have read better if there was a paragraph that explained his train of thought. I think it went something like "people are %£#@. Thank Merlin for Hed. Erm... But she's not a dumb animal or anything, she's a person... she's just not a human. Yeah... So humans, anyways, are $#%&." The inclusion of the merpeople scene was really great! And I liked Albus' chapter even more. Thanks for posting. :)

Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2014 3:01pm

I have been reading fanfics for about 13 years now, and have treasured all of your stories, they are among the 1st that I recommend to new readers.

This one, with it's tone and voice so masterfully done as the viewpoint character changed, with catalogue of the flaws and downright sins of the Wizarding World and canon HP laid out so cunningly in the flow of the story is fabulous.

Thank you a story I will share many times.

Warmest regards

darkplayer35 posted a comment on Tuesday 24th June 2014 1:19am

Definitely a different take on the bonding to a veela after the second task. I really like how Dumbledore has tried to changes Hogwarts and Britain after he left. Harry's angst was a bit annoying but the story has potential. I hope you finish it. Please update soon.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Wednesday 28th May 2014 8:17am

An unusual and delightful little story. Angst with a Möbius twist.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2014 7:46pm

I think I like this version a bit more.

Wolfsend posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2014 12:50am

I really like your stories. They are well thought out and balanced between characters and plot. Please keep up the good work.



LuxEterna posted a comment on Thursday 22nd May 2014 12:57am

i loved it

and will probably check out your other stories as well

karis_tasogare posted a comment on Thursday 17th April 2014 12:00pm

just read both versions of this story (the original, and this newer one)

It is to the note at the top I am mostly responding.

Life Is.

this is a simple yet very true statement. yes your prior writing might have been different, and yes soem out there migh have enjoyed that style more. but so what?

rad any great (or not so great) author and (assuming their work spans years) you will see their style change over time. that is unless they write the same story multiple times, but wiht diffeenbt titles.

in th end what you write, and publish here, is for your own enjoyment. That you chose to share it with us, simply means you are offering us a gift of enjoyment as well.

kee smileing, and keep enjoying what you do. everything else is not worth recording.

paladin nox posted a comment on Saturday 12th April 2014 9:53am

really liked reading this chapter. Once again thanks for sharing

paladin nox posted a comment on Saturday 12th April 2014 9:51am

Loved it. Thanks for sharing

Bernd Jacobitz posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 8:54pm

Well, a nice story and personally I liked both incarnations. To me the first chapter/original had no quality issues.

Yugure posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 4:35am

a really good story. i just hope it's has sequel ^_^

jswolf82 posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 3:47am

Is this story truly complete? It just seems that it is missing stuff.

slayersfan01 posted a comment on Tuesday 1st April 2014 2:26pm

Is there any chance you can continue to write this? Please? If not this can you please write more fanfics? I really like your work. Thanks!

eldani posted a comment on Monday 31st March 2014 9:39am

I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.

The one thing I'm a bit curious about are Harry's speech patterns. He sounds a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger does when he tries to speak his mother tongue of German, but far more have you made him imitate Yoda. Something like that can and will happen sooner or later, but it either requires a vastly different mother tongue, which I assume was Yoda's reason, or absence from your hom country for a few decades, which is what happened with Schwarzenegger for exmaple. I don't understand how Harry could be affected so much by him learning a second language. Was the process magical and did he unlearn English in the process? Or why did he speak as if he hadn't been in England for the past twenty years instead of only the few months it has bene in reality?

rosiegirl posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2014 11:45pm

I actually enjoyed both chapters. I did feel slightly bad for Remus and Sirius, but only slightly. Glad Harry was happy, but Fudge is screwed!

Wolfsend posted a comment on Monday 24th March 2014 11:21am

This is a great story with a unique twist. You are right that Veela are NOT human therefore why should they act like humans? This is the first story that I've come across that actually seems to understand this and uses it to great effect...Hope there is more to come.

I'm also a great fan of your story Hogwarts Dawn and can't wait for you to write some more of this story.

Bye for now,


brad posted a comment on Saturday 22nd March 2014 3:43am

Interesting story/chapter, although the complete super-duper superiority of Harry (ethically) and the Enclave (everything else) was a bit wearying at times. I think this chapter was one of the best I've come across in highlighting the sorry 'simplicity' of Rowling's plots. Her series was a set of artificial and contrived stories from one end to the other. With the first few books the plot holes didn't matter, because they were couched for children. But as she tried to write for an older audience the flaws and lazy writing became more and more egregious. The mistakes more and more obvious. As your Dumbledore discovered, once he decided to look. Going on a bender, and then recovering from same, is as good an excuse as any for explaining why Remus stayed away from Harry for 13 years while still professing to be a loyal friend of his parents ... okay, not really, but the best any HP fan can probably do with what Rowling has given us. :-) Thanks for the story!

mahhhfy posted a comment on Monday 17th March 2014 11:34pm

This was wonderful! This was a great chapter and a great followup to what was already an awesome story. I hope you consider writing more. Thanks for posting this!

darthloki posted a comment on Tuesday 11th March 2014 9:17am

This was awesome, and it was interesting to see Dumbledore's point of view as well as Harry's.