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Farce posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 5:04pm

Wow, As I've coe to expect a brilliantly told story with a unusual outlook on the genre. To be honest, I absolutely loved it and can't wait till the next weekend as well as any other stories that might follow.

High regards,


wolfgang549 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:40pm

great story, great ideas. We are glad to have you back

Rivana posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:23pm

I really enjoyed this story. It is fascinating to see this type of bond from the other side. I really hope the next chapter might also go into a bit about what Harry's future is like in the enclave, maybe introductions after he learns the language or what he finally does as a "job". It would also be nice to hear some about one or two of the many romances he might have before settling on a partner from among the neices, cousins, sisters, etc.

As always your story was very well written gramatically. I must compliment you and your beta for doing such a great job when many authors of fanfiction now tend to ignore or bend the rules of grammar.

I am looking forward to reading the next chapter. Thanks for posting.

Honebar posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:09pm

This story was very intersting, I've nerver read one like this. I have to say I rather enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this with your readers.

Starman800 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 4:00pm

Great story, looking forward to reading more.. :)

Yanagi posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 3:20pm

Wow. Welcome back. With a bag. Excellent work. I'm so looking forward to the second part.

RedRyder posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 3:16pm

Very interesting and definetly a new take on the wholetriwizard plotline

HarnGin posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:51pm

Very entertaining and just what I needed to read on a cold Sunday morning. Thank you.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:36pm

I am awed and the skillful way you presented the unhumanness. It feels correct and balanced and accurate, follows logically from the way Harry was treated in canon, and most of fanon.

I appreciated that he was in fact as noble as one wants to believe him to be, yet devious and patient in out manouvering the manipulators.

lovely to dispatch Snape in a pair of sentences, and good riddance.

thank you very much

dennisud posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:15pm

Good story of Harry handling things himself and getting out of the Vice like Pro[hesy so well.

Love how Snape got his and how he has finally found a home. Dissapointed with Hermione and the other supposed friends, though I wished Ron would have done something stupid when they left. Would have loved seeing his head decorating the ground too.

Not much of Luna here as she could have been one to help but we'll see the 2nd chapter to find out why and what happened.


speedy_86 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 2:06pm

This is amazing!

Don't know what to mention specifically as there's so much.

What I especially liked was how he used Fleur to get into the enclave and then releases her from her debt-bond. It would have dampened my enjoyment massively if he'd 'kept' her.

ibskib posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 1:32pm

An entertaining reversal, regarding the tell and no show thing, it was mentioned a few times too many, when something was considered human or not, perhaps just showing it might work better having it be implicit, like the description of the Veela Enclave, having Harry once again decide something belonged to either group became fairly repetitive.


for comment - for a comment

He cast tempus - He cast the tempus charm

Bilypt95 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 1:30pm

Amazing,its a very original story,and I really liked it,congratulations

ESOTERIC posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:33pm

Amazing story so far, deffinitly not an idea ive ever read before, looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

Ohh and welcome back to writing XD you've made me very happy to see another post by you.


brennus posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 12:12pm

~~Can I start by offering an apology? This is the first review I have ever left for you and that is inexcusable. To explain, you are one of the main reasons that I started to write fan fiction and have been a major inspiration to me, and I have not acknowledged that as I should. Like many, my first encounter with your work was ‘This Means War!’ and it remains one of my all-time favourites. It had the mix of action, romance, humour and good story telling that I craved, and motivated me to have a go myself. I now have seven stories posted on SIYE and and I doubt I would have started any of them without you there to show me the way. I’m delighted, not only to see you posting again, but that your work is of the same incredibly high standard that it’s always been. I love ‘Enslavement’ and can’t wait for part two. Can I also throw in a personal request for more ‘Perfect Slytherins’, too. I’ll beg if I have to, I’m not proud. So, thank you for your wonderful stories and more power to your typing hand (or hands, depending on your word-speed).

makarva posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 11:28am

interesting story, very nice

preier posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 11:22am

very very much liked the originality. not only in the reversal of the bond (twice ^^) but that harry is rejected, cut off from human interactions ( the explanation for sirius, remus and hermione letting him incommunicado should be a doozy) and decides to go the way of indifference. his treatment of ron post first task is exemplary; no long winded explanation of ron's failings, no confrontation, just plain, harsh, BRUTAL dismissing, even when the agressor at last gets a punishment...

thank you for sharing your stories

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 11:15am

Very nice start.

Sure, you flipped the veela bond cliché, but then you piled on the Shangri-La and "noble alien" clichés by the bucket full. :) It's a good read, nonetheless; looking forward to the next installment.

~~~ ›› offered him a steaming red goblet. Ignoring the part of his brain that knew some basic physics...


~~~ Yay, Snape's dead!

Zamia posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 10:25am

Interesting start but something is jumping out about silver linings etc. Can't blame Harry trying to find some logic in his life, a lot of people still are. Good to hear about Dawn & Perfect. Cheers.


Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 16th February 2014 10:20am

A fantastic chapter.

Harry thrown out of his House is a good idea considering how he is thought of in 4th year although I think Harry’s reputation was ruined in second year and never recovered.

Minerva really is useless as a Head of House the Gryffindor’s really are no better than the Dursley’s. Dumbledore was no use but I think he used 4th and 5th year to see how much Harry can endure.

Ron was remarkably quick witted when it came to Hermione’s comments I hope the Weasley’s, Hogwarts and the Magical world suffer for what they have done to Harry. I am glad Harry’s possessions were not taken.

A great line “And honestly, looks were about as useful as they were valuable” and well said about Hermione putting Harry off reading.

Jealousy is a good point Ron’s issues are clear but I think Hermione is just as bad she is desperate to fit in, show she belongs and I think she resents Harry’s fame because it can allow him to overcome his half blood status. Maybe Hermione always had an agenda with Harry she read all about him and really should have gone to Ravenclaw maybe she is not as smart as she thinks she is or she wanted to be in the same House as Harry, Dumbledore and Minerva.

How wonderful Harry is making use of the fact he is needed and has leverage. Still being expelled would not be all that bad for Harry the gold in his vault to ensure he lives well in the muggle world.

Smart thinking to ensure Hedwig is safe as she would be in danger.

An interesting point about Runes Hermione took all her books with her in the Horcrux hunt and I don’t think she ever used them the same with Arithmancy we never see her modify a spell.

A good line “Where are the scales?” Harry would want Ollivander to keep quiet if work gets out about the brother wand things will get even worse for Harry if the Minister decides he has to act it could be off to Azkaban with Harry.

I wonder if Fleur would be classed as human?

Thanks for the use of Parseltongue the gift is very overlooked and it was a clever way to do the task and spare the dragon and her eggs harm.

A good point about the Goblin’s being bankers. Still Harry does desperately need legal assistance.

I hope Harry does find out more about the Veela they are interesting people and have similar problems to Harry so knowing the Veela would be good for him if he can resist the allure. Although the world cup had lots of Veela so resisting them all would be difficult.

I am glad for once Harry had a good time at the Ball.

Well said about Sirius and we never see much of Remus. Hagrid was disappointing but he is Dumbledore’s man.

Smart thinking to use the cloak as Harry needs to keep a low profile.

I liked Harry’s acts or revenge as he does need something to give him joy and keep him warm at night and any disaster in potions could get Snape in big trouble.

It’s really rare for Harry to do anything with the merpeople but I am glad he had fun. Thanks for having his save Gabrielle as she is worth saving as Ron is not. Fleur seemed very upset as well Harry gets a hard time for his moral fibre in the book but I think Fleur thought her sister was lost or in danger.

I liked what Harry said to Ludo out of spite Harry should find a way for the Goblins to find him so they can get what they are owed. Some good will from the Goblins could be handy.

Well said about moral as being good has not helped Harry proof of that exists in every year. He helped Hagrid and received a detention in the forest. Saving Ginny nearly killed him and counted for little, Saving Sirius has not helped Harry and sparing Wormtail was a bad idea.

I like this Harry this ruthless side to him is not something we see very often.

I very much enjoyed finding out more about the Veela and the enclave. The Oath was interesting Fleur could be set free but the fury of a Veela would be epic so Harry might be safer not doing so.

The Acromantulas would be good to know they are powerful, many and I would love to know if others can speak beyond Hagrid’s friend. The silk would be handy too Fleur will loath him but silk will ensure he looks good.

The Centaurs are interesting and they might be able to help Harry with prophecy if or when Dumbledore forces the issue.

Well said about politics and hate.

Harry no longer an English citizen is very good news as is no longer having ties to the UK. His wealth going to the Veela is excellent as Harry never knew about it so won’t really miss it and its better off in Veela hands than in the Order’s or the Ministry. I hope a way is found to salvage the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets as Harry did kill it so it should belong to him. It would be good if he can still open the chamber as the ability to talk to snakes and Dragons would be an asset for the Veela. Mind you given how Fleur deal with the first task maybe the Veela don’t need help with dragons.

I bet nobody has ever spoken to Fleur like Harry has I am glad she is no longer enslaved as I do like her and Gabrielle. I just hope Fleur has the sense to stay away from the Weasley’s; Harry’s actions will generate support for the Veela or make the bias of the Weasley’s clear to Fleur. Harry’s plan was very clever.

I loved the fate of Snape that is for the greater good I wonder what Dumbledore will do now he needs a new spy and potion master.

Well put “It was inclusive, not exclusive.”

I am glad Harry has a home, is accepted and is wanted as they is something he is just not used to. The hug was a nice gesture as Harry does not get hugs unless he risks his life or someone dies. The wings of a Veela are not often visible or touched in fics so thanks for that.

Wonderful news about Harry’s scar that should negate the prophecy.

Given how Harry and Hedwig act they must be bonded or Harry has an affinity for birds another reason why he should be with the Veela.

I liked finding out roughly how old the enclave is as the age and origin of the Veela tends to be unknown.

I hope we get to find out what life is like without Harry to use and blame for everything at Hogwarts and in the UK. I wonder if Riddle will be stopped before he can get his body back now that Harry is gone. I also wonder what will be said about Harry now his plan has become known no longer an enslaver of Veela but someone cast out desperate for a home.

I really hope the Dursley’s suffer some misfortune and the international community sides with Harry.

Thanks so much for this and for the information on an update of this and your other works I have very much missed reading your work.