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Maddie86 posted a comment on Sunday 7th February 2016 11:42am

Great story! The start was quite confusing but I liked how Harry ended up happy. I'd be interested to see more of Harrys life with the Veela and him/them destroying Voldemort. :) Thanks! ^_^

TimothyB posted a comment on Saturday 2nd January 2016 9:31am

I thought this was brilliant. I love the idea of the Enclave and wish there was maybe more from Harry's POV but oh well. Keep it up

BAFan posted a comment on Friday 1st January 2016 8:34pm

As hard to read as the first part was, this was doubly so. Yes, people have realized their egregious mistakes, and things that were broken are getting fixed - but none of it matters to Harry.

Brilliant writing!!


KSpringer posted a comment on Sunday 20th December 2015 1:53am


I've always enjoyed your stories and I enjoyed this one as well. Well -- both of them, the original and this one.

I'd like to see a final resolution but it doesn't affect the story.

Thanks for your time and talent!

jswolf posted a comment on Friday 27th November 2015 7:58pm

I do find this a very entertaining story, however;it does feel to me to be not quite finished. Perhaps another chapter or story even about the time in the Enclave before and after the third task.

WyrdeDragon posted a comment on Friday 24th July 2015 8:38pm

A very interesting story. I like the twist on the veela bond cliché. But my favorite part was Harry deciding he was a freak, not a human. The bits with Hed were good too. The second part was... interesting. Mostly I agreed with Albus that it all should have been done years earlier.

Rover19923 posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd June 2015 6:51pm

Very good writing

moon_pup posted a comment on Saturday 23rd May 2015 2:31am

Oh tell me there is going to be more? I would love to read what Grable did and what she does to get in to her hero

Justin posted a comment on Sunday 17th May 2015 3:56pm

I loved this. I wish you would add a story about harry in the enclave for the rest of his life. Great job.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Thursday 7th May 2015 6:47pm

I loved this re-write. The mental damage that Harry has sustained logicly leads to his thinking during the isolation. I love seeing people wake up and not accept the status quo. As you said, whether it takes...?

I for one am glad to see you writing again - and totally understand the need for life balance.

Thanks for writing and sharing.

r00ney posted a comment on Sunday 3rd May 2015 2:53am

A very interesting AU, and an enjoyable read. Thank you for writing!

LeprechaunJV posted a comment on Wednesday 25th March 2015 8:48am

Look forward to reading more. This is interesting.

Kinsfire posted a comment on Monday 9th March 2015 9:24pm

Interestingly enough, this chapter makes Harry come across as childish. Then again, he IS a child at fourteen.

Kinsfire posted a comment on Monday 9th March 2015 9:00pm

I think the reason that this one comes across as unpopular with so many people is that you have a history of doing a larger than life Harry - he is a fairy-tale prince. In this, he is really the most selfish that we've ever seen him in one of your stories. The entirety of the story is really him proving that he's emotionally fourteen years old, which is actually a little unusual for you. Your Harrys are usually much more adult. However, I am reading this many many months after the first time i read it, and I like the story more than I did at first reading. Still not one of my favorites (that seems to be Blue Steel at the moment, given how many times I've reread it), but more enjoyable than my first reading.

silverleafhp posted a comment on Monday 2nd March 2015 9:58pm

I have read all of the stories that you have posted to this site, and can honestly say that this is the best one I have read. It may not have the outstanding structure that some of your other works have bit what it does have is "feeling". Finally a fanfiction where harry says screw it and stays the course. Where the adults close to him actually realize how badly they screwed up. Thanks for that. If you ever do decide to add to this I would love to see more of the students reaction.

kewllewk posted a comment on Wednesday 4th February 2015 7:01am

A wonderful story. I've always loved narratives that depart from standard "human" culture or thinking, and I believe you did an excellent job with it in the first chapter. It was a delightful twist to a mostly cliché plot, and those are always nice. The second chapter was an interesting contrast, almost seeming to be an entirely different story, but it certainly complemented the first quite well, and I can honestly say that I have never really seen a better redemption of Dumbledore. The only thing I can really think to complain about is not seeing more of Harry's life in the Enclave, but I can certainly think of several reasons you wouldn't want or need to show that, and if I'm being honest it's not really necessary for the story at all anyway.

aalens posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2015 4:39am

This is a uniquely satisfying story. I liked the first chapter and absolutely loved the second. Many thanks.

Star-Iron posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2014 2:29pm

Meh, if it left the cup and presumably the dias it stood upon unharmed then it would presumably only destroy the obstacles and not the people whom he no longer viewed as challenges in his way towards his goal if his aria was to be believed.

The only thing that left me unsatisfied is Hermione's fate. She was just as much a victim of circumstance as Harry was and she was presented with an all or nothing scenario that always had her losing out in the end. She picked the one she had always believed in instead of what who she should have believed in in retrospect. In my mind she learns from this and somehow applies that brilliant mind she is supposed to have into becoming a Veela herself if only to apologize and be accepted by Harry with open arms after forsaking everything including her humanity for him in the future.

The Sirius and Remus thing was well within the realm of possibility and was actually one of the closest things I could have imagined to having happened in canon. Fear, selfishness, greed and immaturity is fine in children or even young adults like Hermione but it is nowhere near as acceptable to see in people who should have been trying to connect with a boy they had abandoned for over a decade. They seem to be the self destructive sort but I honestly could not being myself to feel any sympathy for them. Does that make me a bad person?

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Friday 19th December 2014 10:47pm

Interesting twist on the 'Veela Bond' stories.

-) Harry thrown out of Gryffindor house thanks to Ron's jealousy and everybody jumping on 'Potter the Cheater' bandwagon wasn't surprising. I'm disappointed that Hermione bowed to peer pressure, but I guess Harry will never leave Hogwarts if he had at least one friend left.

-) Hogwarts staff doing nothing to stop the bullying of help Harry to prepare to the Tasks - once again, no surprises here. McGonnagal is useless, as always, Hagrid is blindly devoted to Dumbledore and the Headmaster is playing his little games. I'm surprised Moody/Crouch gave him no hints about the First Task; Harry killed by the dragon means no 'blood of the enemy' for Voldemort.

-) At least after his expulsion from Gryffindor Harry was able to talk back to Snape, not caring about House Points lost by his former house anymore. And even stop Dumbledore's lecture by demonstrating that he doesn't care about his wand snapped.

-) Nice job avoiding Helpful!Goblins cliche. They are bankers, not solicitors. At least they answered to Harry's letter, something the editor of Daily Prophet never bothered to do.

-) I'm glad to see Harry had fun 'dancing' during the Yule Ball; something he'll never have if he was forced to attend.

-) Nice scene with Merpeople; Harry trying to figure out who exactly is his hostage (using Ron the Traitor as a hostage was a dumb move on Dumbledore's part'), befriending Chieftain's daughter and protecting mermaids from Snark!Krum.

-) I had to admit you completely fooled me when Harry approached Beauxbatons carriages to confront Fleur. I really believed he became the cold uncaring bastard able to enslave Gabrielle despite her age. So his words in Dumbledore's office, when he pledged his alliance to the Veela Enclave and immediately released Fleur from the Bond were just as surprising for me as they were for Delacour family.

-) I'm pleased to see Snape beheaded. I don't know why he attacked Harry despite Veela escort. Maybe he snapped because he saw the son of James Potter doing something completely Slytherin. Maybe he realized he can't abuse Harry anymore. Honestly, I don't care. The vile pathetic man who was ruining the generations of students by offering substandart biased teaching; the man who was drooling at the thought of two innocent men Kissed by Dementors deserves nothing less.

-) While the end of the chapter sounds Harry finally found his place in the world, I'm not so optimistic. Deluding yourself into thinking you are not a human is not healthly; it's only a question of time before Harry loses touch with reality if he keeps thinking like that. I can only hope Veela can notice this tendency before it's too late.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Monday 15th December 2014 9:21pm

Your story is better than most of the Triwizard stories. And definitely more original.

-) You don't have Helpful!Goblins who bend backwards to help Harry just because he remembered Griphook's name.

-) You don't have Gabrielle who ages ten years in a single day, immediately becoming irresibtible beauty for Harry (who conveniently transforms into a muskular 17year old hunk).

-) You don't have cliched Manipulative!Dumbledore, but the man who actually regrets his multiple mistakes and tries to find a redemption by cleaning Hogwarts.

-) Harry isn't trained by the Founders, he doesn't use rocket launcher to kill the dragon, and doesn't start to dance like Fred Astaire after a few lessons with Hermione.

Instead we see the bullied and isolated young man who finally rejects what he sees as his 'human' part and uses Slytherin cunning, research and blackmail to find a sanctuary inside the Veela Enclave.