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wolfwood posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 8:20am

You're being a bit to hard on yourself. The last chapter was good. It's never fun to see insanity set into your favorite characters, but you wrote it well and the resolution was nicely done. This chapter was also fun. Yea everything did turn out surprisingly well right out the gate, but I love to read that on occasion as a good story doesn't have to be about tragedy. Especially as a dichotomy compared to the darkness of the last. Thanks for the story

Anansii posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:54am

By the time I finished part 1, I didn't CARE what was going on in the outside world. Fortunately it turns out to be quite entertaining to watch. We can all imagine the rest, in a variety of ways (personally I see Dumbledore pulling up the drawbridge, and protecting the children quite handily, while the Wizarding World runs around in all directions trying to figure out what to do about Voldie. Do them good. And remember, nothing beats a mob of peasants with torches... :)

jay21317 posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:50am

No idea if you plan on more chapters for this story, but I loved both, and I am glad you have finally found balance in your life.

silvergoddess posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:32am

I was quite pleased with your returning story and even more pleased that you're back. There were some interesting ideas in here and I enjoyed thinking them over; the human forcing the bond into place with a Veela vs. the other way around; The idea that an event or really a series of events leads to sudden and massive change that could have been accomplished much sooner (would it be lasting or temporay, as you mentioned); And juxtaposing Wizard logic and Inhuman logic.

As for your writing style/voice well people need to go and reread Hogwarts' Dawn to see that you've been evolving to this new style for a long time. Honestly I like how you're writing now when compared with some of your early stuff like This Means War. It's almost been seven years of course you're writing it going to be different, but it's far from worse.

kb0 posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:30am

I don't think I left a review last time, so I'll go for both here. :)

Yeah, Harry's threat against Gabby was pretty severe, but then again, it seemed to me that Fleur was always the target anyway. Gabby was the motivation to make Fleur do what he wanted. Yeah, it wasn't very nice, but he was in a pretty bad situation and he didn't really hurt her all that much in the end. Fleur might even argue that he helped her a little. His plan was very cunning and well done.

For this chapter, I really like how you shows the multiple things going on. Yes, I do think Albus has really changed, at least enough to matter. Entirely? It's too soon to really tell.

Fleur's explanation about Gabby's "dreams" was hiliarious. Well done!

As for your writing and the change in your life, balance it as you need and do what works for you. No need to apologize. I've always enjoyed your work and this one is still very interesting. It's not in your usual style, but this story doesn't quite allow for that anyway ... which is fine because every story is its own.

I appreciate you sharing your time, efforts, and web site.


RyokoTenchi posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:14am

Jeconais, i have read and re-read your stories many times since i was a teenager and first started to read Harry Potter Fanfiction. i have always enjoyed how you wrote, and yes enjoyed it more as you got better. So, all i can say is i have enjoyed this new story and where you took it. i enjoyed the first chapter as well. i am just not a very good reviewer sadly. i am mostly writing this to let you know you are still a very good writer. and if you continue to write or not please don;t let the self-centered mutterings of other stop you from doing what you enjoy.



witowsmp posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:14am

This was a very unique and enjoyable story.

It's too bad you didn't clarify that Harry was purposely using poor (almost Yoda-like) grammar. He couldn't have forgotten his native language that quickly.

irinamarenco posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:13am

I don't care what others thought - this story is beautiful. I can see Harry pushed to the extreme and leaving everyone behind. Too bad they're feeling guilty. Too little, too late. And the society as a whole is still very sick, they are still sheeple wanting that a child sacrifice himself as they do nothing.

Thanks for sharing!

arturus posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:09am

An excellent chapter, entertaining "what if's" to ponder.

I'm not sure why someone would take such a negative view point of your work but I am not among their number.

ladysavay posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 7:03am

Again, I thought it was brilliant. Your portrayal of Dumbledore and his reactions and emotions were the most realistic I've ever read. Normally, I feel the canon Albus CAN"T be redeemed, that he would, in effect, never take the blame for his bad choices or believe himself to have been wrong in the first place. This made him very three dimensional, and, as I'm generally a Dumbledore hater, almost annoyed me as I felt he finally 'got it', and it was too late. Nearly made me sad for him.

I do have to hope I'll read next that at least Sirius and Remus can get a letter (a well-written, long, well thought out, this-might-be-the-only-chance-they-have-so-they-better-get-it-right, kind of letter) to Harry so he knows that at least, they never KNEW about his situation and did not abandon him out of hand due to not being on his side. Sirius does make bad choices as well, but from his perspective and without prior knoweldge of Harry's position, he really didn't make a choice that he felt could harm Harry.

Great job with Fudge finally proving himself to be the fool we all knew he was, and in front of the press with Dumbledore pointing it all out for them, too. Terrific!

Anyway, as I said, very well done and I'm more than anxious to see where this goes next.

Rob Clark posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:59am

Great part, nice to see Albie actually accomplish something. Feel a bit sorry for Hermione, Sirius and Remus.

freya posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:49am

Writing is a hobby, and must remain so in order to enjoy it to the full. Personally I found the story, while different from your usual style, interesting to follow, then to hell with the detractors and continues as you think best suits you!

Thalarob posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:37am

Firstly I would like to say that it's nice to see you writing again. Honestly it was your stories all those years ago that got me into reading fan fiction, so I always look forward to your stories.

After I read the first half of this story, I found myself thinking about it at work and ended up reading it again when I got home because I really enjoyed it.

Needless to say, I will NOT be unsubscribing, and look forward to any and all work you choose to share in the future.

joeBob posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:35am

Nice to see Dumbledore pulling his head out. Harry's uber-spell jumped the shark, but this was otherwise an enjoyable chapter.

{Testing the line breaks for this interface -- which has major annoyances.}

draykaemrys posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:21am

I lurk, I don't review. But, this little gem pulled me out of my shadowy corner. I LOVE this story, I'm enthralled to see where it might go, I am enjoying it a great deal. Harry's isolation was heart-wrenching, Remus & Sirius' absence and screw up so very human, and Hermione's buckling under the bullying was very IC. I can empathize with all of them in their moments of pain and weakness. This is a marvelous tale, and I'm happy to see it continuing. I have found equal enjoyment in your newer works as your older stories, and think that there has only been improvement in your writing. While I always would love to see more, I can understand not allowing a hobby to rule your time completely. So, I will content myself with reading what you have completed and keeping the alerts on for when something new pops up.

Manuel Lovell posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:20am

I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy this story as it just flows together. It is different and people may be offended by the fact that they can recognise themselves. Whilst I am glad you have a better balance, I would love to see updates more often but I am selfish that way! Keep it up and thans for this and other stories.

M. Scott Eiland posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:18am

In this version of Potterverse reality, it is obvious that "the power that he knows not" is. . .remorse. Harry will not have to leave his new, happy home in the Veela Enclave to save the British Wizarding World, as revulsion over what they did to a kind, brave young man will drive them to annihilate every last trace of the evil of Tom Marvolo Riddle and his followers (though, as is always the case, evil will pop up with a whole new face in later years). Harry effectively serving as a sacrifice in the name of the destruction of evil is canon, after all--he just got his happy ending a few years sooner in this case.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:15am

Great chapter and I laughed through most of it and teared up through the rest. I think you're being a bit hard on yourself as I've read most of your work and have found it more enjoyable than what I've found on the shelf of the library. As for your change in life, balance is good or even great depending on how you view it. Know that I truely enjoy those bits of writing that you share with us and hope you continue to do so.

What a change in Albus and his attitude. Nice to read a story where he take responsibility for his actions of the past and attempt to do something to make them right with the world. Also plesant to read how happy Harry is with his new life. I was struck how his viewed himself as non-human in the first chapter and how he viewed those as like himself as wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your work! Keep up the wonderful work...... :-D

Heliosion posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:11am

Possibly the only story where I was celebrating Dumbledore and his sheer skill at birch slapping everyone and everything in sight! I usually enjoy bashing but seeing the master after a slap to the chops utterly bedazzle the world made me remember why I love your way of writing and it's good that your sticking to your guns regarding writing! It just makes each update more special but is there any chance you might write an epilogue with Harry in the enclave?

Jonez227 posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 6:10am

I am very happy that you have no given up on writing. i was starting to think you were done with this site. I'm very glad that was not true. Usually, i like reading your Comedy stories more than anything else you write, but this story has dragged me in very deep. I noticed it was still in progress, and i hope that is true. i want to know the conclusion and not have a million ideas as to what happened and not be right on any of them. I understand that real life gets in the way of your writing, but i hope that you stick around long enough to finish the stories already written. i can't wait to see a notice for another chapter of yours in my email. Thank you for all of your writing.