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Altarus posted a comment on Monday 22nd October 2007 12:11pm for Princess

Not happy its an abandoned piece but hey an update is an update after all. Awesome as always

Viridian posted a comment on Monday 22nd October 2007 11:33am for Princess

Good lord, this had me laughing so hard I nearly passed out. The pacing and humor were wonderfully done - I can tell you had a lot of fun writing this.

Not all of the characters are perfect, you actually give a fairly detailed composite of the Narrator-Hermione, who definitely has her flaws. It could probably use a bit more conflict, but it was still quite an entertaining read!

94caddy posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 11:35pm for Princess

This should not be abandoned it was a great read and I wish you would write more. But thanks for sharing your genius.

Manatheron posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 7:50pm for Princess


Dammit! Why do you keep doing this to me.

{Rubs temples}

Every time... Every blasted Time! Just as I'm really looking forward to the next segment I notice the Blasted author note...


On a related note (and ignoring the random muttering above) Excellent work! Love the crazy-in-crazy-out feeling of the whole thing. As well as the humanization of all the relevant people. seemingly perfect they my be, but it makes for a hellava story, even with the slight amounts of Deus Ex you use ^.^

Looking forward to the next one!

Seel'vor posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 7:41pm for Princess

The conversation in this story is very well written and entertaining.

You say that you write for yourself. We're the lucky devils who also get to enjoy your work. Thank you. .

Mot70 posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 4:36pm for Princess

I don't know, I thought the concept of Harry casting in Huttese was funny... thanks for sharing this, even if you considered it a flash in the pan!

Hoss posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 2:58pm for Princess

Say what you want about it, It's just great fun to read. Thanks so much.

Illusia posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 2:30pm for Princess

Point in this? Post-mortem funny :)
Although Harry was not so much himself as he might, he still pulled Harry off very efficiently while channeling a bit of James Potter. I really would've liked to meet Harry's dad. He sounds fun.

Bree Peeler posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2007 11:19am for Princess

you should write more. thats funny!

Donald McLeod posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 10:42pm for Princess

Real good interplay between all characters and it showed you love for this story.

runnerman87 posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 8:08pm for Princess

Absoluely hilarious. I love it. Also, there's something to be said for stories without an actual point now and again, as they make me laugh. Hope to read more from you soon.

Malaskor posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 6:51pm for Princess

Hehehehe... fun story, it works nicely as a one-shot as it is.

Now I must say I would be interested in how the story would have gone on without Melissa - the "battle" between Susan and Tracey, their joined fight vs outside interests and maybe joining forces or after a short time of dating (one or both) calling it quits, maybe one of them getting together with Neville - as he seems to like brunettes in your setup.

Oh and Darco ending up as Bantha Fodder is always good, even if not necessary for closure or plot :)

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing

brad posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 4:11pm for Princess

Enjoyable story, although there seemed to be a real shift in pace/plot after Harry's courting of Melissa was revealed. I've read in the forum your notes as to why you abandoned this, and also one reviewer's belief that the 'first half' could perhaps be used in its own right as the beginning of a new story, 'Hermione Granger manages the courting of Harry Potter', etc. I quite agree; I really enjoyed the first half, finding Hermione's first-person voice and attitude intriguing, her moderately-machiavellian machinations amusing and her master plan for Harry - and then the shock of it going topsy-turvy with the Neville swap (!) - really entertaining and good fun. Even after I gave up hope that "Harry's" bias towards brunettes wasn't going to transform the story into a H/Hr romance ... :-(

(Actually, it's nice that Neville was more interested in brunettes. It may be just fanon where Neville once had a crush on Hermione, but in canon too he at least invited her to the Yule ball, didn't he? Whether by intent or coincidence, I liked your pickup of that in this story)

About halfway, maybe two-thirds through this tale, I was rapidly losing interest ... certainly by the time I got to Dobby's monologue with the queen. As you've said there didn't seem to be much more 'contrast' left to the plot, it was all plain sailing, Harry overcoming every obstacle in sight, much like the end games in feeling to Hope and TMW. Whereas you had us wondering what was going to happen with every second paragraph in the pre-Melissa part of the story; that segment was fresh and original.

Some good stuff pervading the story as a whole, of course; the sense of humour, the jokes (Hutt spells, and Hermione's chagrin at Harry's use of same, loved it!) plus the general optimism that abounded (a Jeconais trademark).

Thanks for releasing the story; it's always good to get some more Jeconais entertainment! (And to read of what you're doing, knowing that there's more in store!)

Silo posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 4:41am for Princess

man i loved Hope it was one of the best stories i have read in al ong time

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 1:55am for Princess


Srikanth posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 12:35am for Princess

Loved the huttese spells. The story is a riot. it reminds me ok Ruskbyte's Flying without a broom(BTW any one heard about that guy recently?). I think i like the happy and slightly off the rocker Harry.

One more thing.. I don't remember you doing any marriage scenes. It was not there in hope(rt? or is my memory rusty?) and i thought i would find it here.

Good read and great characterisation. Loved Herm's POV. One thing i did not like was the scene with the Queen(hey it rhymes!). But, I think it is inevitable. A princess is getting married to one of your Lords, she had make an apperance. But you could have made it more humorours instead of bringing the Cold!Harry into picture.

Thanks for the cookie. Makes the wait for your next fics bearable ;-).

Ronnee posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2007 5:11pm for Princess

This was a total romp! Love that it's all from Hermione's POV. Yeah, I can see that it's pretty much a PWP, but it's a fun, mindless, all ends well piece. And some times that is exactly what person needs especially after a hard week at work. Thank you so much for sharing.

Asad posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2007 12:58pm for Princess

Yet another amusing piece of writing for passing half an hour with a smile stretched across my face... that too at 2AM.

Thanks for sharing it!

kutekess posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2007 12:50pm for Princess

That was the most amazing one-shot i read - but in a way i see that it wouldn't have really continued, the same way you stopped Hope before we got into the marriage, because they were to compatiable then

You are an amazing writter! tell me if you get published!

DobbyElfLord posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2007 10:43am for Princess

I understand the reasons you gave for abandoning this piece. However, I have to tell you I had a bad day at work and this story had me laughing in a very short time. You do "Happy Harry" better then anyone else. I loved the story being from Hermione's POV. Her mixed frustration and resignation was great.