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panter posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:27pm for Princess

to bad that you want to abbandon it. i love the storie and the details behind it.
if you want do get an Eurika moment please finish it.
you have enough detailed info to write it all down.
just want to say love the writing and i am wondering when the next chapter will come from Wizard. with harry an hermione as man and wife and luna as carrier of his other childeren.

good work so far.

Christopher Patton posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:27pm for Princess

It was a fun story to read. I can understand why you decided to abandon it, but the energy and joy that this Harry has is just great.

I have to admit that I howled at the Huttan spells and Hermione's reaction to it. Bobmin and yourself have included similar concepts lately and I really like how both of you have handled it.

Just one more thing poor Tracy and Susan...

Thanks for posting it made for a bunch of great laughs.

Dave Harris posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:14pm for Princess

My favourite bit:

"Hermione," Professor McGonagall called, "Ignoring this issue with dating, you don’t happen to know how Harry can create Portkeys that can get through the wards would you?"

"I do," Colin Creevey said excitedly.

"Mr Creevey?"

"He’s Harry Potter," Colin said, "he can do anything!"


Thankyou for posting this. It was lovely. Now I'm feeling so inadequate that you've produced something like this and I'm still struggling to get dialogue to work properly!

Liane posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:11pm for Princess

Well, I don't know about what you had planned for the rest (Draco looks like he needs holidays if he can't see a pretty girl linked to Harry without assaulting her), but I must say that what you have written had me laughing really, really hard... Loved the Dursley scene (always lovely to see them get their come uppance - I'm not sure how to write that word, but I'm sure you'll get the idea). I think I'll really miss the marriage scene, tough.
On an other note, it's always good to read your writings and I'm waiting for the next one with barely restrained impatience.

millercommamatt posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:03pm for Princess

Was the opening scene in the bathroom with the three of them in the tub inspired by the move, The The Dreamers?

millercommamatt posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 1:00pm for Princess

I like your Hemione is this one. A very fresh portrayal. This story doesn't so much avoid standard characterizations as it runs screaming from them. I think that this story has merit and something meaningful to contribute to the fanfiction body of work based purely on that fact.

I like that you write stuff like this. I like a perfect over-the-top Harry. Drama and epic struggle is great and all, but sometime it's just good fun to strap in and follow Hurricane Harry wherever it leads.

To steal your analogy: Show dogs may set the standard for perfection, but it's the trusty lap dog that keeps you company when your curl up with a good book (like my hardcover printing of WK, GW) and a glass of McCallan 15yr.

Drake posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:52pm for Princess

I'll tell you the one thing I loved was all the quotes. Had me laughing so hard, and I just can't stop laughing. My cheeks hurt. Make it stop, please make it stop, or you could write the next part. Who cares if it's got no point. Life can be as pointless as you want to make it. Coincidentally it's in the bible, right next to the quote that states no fan fiction story should be left unfinished. <.< >.> <.<

KenF posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:50pm for Princess

The opening section (until Harry announces that he is getting a girlfriend) was fun. Hermione needs to see an eye doctor and an ear doctor though... how else could she have missed the giant sign that said "TRAIN WRECK" with the flashing lights and sirens?

The pace after that was just frantic. I actually got tired trying to read it straight through.

Hermione's sarcastic narration was very good though. You might be able to use that trick elsewhere.

To paraphrase one of Robert Ruoark's stories, "even your runts are giants"

Random_Guy posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:41pm for Princess

I have to agree with Jeconais' assesment of this story; it was terminally ill, but that didn't stop it's company from being well loved.

It's a great bit of fluffy humour, with a couple of brilliant moments - "Chata wnow kong bantha poodoo." seems to stick in mind - but I think if it was continued it would lose some of it's charm. That said, if more was written I would read it and most likely enjoy it.

As it is the story stops while it's still enjoyable, thus complying with the old adage "always leave them wanting more".

*applauds Jeconais for another well written fic, or rather part thereof*

Moon of Sorrow posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:36pm for Princess

Aw man.... ok, perfect characters aside, this is flipping hilarious.

Sure there isn't a way we can't convince you to finish this?

Entilzah posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:30pm for Princess

OMG... This was the most absolute FUN I have had reading a piece of work in a long, long time!

Yes, they may be perfect, but I love your characterizations of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Again... So. Much. Fun.

Rufus posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:23pm for Princess

"Chata wnow kong bantha poodoo."

"Because I’m the forty-second, and everyone knows that’s the meaning of life?"


Excellent really... I laughed so much I'm still crying... Oh wow... God that was a good moment...

I just wish you hadn't abandoned this... It had a great humoristic potential... "Chata wnow kong bantha poodoo." I can't believe you dared...:-)))))))))))


liquidfyre posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:20pm for Princess

What some of hte others are saying is true as well. All stories dont have to have a super-villain plot or such like this was a Fun story while not your usual was Damn good. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest so to speak and this was a nice change. I Love your stories good reads some of them really make you think, but a good humor/fluff/happybunny story from time to time is GOOD. Seeing a whole new side to Harry was nice too. If nothing else you could try to do this in the future again (Harry's attitude difference) but in a way you would be more comfortable with. There are not many good stories out there with this sort of Harry in them and its a shame is a compelling version of him as well.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:14pm for Princess

You are a sick evil twisted twisted man. It was a good story and I for one am sad to see it dropped but do understand how you feel. If you ever get a wild hair up yer butt though and wanna flesh it out a bit in the future I am sure we would all love it.

Particle_Accelerator posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 12:04pm for Princess

I actually rather liked it, and think you're too hard on yourself. The whole super-Harry a touch off his rocker with a "can-do" attitude was a riot, and I thought Melissa was a great OC. What didn't work for me was Ron & Hermione, at least at the very beginning. They got better as the story went on, but the less said about them, the better. :)

Nice job, can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.

avram posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 11:58am for Princess

That was awesome.

I love your stories where Harry has such fun doing whatever it is he's doing. I was smiling the entire way through.

I know it's abandoned, but I would love to see the actual wedding, should you choose to write something of that sort.

Mrs.TiffanyPotter posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 11:57am for Princess

This was great. I LMAO. What was the point? The point was that it's funny! I wish you would have written the wedding.

katie4 posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 11:55am for Princess

I have to say that I thought that this was one of the funnier fics I have read in a while. I'm a little disappointed that you aren't going to make it a little longer. It would have been amusing. Keep up the good work

uberwald posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 11:53am for Princess

loved it. :) thanks for the closure...

Ben Russell-Gough posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2007 11:46am for Princess

It is a funny piece (although a bit long - I would have seperated it into chapters in any hypothetical 'final' version). I found it funny and compelling reading. Hermione's narration was brilliant - I think you really got her in character here.

For those who complained that it was all too fast... well, I think that was the point of the story. Harry finally gets a chance at happiness and seizes it rather than angsting about it for months on end, as seen in other fanfics.

The highlight of the story was the confrontation with the Dursleys and the freeing of the house elves.

This isn't really a brilliant story, although its unusual concept was worth exploring. I have a hard disc full of stories that seemed like a good idea but didn't really offer any obvious way to finish them.

BenRG's Rating: 7/10