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Abraxan posted a comment on Monday 26th July 2010 8:28am for Princess

I wish you'd finish this one. Such a good read!


WingedEagle posted a comment on Tuesday 6th July 2010 12:23am for Princess

But- But-BUT!!!



bertovia posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd June 2010 1:54pm for Princess

I know you said, there was no conflict and the characters are all perfect, but I admit, I really like the way you write happy, powerful Harry. Any woman is going to have to be close to perfect to live in the presence of someone like him, even if he just wants normal. I just smile when I read these stories, and I hope to read more like them from you. Though a little conflict isn't a bad thing.

Ryder654 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th March 2010 1:36am for Princess

I completly understand why you chose to kill this story but a part of me still wishes that you kept it going. (sighs) oh well, all things aside it was good while it lasted and I really enjoyed it thanks.

LifeScientist posted a comment on Saturday 27th February 2010 10:24pm for Princess

I've always regretted that you stopped working on this--as a comedy piece it does very a way that TMW can't simply because TMW isn't written from the first person participant perspective.

lucifael75 posted a comment on Wednesday 5th August 2009 7:18pm for Princess

Sometimes there doesn't have to be a big point :) Sometimes it's nice to just have some fun fluff and this was. I can see why you liked it and I would like to poke that friend who turned you off the story in the ear :D

Great shame you'll not finish this in what I'm sure would've been your usual style.


kb0 posted a comment on Sunday 7th December 2008 3:05pm for Princess


OK, it's abandoned and you're not going to work on it anymore. That's too bad really because I find it to be quite nice. Not all stories have to have conflict. I find this story to be a lot of fun, something to curl up with on a boring evening for a good laugh (more than I can say for most TV shows). You've even got a good stopping spot after the wedding, which isn't that far away, or so I'd guess as the story seems to be about 75% complete. I guess I'm saying that I'd encourage you to pick it back up and finish it off. I won't hold out any hope of that happening, but I think it would be nice.


noylj posted a comment on Friday 28th November 2008 3:20am for Princess

Too bad. Nice to have a story where Liz isn't perfect. Your Royals, however, are a bit informal...

Jimbocous posted a comment on Saturday 30th August 2008 11:25pm for Princess

You know, perfect characters and no conflict can work just fine as long as there are enough belly laughs to leaven the mix. Would have been fun to see you wrap this one as a really long one-shot, if for nothing more than as a great send-up of all those happily lived after fluff pieces we all hate. Personally, I was laughing so hard in the last third of this I had to stop reading for a few. For that alone, it was worth the read!

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 10th August 2008 9:58am for Princess

I can see why it was abandoned but it was still fun to read.

Sarah9 posted a comment on Friday 25th July 2008 6:11am for Princess

Love the story, wondering if I can pinch a quote off you, the "Any society that is morally bankrupt enough to put their future on the shoulders of an eleven year old, hardly has the right to exist." one. Slightly alter it maybe, depending. On the shoulders of a baby? My email is Anyway, let me know, continue writing great stuff and... well... good work!

spawnofthejudge posted a comment on Thursday 19th June 2008 10:39pm for Princess

Good laughs don't need plot ;)

A wild ride.

vasilis01 posted a comment on Saturday 12th April 2008 6:04am for Princess

"By calling her Liz and flirting with her?" I asked. That was excellent. I would have liked to see what else you could have cooked up for this Fic but you're the author.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Friday 28th March 2008 3:13pm for Princess

Ha ha. Ending for closure-needing people was NOT funny. I just wish you had decided to end it properly!! >_<

But it really was a great piece. I love it when you do it from a snarky Hermione's POV, you know! But the dialogue was getting too be a wee bit much.

Anyways, loved it again! From Regina

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 26th March 2008 10:55pm for Princess

I loved the sponanaity. You really made this an interesting and fun story. I very much appreciate it! Best regards in your future writing endeavors.

Tommy posted a comment on Thursday 13th March 2008 6:10pm for Princess

You know, I actually wouldn't mind reading a prequel to this story. His conversation with the king and queen must have been hilarious, not to mention his stick figures and "bad french". Know that if you ever write such a one-shot (I don't recon you want to write a complete story), I'll be more than happy to read it.

Keep up the good work!
And May The Words Be With You! ;)

Tommy Lillehauge

(My email if you want to reply:

impatientuser posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2008 4:22pm for Princess

omg... I laughed and laughed at this. I can see why you won't continue it, but it was 100 percent worth the read. Thanks a million for posting this.

Rose Yi posted a comment on Monday 11th February 2008 9:06pm for Princess

Love this story. Please finish this one. I'm begging you, please

Ceres posted a comment on Tuesday 5th February 2008 6:23pm for Princess

dude no abandoning this was some funny s*** to read and i would love for the fact that it will be finished. please please please please please please

Deborahsu posted a comment on Monday 28th January 2008 7:33pm for Princess

I love it!