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Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2008 10:45am for Princess

Literally breaking my jaw here laughing. I love the way he's 42nd to ask her and that's the meaning of life. Nice twist on the whole Hermione sets Harry up deal. LOL at the "last time I got irritated" line and the party idea. Only Harry could do this. The wedding stuff was a little less interesting but the Huttan was superb. Good story.

daewos posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2008 4:21pm for Princess

It has to be said that this was better than the vast majority of fan fiction that I have read for a while. I love the smart-arse Harry and is a delight to see no angst, no woe is me etc

I can understand why you felt it should be abandoned, but if you are really bored one day, perhaps, you could add a bit more on - it would have been nice to have at least got to the wedding. Oh well,I can hope....

Peregrine829 posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 8:44pm for Princess

"Chata wnow kong bantha poodoo."


I don't think I've laughed that hard in weeks. Don't demean your work, instead treat it like a sitcom. It's a fun little character piece in which you've dropped certain characters into certain situations with certain backgrounds just to see how they'd react.

cwejr posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 11:27am for Princess

Wow. I've decided that I like your abandoned pieces better than most of the full-blown works of other authors. Keep it up; you've got a confirmed fan.



dc1 posted a comment on Friday 11th January 2008 1:14am for Princess

i read what you said at the start about this having a ternminal illness and can't for the life of me find it. this story has had me laughing my arse off. whoever said to have this story put down deserves to be beaten aroudn the head with a dead fish. basically this story is awesome. please do everyone a favour and pick it up again.


Alex Austin posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2008 12:19am for Princess

I love it so far. So, you abandoned it because it had no particular useful plot? What's wrong with just-plain-fluff?

hogwartsprincess posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 2:21am for Princess

Well, even if you weren't going to finish the story I still loved it. I loved Harry's personality, that was, in a word, hilarious. I a;ways loved fairytales, especially the handsome prince, or Lord Baron, ending up with the beautiful princess. Great job!

Amit Patel posted a comment on Thursday 20th December 2007 8:42am for Princess

This was a very nice story, I like your use of humour as it was rather well written as most of your stories will attest to.

I was wondering if you will ever do a multi-chapter story where Harry goes Dark to fight Voldemort (I know you did WK, GQ which is a good story).

harryjerry posted a comment on Thursday 6th December 2007 1:55pm for Princess

but its sooo funny, good job, i hope to see more humor like this in the future!

freshwater posted a comment on Sunday 2nd December 2007 6:55pm for Princess

While your reasons for abandoning this piece are understandable, this was a terrifically fun read! Very interesting to see confident, take-charge! Harry in the arena of amor. Well done!

Preaphis posted a comment on Friday 30th November 2007 5:20pm for Princess

It made me chuckle and dare I say it, giggle.

Your stories tend to do that to me, it's getting slightly disconcerting to see this particular pattern emerging.

I say, stamp your stories with a *NSFW* (not safe for work) tag because coworkers (or even worse in my case, students) will give you odd looks.

I do like how you abandon stories before us lesser fanfic people see that it's going bad. Saves us disappointment and makes you look better!

On a not so positive note, a few typos here and there. But seeing that it's abandoned it can be overlooked ;)

Keep at it!

She Who Must Be Obeyed posted a comment on Wednesday 28th November 2007 4:16pm for Princess

Why is it that most of your stories ivolve at some point me bouncing up and down on my chair in an extremely embarrassing manner and making some highly suspect giggling noises? Another fab story even if you didn't feel the need to finish it. Love the fact that Draco got turned into Bantha Fodder and that Harry defeated Voldy in a highly improbable but also highly satisfying (for those of us who like a little break from angst and goodies dieing now and again) way. Definite laugh a minute story. Congrats!

cathal posted a comment on Wednesday 28th November 2007 3:15pm for Princess

I have to disagree with the "terminally ill" aspect.

On the Malfoy ending you made for closure:

Ya coulda just have Harry do a pre-emptive strike - call the Ferret out the first time he even looks at Melissa and slot him.

And then have Harry do the fitting for the wedding. It would have made Malfoy nothing - less than a footnote.

sweetlaxer posted a comment on Monday 26th November 2007 4:32pm for Princess

This was hillarious i read it in the library at school and I almost choked 'cause I was laughing so hard.

Jack-A-Roe posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 5:09pm for Princess

I have to admit that every once in a while I love reading a super-duper-all-powerful Harry story.

I also realize why it had to die. No conflict, no where to go except pure fluff and that just doesn't work.

I did enjoy it, although I thought you'd end with the wedding.

Banner posted a comment on Sunday 18th November 2007 9:47am for Princess

That was *fun!*

rbird posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 8:01pm for Princess

Awesome. Not that it doesn't contain the flaws you listed, because it absolutely does. But your writing sucks me in again, as always.

Minor nitpick: It's "Huttese" rather than Huttan.


sanghamitra posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 12:50am for Princess

er .... where did you put this story

part 3 (of four) of Perfect Slytherins

Katsuhito posted a comment on Saturday 10th November 2007 3:57am for Princess


Please, spells in Huttese (which is what Lucas and WotC call it)? That's just ... well, I can't think of anything other than 'original' and 'hilarious.' (I'm also a big SW fan, and recognized what the spell actually said. Probably made it even more amusing than if I was just the average fanfic geek.)

Also, 'Gobblecoque?' That's just all kinds of wrong. :)

Anyway, while I agree with all your reasons for abandoning the fic, I would have really enjoyed reading the rest of it, had you decided to continue with it. Then again, I can say that about most (if not all - I haven't read them all yet) of your abandoned stuff.

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 6:21pm for Princess

Have you put any thought into writing a full fic like this? Sort of the same but with differences and not so....perfect?