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wolfey posted a comment on Wednesday 21st March 2012 12:55pm for Princess

You know I actually like the general premise of the story. where harry chases the un-obtainable girl. I even like melissa's personality.

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 21st March 2012 2:11am for Princess

Wonderful story but everything was too honky dory! Everything was too easy for Harry. I like a little more drama.

djo posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2012 12:05am for Princess

I probably reviewed multiple time salready, but I love this story too much!

Whenever I need to get in a good mood I re-read 'Princess' - it makes me laugh and smile the whole way through!

And no, I don't want you to continue it - I fully understand yor reasons to stop it at this point; there is no menaing in fleshing out your 'outlook'

Thank you so much for posting it! For me it saved a couple of bad days already!

booster-t posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2011 8:27pm for Princess

You know, after three days of meetings, this was just the cheer me up that I needed to put a smile on my face. Sure there's no conflict, but why is that so bad? eEvery now and then, it's fun to read a light-hearted story that just feels good.

If it was up to me, there would be more of these ... angst and adventure are alright, but a nice fluffy happy pice has its place too.

Riegert8 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st September 2011 6:56am for Princess

This is a very good, you made Queen Elizabeth so easy to dislike.

You are about the only author I will read their abandon story's, I find reading abandon story's is frustrating.

Esus posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 1:33pm for Princess

I personally think it's a shame that you discontinued this story. There is conflict in this story, it's just you skipped all of it. You say you wanted to do a piece where Harry went after the unattainable, but already have him snag her in the beginning of the story... This would've been a very fun read if you had shown each stage of his pursuit.

demonheir24 posted a comment on Sunday 22nd May 2011 10:37pm for Princess

I think I would have loved to read this simply for comedy purposes. It's funny.

Crystallina posted a comment on Friday 13th May 2011 9:46pm for Princess

That was totally hysterical. I laughed so much.

EnderWiggin posted a comment on Monday 25th April 2011 6:15pm for Princess

I only have one thing to say, Best Goblin Name Ever!!!

I swear that the following spittake and coughing/choaking fit lasted a good 10 minutes and had me fearing for my life. Well done. :)

wolfey posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 10:48am for Princess

this is actually a good idea in general but you rushed it. You could have made it a whole romance story as you stretched out his courtship and all the obstacles he had to barrel through to get her to love him and to date her.

thaumologist posted a comment on Wednesday 16th March 2011 11:41pm for Princess

Doesn't need conflict, I really enjoyed Harry being... well, Harry.

Only seen him act like this in a few fics, but they normally read really well, for the most part because they're fun to read - lighthearted, lots of laughter material, and no big words.

Nice fice

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 6th March 2011 10:41pm for Princess

I don't need drama.
Story was going along just fine.
Would liked to have read about the elimination of all Malfoys and Unbridges from the magical world.

lwj2 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 4:00am for Princess

That's great. Thanks for putting it up for us.

A suggestion for a side-story, of sorts, after the wedding -- HM's interview with her Minister of Magic and her Prime Minister and what follows thereafter.

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 4:58am for Princess

Wonderful story. But your right too sweet, needs a little conflict.

Elfstones52 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 1:42am for Princess

This was a very good plot bunny! I was laughing for most of it, and had a smile on my face the whole time. While I do love serious fics, it is great to read some funny, happy ones as well. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to more!

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 9th December 2010 2:21am for Princess

I love this Harry. It's... Refreshing, to have such crazy awesome, without involving neither Azkaban nor dozens of ancient sorcerers shoving their knowledge and power into his skull, purely "4 73 LulZ".
Pity you didn't want to continue it.

Quincy posted a comment on Tuesday 30th November 2010 11:05am for Princess

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why did you have to stop it there?
It's character driven and so long as you can keep it funny and furiously paced it will be entertaining,
I mean it's 4 am and I have a really important paper I should be writing, but I enjoyed it the entire way through.

jimmycranberry posted a comment on Saturday 23rd October 2010 11:55pm for Princess

You truly are a genius, you know that? Truly awesome, had me howling with laughter in many a place!

t3h_shammy posted a comment on Thursday 23rd September 2010 7:37am for Princess

the sad thing is you just told us what happened, i just love your writing style and want you to write the ending!

dmacx posted a comment on Tuesday 27th July 2010 4:06pm for Princess

I have to agree with Abraxan. This should be continued.

Not every story needs dramatic tension and conflict to be good, and I'm perfectly happy to read about perfect characters in some cases. This is one of those cases.

As a semi-crack!fic, this was brilliant. I got a real kick out of most of the dialog, and I love love the occasional story where Harry basically steamrolls anything that gets in his way.

In fact, I liked this more than 'Hope', and I enjoyed 'Hope' quite a bit.

Please consider continuing this.