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lolasmith1 posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 5:33pm for Chapter 2


Wynter posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 4:22pm for Chapter 2

Wonderfully written! I suppose Fleur won't be Harry's girlfriend is she?

avidreaderbz posted a comment on Friday 4th June 2010 11:22pm for Chapter 2

really enjoying this story, and hoping that you'll be seeing it through? bz x

Justin posted a comment on Thursday 3rd June 2010 1:51pm for Chapter 2

Great chapter. I love the part with gabby.

ghengiskern posted a comment on Thursday 3rd June 2010 12:01am for Chapter 2

Honestly? I really enjoy the flow of this, about the only thing that struck me as odd was Dumbledores first approach and then retreat, it didn't quite seem to fit. Aside from that it is very enjoyable, the talks between Harry and others is believably well written and engaging. Also showing what
he is learning in his extra classes, ex. politics, gives a good background that few stories I have read seem to possess.

Luan Mao posted a comment on Tuesday 1st June 2010 10:03pm for Chapter 2

I liked both chapters very much. Light, fun, and entertaining. Happy main characters. (If Snape has a long life of excruciating misery and Dumbledore's reputation turns to ashes, that just makes it better for the people who matter.) This is just what I wanted to read at this point. I haven't reread your earlier stories in a while, but I think you have recaptured the "fun" of TMW, WKGK, and the like.

As for throwing Kate at a 14 year old boy, I suggest the complainers have limited experience with 14 year old boys. I have a 14 and a 16 year old boy, and in that situation I suspect they'd be taken aback, hesitate a moment, then dive in head first. Not that they might not appreciate her deciding on a change of agenda. I think you got that scene and series of off-camera mentions just right.

Pairings? Meh, why bother. They're teenagers; they're /supposed/ to date and break up and obsess and date someone else next week. The older, more calculating students -- Melissa -- might make arrangements, but that's a pretty minor fraction. I suggest, for the dedicated shippers and the bluenoses, that you threaten a Harry-McGonagall match-up: Harry needs a stabilizing influence, after all the playing around during fourth year.

A question on the rating: Why Mature? I haven't yet seen anything that I'd keep from young teens, and I'm an American raised in Puritan country.

Thanks for writing. Update soon!

71_scorpio posted a comment on Tuesday 1st June 2010 7:07pm for Chapter 2

Just re-read this and I still love the whole bodygaurd thing. It's so funny.

I also noticed some things that I didn't catch last time. For as much as Harry has changed due to the circumstances, he's still very much the same boy. He's being exactly who/what others expect him to be. The Dursley's expected him to be a sullen, pittiful slave. And he was. Ron, his dormmates, & Dumbles expected him to be a pliable, easy going & somewhat lazy boy. And he was.

However, the twins, Christophe, his bodygaurds, & Mel expect him to be Lord Potter; The-Boy-Who-Lived to be rich, powerful, & charming. So, that is what he's learning to be.

So really, he is truly Harry Potter; chameleon.

Good show.

yeehaw posted a comment on Tuesday 1st June 2010 7:00am for Chapter 2

Great story and so fun to read. Despite you play with the characters their base characters from canon clearly shine through which is actually quite impressive.

I do hope that you'll team Harry up with Fleur as I could see her becoming , albeit reluctantly and possibly without realising it, more and more intrigued with Harry and start to fall for him.

Again as in canon her attitude could be because of her veela charm consting her friends.

Thanks for a great read

samsas posted a comment on Monday 31st May 2010 4:07pm for Chapter 2

I love this twist =)
Looking forward to reading more.

megnicole posted a comment on Monday 31st May 2010 5:26am for Chapter 2

Love the story! Can't wait for the next chapter, this fic is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

Ancalador posted a comment on Sunday 30th May 2010 10:18am for Chapter 2

Really enjoying this story (like most of yours!) and can't wait to see how things go.

Keep up the good work.

Cynrom posted a comment on Saturday 29th May 2010 6:13am for Chapter 2

This is a great story so far and I wait patiently for more. :)

Thanks for writing it. :)


gybrush posted a comment on Friday 28th May 2010 8:28pm for Chapter 2

Nicely done so far

sparrowphoenix posted a comment on Friday 28th May 2010 6:14pm for Chapter 2

I absolutely love this story. You've done one of the best things possible and marginalized Ron, haven't seen much of Ginny (which is okay) and Hermione is actually tolerable.

Keep it up

magiccat posted a comment on Friday 28th May 2010 8:35am for Chapter 2

A very fun read, just what I was looking for, thanks!

Mtc297c posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 8:39pm for Chapter 2

Keep it up. This is one of the best things I've read in awhile.

Prince Charon posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 1:04pm for Chapter 2

I like this very, very much.

Thank you for updating.

More soon, please.

Jonez227 posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 7:18am for Chapter 2

i really like this story. i've never read one like it. love how you put everyone together. harry is basically the godfather of hogwarts. he has money, bodyguards, "specialists", and orders hits on his enemies. not to mention paying his enemies off to work for him. i love just about all your stories. i say just about because i haven't read them all but the ones i have i've enjoyed. i can't wait for the next chapter of this story and the fact that you're gonna post year 3 of perfect slytherins. i love that story so much i'm sure i've read it a minimum of 10 times

Addlcove posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 4:45am for Chapter 2

brilliant story so far, hoping this will be updated soon. I like these stories of yours where you focus on character development rather than just go "wam bam harry's superman" and then sets off to kill voldemort.

lord dragon posted a comment on Wednesday 26th May 2010 7:21am for Chapter 2

great start cant wate to read more