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Crys posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 1:05am for Chapter 2

I think I know why you aren't all that kicked up on this story. This greatly resembles a crack-fic in pace and depth of the overall plot. There are a lot of sub-plots, but none of it really makes the reader think. It's all just fun candy.

Your other big stories are much slower paced and cover some heavy topics.

That's not bad. Just a different style, different kind of story.

I suspect that when you're done, you'll realize that doing a crack-fic comedy is actually good for you. Makes you work "muscles" that your other stories may not have tried to use. YMMV.

And as a side benefit, it's hugely entertaining for the rest of us.

Hmm. At this rate, Hermione will be Victor's hostage again. No tellin' who could be Harry's. Gabrielle? Melissa? Fred&George? Hell, Christophe? (incidentally, I rather like that name for the Beauxbaton's head boy :)

Fun chapter. Thanks.

Memory King posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 1:01am for Chapter 2

Quite a lot of interesting and cool sequences here, especially the psychological victory in the First Task.

Was amusing that everyone solved the clue so promptly.

Gryffindors being antagonistic toward Harry is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy though, considering that he's distancing himself even further from them.

Will be awaiting more of this, semi-patiently.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 1:00am for Chapter 2

<snicker> This was a fun chapter that had me quite amused. I do love the way things are going as Harry steps up to the challenges, both of the tournament and of maturing to match those he's dealing with (I suspect the latter is severely annoying to Dumbledore). It's a fun read and quite enjoyable; thank you.

Pai posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:52am for Chapter 2

Awesome fic is awesome.

This is a really enjoyable read.

Little Gabrielle could use something for all that hair, Some frilly hair band? Goth-loli stile velee?

Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:44am for Chapter 2

Fine chapter. I particullarly liked Harry's chat with Albus. I am curious to see who Harry will take to the ball. I will be gald to see more Perfect Slytherins, I like that story at least as much as this one. Thanks for writing. W.

tntornado posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:33am for Chapter 2

ok, I don't know about anyone else, but I really enjoyed this chapter just as much as the other one, and as much as your previous works. The way Harry keeps learning, and keeping the others with him and adding to his entourage is extremely enjoyable, and just what I like to see/read in fics but isn't done much anymore.

Keep up the great work,


Snag posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:32am for Chapter 2

Agreed, not as much rampant, outright hilarity, but a good solid plot groove got started in this chapter. And having Fred and George give showmanship lessons was quite fun. Good times!

protonius12 posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:28am for Chapter 2

Another GREAT chapter. It's very fun to read !

Neil Glover posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:12am for Chapter 2

Another great chapter, I love what you are doing with Harry, I look forward to what happens next.

Nicci posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:02am for Chapter 2

I dont know hy you thought we would be disappointed another brilliant chapter and something i havent come across before. makes a change to have something to smile about as well as a cracking good story you manage to mix the humour with a decent plot and make me wish there was more when i get to the end of the chapter

Steven Anderson posted a comment on Friday 14th May 2010 12:02am for Chapter 2

I like this one. It is fun without being too silly. I hope you have a blast writing it.

yerocfponk posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:58pm for Chapter 2

I had somehow missed this story before, then got an alert, love it I was cracking up.

Dakaath@TTH posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:57pm for Chapter 2

Once again a great chapter, just as awesome as the first.

I love the line about squish and have always felt people should use it more. I actually have replaced move over with squish over, always thought it sounded better for crowded bleacher seats and such.

I also like your approach to the first task. In so many stories Harry epically fights the dragon or uses some awesome mega-spell-o-doom or some such, but it always seems to be missing the flair. You managed to get that flair perfectly, better then a story with super Harry and his turn-the-dragon-into-a-sheep spell.

you also managed to get the whole rich and loving it vibe down perfectly. I saw the second Iron Man and the Harry you have reminds me of the way Tony just throws his money around and does things because he can. Its very cool.

One last thing, the dialouge is amazing. The conversations between the characters seem to have a life of their own, that random spontanutity that you get in real life but often times seems lacking in stories.

Jewelle posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:49pm for Chapter 2

Good story. I am really enjoying Harry growing up, are the 2 youngest Weasleys going to get a clue? Hope to see your next update soon.

amulder posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:48pm for Chapter 2

fun and crazy and silly. Thanks!

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:42pm for Chapter 2

This chapter was so good it was such a nice surprise that Gabrielle was involved I like her as a character and think she, her sister and the Veela got a bad deal in the books and are often forgotten. A great start to the chapter poor Gabrielle being bored and locked away I have wondered what happend to her during the tournament, now I know.

Harry looking after and teaching Gabrielle was very cute and could be the start of big changes to how kids learn magic. Harry's thinking on magic and how to teach it was very insightful. Looking after Gabrielle showed that Harry has much love to give if he is given a chance to show it . The mini Hogwarts Uniform was a nice touch did Dobby make it? Will Gabrielle get a wand of her own maybe with a hair from Harry as its core.

Harry's bodyguards continue to impress and I like the fact they will be using more words Squished does need to be used more often but whammy-thing was my favourite. Lisa as a bodyguard is a clever idea to have a girl around to counter the Veela charm she will be Squishing the hopes and dreams of many girls if Harry keeps putting on such a great show. I hope Ginny gets Squished at some point and it would cut down on the number of crazy fangirls

Thrasher carrying Gabrielle was a nice detail to have I hope when the Headmaster tries to kidnap her for the second task he loose more repsect and maybe gets his wand and arm broken or maybe Madame Maxime will just beat him up.

The first task was brilliant and the Headmaster loosing respect is always good the fact he was hissed at was a good and did make him look more like a Villain, Harry might end up checking under Gabrielle's bed for the evil villain Dumbledore. A most logical and clever way to deal with the dragon and manipulate the press and the people.

Harry's wine spell is such a good one and the party was good I liked how the golden egg was worked out. Fleur's attitude and her being thought a brat was funny.

I hope the Dark Lords followers continue to be hunted and the other Dark Lord Dumbledore continues to loose power and influence.

Going to Beauxbatons would be safer and I think far better than Hogwarts. It is good that Harry's House has shown their true colours it was never a very nice House to be in for several people but Harry would have been better off elsewhere and a story without Ron and Ginny is always good. I like this more mature Harry it makes him a more interesting character and gives him some depth and it is a welcome and rare change that Harry is happy.

A touching end to the chapter I look forward to the next chapter I love this one from start to finish but I also look forward to the start of year 3 of Perfect Slytherins.

DrT posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:38pm for Chapter 2

-blink blink-

I am not just impressed, I am DAMNED impressed by this chapter.


MrRobertsIII posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:38pm for Chapter 2

Not bad, but I didn't laugh as much as the first.

JoFarries posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:34pm for Chapter 2

Yea! Another chapter of this terrific story! I'm really liking the way that Harry is getting on with the students from the other schools. And I'm liking how you fit Gabrielle into this, making her a sort of "little sister" to the group. Dumbledore is being an ass, which is to be expected. Manipulative old sod. Loving the original characters, and how you're fitting them in with the Hogwarts students, especially bringing in lesser-known students like Lisa Turpin. Extra points for that, I think. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Thursday 13th May 2010 11:31pm for Chapter 2

I'm really enjoying this story. It has interesting characterizations with fun interactions. Well done and thanks.