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Naruma posted a comment on Saturday 17th June 2017 8:22pm for Chapter 2

Good chapter.

maddog6295 posted a comment on Thursday 11th August 2016 1:21pm for Chapter 2

I have just found this story on under the author Krish2. If it is you release then nice to see you at a different site if not someone is stealing your good work.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Wednesday 24th June 2015 11:02am for Chapter 2

I'm cracking up a lot with this story, and still loving it. Fred and George's influence is amazing, but still plausible, based on what I imagine they could have done if they were not limited by the contrictions of being part of what was essentially, a children's book series, up until the two final books, which I didn't like quite as much as the rest anyways. Anyways, I know you're already on something like chapter 9 in this story, but in my future reviews, just to make it easier on myself, I'll probably write my encouragement as if you just posted it. You know, still enjoying the story, keep it up, that kind of thing. And I am still enjoying the story, and I'd love for you to keep it up!

sachaelle posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2014 12:04am for Chapter 2

It should be À un cœur vaillant rien d'impossible.

You have to put an adverb before a noun in french sentence.

sylvelle posted a comment on Saturday 18th October 2014 11:41pm for Chapter 2

Like thi very much. Love the interaction of Harry and Gabrielle, :Looking forward to Task 2. So who will be Harry's something? Could be Gaby, she is not as special to Fleur in your story. Hermione is still good for Victor, Is Cho still Cedric's? Then who would be Fleurs?

On to chapter 3 to find out.


sh8ad8ow posted a comment on Thursday 9th January 2014 11:56pm for Chapter 2

great chapter

qadoshkyrie posted a comment on Sunday 14th July 2013 7:08pm for Chapter 2

For some reason, years ago when you first started this, I read chapter one and hated it. Now, I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I really have no clue. This is wonderful.

Love the humor fest. Makes me a little wishful that maybe someday you actually will finish Princess...

Though I'm sad there is one thing that I feel like you overlooked in these last two chapters (though I haven't read the rest) - I miss seeing Harry's acquiring the taste for beer - especially Guinness. Maybe it was just me, but it took several attempts to actually acquire a taste for beer, and even after I feel in love with beer, it took a lot longer to enjoy those dark beers.

Anyway, cheers!

mirabilos posted a comment on Wednesday 10th July 2013 9:06pm for Chapter 2

Thanks for the translations. No, I don’t do Twitter, or the whole Web 2.0 shit… I’m reading this with Lynx. As for teaching… trust Harry to pull of something like this, or the Patronus. He doesn’t know something’s “impossible” ⇒ he does it. Rules don’t apply ☺

gtgrouch posted a comment on Tuesday 7th May 2013 11:58pm for Chapter 2

My wife is going to complain tonight: I will be prone to giggling on-and-off as I think about the dragon!

gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 28th July 2012 7:20am for Chapter 2

I feel awkward calling a story adorable. But parts of your story are adorable. I also really liked some lines, "i wish i had someone to save me." despite this being a borderline crack fic, it's still pretty well written.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2012 1:59am for Chapter 2

Keeps getting better. The first task was fun to read and Harry is really triving on learning and being a showman. Thanks for sharing!

jules3677 posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2012 4:31am for Chapter 2

Brilliant chapter. Loved it all; dragon slayer etc. The descriptions were exemplary of the first task. The party afterwards was marvellous to read. Introducing Gabrielle so early in the story was smart, it makes thing much more interesting with Fleur. I was nicely surprised to read that Harry planned to do his schooling elsewhere next year (that means a sequel! Yes!). All in all a fun time was had by me reading the chapter.

jilumasam posted a comment on Saturday 3rd March 2012 10:46pm for Chapter 2

"And, erm, wow, what a response to the first chapter. For something that was supposed to be just a bit of fun, it grabbed a life of it's own. And I didn't think it was that good. I suspect some people will be disappointed with this chapter -"

And that is exactly why I continue to read this story and enjoy it. Because it comes across as someone writing to have fun. Really enjoyed chapter 6 and currently reading all chapters again. Thanks for writing such a silly and fun story!

Celebrithil posted a comment on Sunday 19th February 2012 8:25pm for Chapter 2

No political power from the Lord Potter thing - a welcome change. His taking charge without really realizing what he's doing - fun also. Bagman repeating himself redundantly! To be precise, he's even saying the same thing twice! ;-) Great job with the First Task! For once, he manages to do something that's both safe and completely over the top. Poor Dumbledore... sometimes, seeing through it all isn't good for you. (And he's probably right about not mixing alcohol and children, too!) Hermione's great and fun. I feel a bit bad about Ron, but... yeah, I can see him do something like that. Oh, and I think I love Gabrielle. Fleur as a spoilt brat is rather fun, though. On a completely unrelated note, would you like some help with the French? (Just asking because of Fleur saying "Un petite" instead of "Un petit peu", and French is my first language.)

Andrius posted a comment on Saturday 30th July 2011 5:01am for Chapter 2

The only thing that bothers me about this story is how Harry treats Gabrielle. It's hard to believe any 14-year-old would act around kids like that.

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Friday 22nd July 2011 2:17pm for Chapter 2

Another fine chapter and interesting to see Harry teaching Gabbi. Thanks for sharing!

iTz_RAVEN posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2011 3:47am for Chapter 2

The thing with Gabrielle is cute.

Addlcove posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2011 6:40pm for Chapter 2

You should clone yourself so you could get more writing done :p your stories are awesome.

potterfanchuck posted a comment on Sunday 3rd July 2011 7:33pm for Chapter 2

Excellent chapter! I must say I like the way you are handling the characters. If I don't see Ron and Ginny other than being bashed I'll be a happy campter.

David Thacker posted a comment on Sunday 27th March 2011 9:40am for Chapter 2

Can nor wait to see who you have Harry end up with at the end of this but it should be fun.