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Prerna posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 6:35am

That was absolutely brillant. I cried, I gasped, and I laughed throughout this very emotional story. Tim and John, you two are beyond fantastic and I hope that you two collaborate in the future.

sami posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 4:00pm

(Actually, I don't know why I figured there would be another chapter. One of life's great mysteries, no doubt.)

Kokopelli replied:

Actually, there is an epilogue - it's 98% finished, awaiting the day when Master Jeconais has the spare morsel of time to put the last bell upon the sledge and hook it up to the horse.

sami posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 3:58pm

Oh my god. You killed Ginny! That particular scene was very well written, by the way. I figured there would be another chapter, but I'll be waiting with dire curiosity to see if you can write another chapter with as much content as this one. o___o;

Kokopelli replied:

I didn't kill Ginny and Jeconais didn't either. The next chapter is fairly light and fluffy.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 10:59am

That was an excellent story. It was different from the second story even more than the second from the first. Ginny's death and the mourning/grieving brought tears to my eyes, it was so touching. I had to laugh at a few points as well, so this was not just a sadfic, it was life, happy and sad. I find it fitting that Ginny picked her replacement, even if events had picked her at birth.

Thank you for writing, both of you.


harrybice posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 9:55am

From the begining I new this fict would be
sad but I was drawn to the end with the icredible writing and the uniqe story.
The attitude and abilites of Harry that you
displayed are the best I have seen.


Carolyn1 posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 5:24am

I like. Thanx.

The Resident posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 5:24am

An excellent story in all regards. You know, I don't think I've given that review to any other story (and I've reviewed a bunch -- and read a bunch that weren't even worthy of any kind of review) You have entertained both my soul and my emotions. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it just right. Don't change.

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 11:55pm

Thank you for writing the end of this Trilogy. Very well done. Kudos to Jeconais and Kokopelli
and Mr. Intel as well. I can't imagine the pain of having the one you love the most die. I am just glad that Harry has someone he loves waiting in the wings to help him with his grief and to possibly give him another chance. I look forward to more collaborations in this autor group. I am really looking forward to the conclusion of Hope. O course I am also looking forward to the interactions at Hogwarts with Malfoy and Snape. I am so glad Harry took care of Professor Idiot. I really appreaciate all your work. Please write when you can. I know life is busy. Thank you.

Kokopelli replied:

I finished the final beta of Hope 8 on Friday.


Maxennce posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 11:39pm

well Tim, that sure shocked me to the core. Obviously sammy has definitely matured over teh ages, and the relationship shared between Harry, Ginny and Sam has gone along with that., Keep up the great work, really looking forward to your next chapter and what you have planned for Sammy and harry next

vila posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 8:55pm

yes, this isn't your usual style. but this style suits the mood of the story very well. somewhat sombre, introspective and essentially practical, the story is fantastical but comes across in very realistic tones. the first person account helps. the ending gives us some space to interpret. i especially loved the last part cause i often felt that the basic trio relationship had been lost in the first two chapters. but here sam understands that the trio realises what each one needs even better than their spouses. ultimately nothing can overwhelm the friendship thats formed in adversity and tempered by life's experiences. excellent finish to the "alone" series.
keep up the good work.

ridmania posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 8:22pm

ginny dying was really upsetting, never been so upset about a characer dying before. very well written. so obviously does this mean in the next chapter harry and sam hook up? keep up the great work. by the way you know how to reduce me to tears.

brad posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 8:07pm

Lovely story, particularly the first part. It's been a few months since I read anything that made me enjoy and believe in Harry and Ginny as much as I did this. I never used to even think about the mechanics of writing before I discovered fan fiction and could eavesdrop on the work of authors, but I guess in this case the third-person observations of Sammy on Harry & Ginny just leant that much more weight to it all, making us believe. Nicely done, and Ginny's death scene was very moving.

I thought Ron's promise that he would murder his own niece was a bit over the top and didn't fit in. Actually his whole conversation about how wonderful a thing the Trio is would have been more believable if we'd seen evidence of same earlier in the story. We saw wonderful H/G, and excellent OBHWF stuff - I really enjoyed the observations on the Weasley clan's ascendance into power/respect in the Wizarding World, and the brothers' revenge for Ginny was a great echo of the co-operation that we witnessed in Alone - but no particularly powerful H/Hr/R moments.

Perhaps Ron should have toned down the death threat - which I really couldn't take seriously - instead threatening her with expulsion from the Weasley family, "none of us will ever contact you again, I'll make certain of that", something like that. "Harry means more to us than even family; if you hurt him you'll never have the trust of yours ever again"? I dunno. I appreciate how, given Sammy's sexual teasing of him as an adolescent, Ron would be worried about her intentions, but only after reading other people's comments. Could Ron's motivation had been worked in better for dumb readers like me?

The imprinting bit was unexpected and has me thinking. The first part of the story had convinced me thoroughly as to Sammy's assimilation into Harry's life and that any feelings she might have for Harry would be real ... I didn't need any 'artificial' reason to back that up. Still, this is Harry Potter, I guess we expect to see magic, and the symptoms of her imprinting on Harry, once the alpha-female was removed - her physiological response to his presence - was described well and imparted a sense of urgency/desperation that added to our concern for her. And the girl talk was a fun read and something new. Okay, the imprinting gave a lot to the story, but it's still a bit sad that the reader might think the love Sammy has for Harry might not be totally authentic. Pluses and minuses. Wonder if Harry's wondering the same thing?

Kudos to Ron for pointing out that Ginny was a coward. I would have thought, with the depth of the love between Harry and Ginny as was depicted in part A, it would have been almost automatic for Ginny to tell Harry what was happening - no secrets. And how about the usual romantic cliche of 'every second with you is priceless'? Instead Ginny decides to lose valuable time she could have had with Harry - "a year or two" of quality life with her one-and-only before she started fading. And she decides to subject her husband to the abrupt shock of holding a dying, bloody wife in his hands. Bravo, Ron - it was her decision but I don't think it was the right one either. I can see why she/you went that way though - her sudden death adding drama and highlighting the sudden change in Harry's and Sammy's lives as it did.

Enjoyed the couple of digs at mate-or-go-mad-Gabrielle from Hope. "Henry was really hot, and who would have thought that ..." What???? What??? :-)

There is definitely going to be an epilogue? Great ending - with the symmetrical reflection of the beginning of the story - but it leaves us hoping things will work out for Sammy and Harry. Leaves us wanting more (even more than usual).

Really enjoyable story with a lot of 'meat' in it, and I'm really looking forward to the epilogue. Thank you for the story!

Julia Wang posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 7:27pm

Out of all your pieces, I think that this was the best. It showed the characters from a different perspective, but no one was overly perfect. In most of your other stories, Harry tends to be a little too God-like, but here, it shows him as a human, with real problems, and things that are easier to relate too. Thank you so much for writing this, and I hope that more comes in the future.

Jenna2 posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 7:14pm

amazing, i loved the symmetry to insert in the bigging and end - you manage to make the whole incest-y type relationships seem acceptable, and it was an all around great story. still, totally depressing ginny had to die. nice job with revealing the disease so late!

Mark Blaine posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 4:44pm

I did like it. Very sad in spots, of course, but quite good.

Terry George posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 4:07pm

Thankyou - as usual you both help to set maintain and raise the standard of fanfiction - it hhas been a long while since i have seen that version of Ginny's death scene used. Ith was the best and most stirring use of it to my knowledge to date - again i would like to thank you both for writing this story and sharing it.

Nelly posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 4:01pm

OMG! This has to be one, if not the greatest, story I have ever read, and I have read a lot of stories (been in the HP fandom since 2001) you are amazing and a truely great writer.

margaret1 posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 3:48pm

Firstly, I must say - I disagree with Ron's assessment of Ginny 'taking the cowards way'. I think it was a brave decision she made - she was (and always has) protecting Harry. It was heart-wrenching watching her die for a few minutes, imagine his pain by watching her slip away over years and not having the comfort of her remembering him or the life they've shared together. It it a cruel disease and I think it was written wonderfully well by yourself and John.

I loved Sammy in this - she is a great character. It was wonderful that she found another best friend in Ginny and that they as they bonded they didn't let the love they both felt for Harry destroy their relationship. I really liked the part where Ginny gave her blessing for Sammy to have a relationship with Harry and then telling Harry not to screw it up.

I loved, absolutely loved, the part where Harry and Ginny built their boats and then went of sailing - it was a beautiful image and I loved the letter to Sammy, telling her that Harry is falling in love with Ginny all over again.

My only complaint is you made me cry (more than once)

TheGimp posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 3:44pm

lol Sorry about the ignorant question in my last post. I didn't notice the "last part" in my notice of the story.

Although, I am hoping you could do another part with them actually together though.

TheGimp posted a comment on Thursday 26th January 2006 3:40pm

I love this. Sorry this isn't a better reveiw or anything.

PS: Is there going to be another part to this?