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harry_1234 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th February 2008 10:09am

brilliant stuff.
i am not a big fan of harry/cho so i never really got along to reading the trilogy but it was brilliant just like your other work. i think i have read everything you have written and cant wait for more.....

Ken Warner posted a comment on Thursday 17th January 2008 1:03pm

I needed a REALLY GOOD story to read - which pretty much means that is has to come from this site, and then usually from you.

thanks again for the incredible quality of writing that you have done, and particularly, fostered by having this site available.

Love this and all your other stories
warm regards

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Monday 14th January 2008 12:36am

An Australian 'ranch' is generally called a station, the only places I've heard them refered to as otherwise are touristy places for foreigners.

eL_Gibo posted a comment on Thursday 6th December 2007 10:12am

Very touching indeed. I love your work!! Amazing creations. Now I have to go read more of your stories I missed :P

reemahkins posted a comment on Saturday 1st December 2007 6:10pm

I don't know what more to say for your work, except that your heroins seem to be living my dream-relationship.

I've never read any work that describes a true relationship the way you do. It's amazing.
Thank You.

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 8:18pm

Ah, great stuff, great stuff.

Brian Donnely posted a comment on Sunday 25th November 2007 6:02pm

That was wonderful. I thought the whole deal with Ginny's death was done beautifully. Best in the Trilogy, I say.

Also, cool little vague allusion to Hope in there. :)

Kali_Potter posted a comment on Monday 5th November 2007 3:08pm

Me likey a lotey.

Hemotem posted a comment on Sunday 9th September 2007 6:19pm

A sad beginning but a very good ending again I am impressed with your work. Thank you.


iluvchocs posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 5:41am

This is beautiful - a wonderful ending to the trilogy. And I've loved Harry's personality throughout it XD

baumgal2 posted a comment on Friday 27th July 2007 5:08pm

wow, I have never loved an AU character more - this was great

stuart posted a comment on Sunday 22nd July 2007 7:55pm

fluffy cute, laughed at the hope reference, nice coupling, i didnt read the other two stories but enjoyed it all the same. cheers

cwejr posted a comment on Monday 18th June 2007 2:39am

This may not be your normal style but I just stumbled across it and had to finish it all in one read. It is now 5:35 am and I have to get some sleep before work this morning. I really enjoyed it. Please write some more like it.

Donald Deutsch posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2007 2:30am

Ok, I am first apologizing for only reviewing this once, even tho this is for all three stories of the series.

first story was interesting, and even tho i am not a Harry/Cho shipper, I found it to be good and well written.

second story was good and heart wrenching. I'm sorry that Ginny died, but it was a good read.

Now the third story was one that brought both tears and laughs to me. Great work in the stories, and i am looking forward to reading more of them.

Lady_Hope posted a comment on Thursday 7th June 2007 5:53am

eugh. don't get me wrong or anything, the stroy was well written and interesting and whatnot but...eugh. he's 20 years older than her and he's her uncle! it's just wrong. and i was furious too- why'd ginny have to die? i think you should have left it at two stories or made this one a...different pairing.

sblackfan posted a comment on Wednesday 6th June 2007 2:06pm

Great story! I loved the whole series :)

Yo posted a comment on Friday 25th May 2007 10:54pm

Wow, simply, wow. This is an awesome series. For some reason, I found this more palletable, reasonable, or something of the sort compared to "Hope," as I have mentioned before. Sorry to keep bring that up, but for me, it just stands out as an epic that at least two of your other stories seem to surpass development wise. But as always, the characterizations are fantastic. Now if only I could be as selfless and driven by morals as Harry or intelligent and witty as the ladies...

In anycase, it was interesting that Fleur and Samantha both became opposites of Gabrielle, heritage wise. The whole letter aspect in the middle was very nice as well. Heh, quite late in reviewing your stories, eh?

hayeth posted a comment on Friday 18th May 2007 12:15am

Aww thats nice. I like this trilogy...not a big fan of the Harry and Ginny, but meh. I like the fairy tale like quality this story has. It makes it that much better to read when you view the first two chapters as Harry finding himself while the last two are on Sammy falling in love with the man she knew Harry to be. Anyway nice story and I hope to see more of your work (that isn't cannon related) in the future.

LoVeBiRd posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2007 3:03am

i love it. gorgeous!! my 2nd fave of the 3. i dont really like the letter format but i have to admit its different! ciao, LoVeBiRd xx

ahyanah posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 1:49am