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angyelsglaive posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 3:14pm

Excellent work as always, gentlemen. The pathos made this story particularly powerful, and it's a much better story by not being 'happily-ever-after'.

I agree with Ron, Ginny did take the cowardly way out, when she should have found another way to approach death. Still, it wouldn't be Weasley stupidity (or Harry's-love stupidity) if she didn't do things that way. Harry was remarkably selfish when he was younger, at times, wasn't he?

Maybe it was vanity. She should have shared her condition.

Keep up the good work.

Regress posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 3:06pm

Oh wow.

That's spectacular! A bit angsty for my usual tastes, but that's just because I'm going to be melancholic for a day or two after reading this. Or maybe I'll go read some happy go lucky Harry and harem story and it'll cheer me up. Either way, hot damn. You (both) rock. Your (I'm not sure which one of you it is) talent for writing verges on artistic in a way that very few writers I've ever read do, and I love it. While the subject may have been fan-fiction, that wasn't just a story. That was literature.

I do hope you consider writing something original someday, and if you are please let me know so I can go find it.

Nigel Wood posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 2:45pm


I simply believe that this is one of the most powerfully emotional piece of writing I have ever read.

So I'm not sure I can easily review this.

Not because I have nothing to say, but because it is so beautifully written, its emotions are almost to painful to read. The grief reaches out and touches me and leaves me sad and frightened.

Thank you


Jamey posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 2:41pm

Damn, an amazingly wonderful ending to the story. I love how it didn't end with the simplistic "happily ever after" - instead, we're left with the surety that it will work out eventually, but we don't actually see it happening.

Though sometimes I think Harry gets tortured more than Vanyel Askevron - and damn, but I feel sorry for that character.

amulder posted a comment on Wednesday 25th January 2006 2:02pm

oh,hey, where's the epilogue!? :-)

Kokopelli replied:

On my data key - or on Tim's hard drive.