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kilrathae posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 3:56pm for Chapter 14

Awesome chapter as always. I love the way you write and this story has kept me intrigued and reading since you started. The way Kate reacted to Harry there at the end threw me for a loop until I sat back for a sec and thought about it. I figure she is coming at it from one of three ways.

1) She is a very accomplished actress and was just always playing the part and this is her true self

2) As we saw previous chapter, maybe the Russians did something to completely drive the wedge between them

3) or she felt she was getting a little too close and got scared, so she lashed out to get the reaction she thought she needed (Spoiler: like the Tyrion and Shae interaction in Game of Thrones when he sends her away)

Either way, I'm looking forward to more chapters on this story and anything else you write.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 2:38pm for Chapter 14

Great wrting as always and a fun set of characters coming out of the woodwork thanks to the misunderstanding. I'm sorry to see Kate go as she was an unusual addition to the cast of characters.

Chiyo posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 2:08pm for Chapter 14

One thing with Harry is there is almost ALWAYS a button to push... but that was cold blooded.

Excellent chapter as always.. Really enjoying this fic.

HopelessFan posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 10:15am for Chapter 14

wow, unexpected end.

Its nice to see that even in the overwhelmingly positve harry fics, sometimes everything dosen't "come up Potter"

as always, thanks so so much for your continued updates and efforts. You rock and your updates never fail to make my day

rpeh posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 9:55am for Chapter 14

I'm really enjoying this story. Powerful Harry stories are often boring because there's no challenge but this one has enough going on that this isn't a problem. You have a couple of mistakes : "you're father would be" and "peaked through her memories". Thanks for writing this!

Adam posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 9:19am for Chapter 14

was waiting for this to come out after leaving harry where he in the previous one, so thanks for putting it up, make a nice present :). The reaction from the yanks was funny as they found they were running last in the 'contact harry' race.

Shame about Kate, she was a nice character, sad to see her go, especially like that.

DJPotter posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 9:13am for Chapter 14

I know that you are writer but When I read that part I didn't look as power requerment but as a abilty to channel it. There is a limit to conduit power & Dawn tells that "only you I can use" in last chapter

joeBob posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 8:57am for Chapter 14

This was a nicely entertaining chapter. It's good that Harry still has problems/challenges that he cannot super-power through -- even if they are just girl problems.

Mike C. posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 8:56am for Chapter 14

Ah well I will miss the lovely Kate but as you're the author and I as the loyal but lowly reader I have to accept your will. I am most anxious for the next chapter. Will Harry ever meet the Queen and will he ever accept his title in the muggle world? Will you be introducing more spies from other governments? And will Harry have to put Han in his place physically or will Han represent China in the kick boxing tournament?

Michael Cornfoot posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 8:38am for Chapter 14

Great chapter as always and as usual i cant wait for more!!

Wolfric posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 7:31am for Chapter 14

I think this is a fine chapter, lots going on and some character development to boot. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your betas. Thanks for writing. W.

InMemorium posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 7:28am for Chapter 14

I don't know about other readers, but somehow I am really not surprised that Kate turned into a complete bitch. While I was reading, those pieces about her "falling" for Harry seemed to be very fake and leading towards a nasty break-up. That and relationships hardly ever end nicely. The way you finished it allowed there to be 0 chance of Kate and Harry getting back together. Perfectly, masterfully done good sir. That is a big part of the reason why you are one of my favorite fanfiction writers.

HP-DG-SB posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 7:20am for Chapter 14

Well shit. Everything was great. Until the end. It really is the end of Kate then eh? I'm not happy to see her go the way you did it. Stupid f*cking russians. Now what then? Natalia going to be able to work the russian scheme and get Harry allied with them? That'll really wreck it for me. Now the Chinese are in play, as well as the americans soon. And it was going so great too. Well, I'll have to stick around to see what happens next. I'm going to stay unhappy for a while, with the way it went with Kate at the end there. Damn russians messing with things that shouldn't be messed with, as usual. Anyways, besides that, the rest of it was pretty great as it usually is with you. Now I can't wait to see what happens with the fallout in the next chapter.


Finbar posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:50am for Chapter 14

I enjoyed the chapter, but it felt disjointed. It jumped from one major scene to the other with no feeling of time passed or urgency. Which is unusual for one of your pieces.

Otherwise, a great chapter.

wcm posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:50am for Chapter 14

Thanks for the Christmas gift of an update!

agnar14 posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:48am for Chapter 14

I'm beginning to feel like the fic should have ended, because frankly you've taken it in directions I don't want to read about a few times the last two chapters.

I don't really want to read about all this political intrigue shit in this fic, or Kate going batshit nuts/superbitch over night. Or Harry being taken in by every pretty face he runs across.

It's beginning to feel like you stopped writing that first story I enjoyed so much, and began an international espionage thriller that happens to also have a character named Harry Potter, but bears little resemblance to the first dozen chapters.

Logan_MacLeod posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:27am for Chapter 14

This shit is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!

diagonalpumpkin posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:19am for Chapter 14

Wow. Plenty going on in this chapter. Two large mistakes that I'm sure will bite Harry and Gabrielle later, 2 new women introduced (with a possible third from the Americans?), and losing Kate, who, I have to admit, I thought was going to be around until the end. I did quite like her, I thought that was all part of the plan. I can believe this was a tough chapter though...not a lot of very happy things in it and it covered quite a bit. Thanks for another great chapter, and keep up the great work.

M. Scott Eiland posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:15am for Chapter 14

Clearly *something* made Kate do it that way--even if she genuinely wanted to take the job and was ultimately against trying to pursue a long-term relationship with Harry she generally wouldn't have been cruel to him in that situation because she's far too wise to permanently alienate an insanely valuable contact like one Lord Harry James Potter. It could be the kind of self-doubt that caused Katie Bell to intentionally alienate Harry in the backstory of "Hope," but I suspect not. I'm a little disappointed in Harry for not demanding she look him in the eye--though Kate's cruelty might well have been calculated so as to throw him off balance enough so that he *wouldn't* think to do that. Hopefully, he'll be inclined to dig a little deeper and not lose her totally as a friend, even though Word Of J says that the romance is done for good.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

sh8ad8ow posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 6:00am for Chapter 14

Excellent chapter like always can´t wait to see that fallout, and I hope that he wizens up to what those new womens are up to soon, so that he can avoind another situation like the one with Kate.