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Renzo7 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st December 2014 12:34am for Chapter 14

Great work, as always. I'm happy about the fast update. Fingers are crossed hoping for another! Happy new year, Tim!

gtgrouch posted a comment on Tuesday 30th December 2014 8:48am for Chapter 14

Another installment in the Hogwarts' Dawn saga: the plot becomes even more complicated as internationals swarm around Harry, all of them seeing what they expect to see, not the real person. This chapter takes an already complex story and expands the scope dramatically. Now, the Triwizard Tournament is almost a small footnote rather than a major event, accompanied by sweeping changes to the Ministry, economy, banking, education, and even the definition of success. I almost don't know what to think. I would guess the story is less than halfway written. Whatever happens, I'm eagerly awaiting what comes next!

Meja920 posted a comment on Sunday 28th December 2014 3:39pm for Chapter 14


Big fan of your writing and your website in general, so thanks for hosting all of this.

You caught me a bit by surprise with Kate whom I liked probably more than she deserved. Sounds like I wasn't the only one based on your authors notes. Personaly i'm pulling for Harry and Aurora (the whole "hot for teacher" thing if you like Van Halen).

God I love the internet. I get to read a story written by a "pasty English programmer" (this made me laugh) while sitting in my home in Michigan (where everybody navigates by holding up their hand and pointing...the mitten state don't you know) drinking coffee on a Sunday morning. Thanks so very much!


Mesterio posted a comment on Sunday 28th December 2014 12:35pm for Chapter 14

I had an entierly different view of Kate from how I saw her developed. The Kate I saw at the end of this chapter seemed more like one that had been drinking herself into a stupor, was on drugs, or had been Imperiused to say those things. It doesnt seem to fit her to blow up like that, despite how much Harry effected her emotions. If you going in another direction with a behind-the-scenes effect on her behavior then I'd understand, but I was really expecting a 'We'll always have paris' style ending to that relashionship.

Still, amazing work once again. Looking forward to the plot advancing along.

FeNo posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 9:30pm for Chapter 14

I don't know... i like most of the scenes as they happen and i'm pretty comfortable with the cast as you had worked it out in the first few chapters, the bodyguards and his "lawyer" in special... but right now it seems to me that you start to fuzz out from your original story and loose too much time in detailing stuff that is not really important to characterize Harry or bring the "from a boy that was shoved around constantly by powers outside of his control to a man who has his life in his own hands" idea forward.

This whole spy business for example seems to be good for a few hearty laughs, but it isn't really all that believable and distracts a lot from the things going on at Hogwarts. In the end it just spawns half a dozen new powers who all hope they can somehow control the boy who just broke out of the last set of controls over his life and it looks as if you do not plan to make their chances at success much higher than the absolutely toothless ministry you've portrayed in this chapter... no challenge, no danger, just obstacles that need to be turned flat to walk over and continue the cakewalk.

Sorry that's not very thrilling to watch happen and while SOME ladies in Harry's life are a nice idea, the flood you're now pouring out over the poor boy who#s still 14 at heart and in mind is also bordering on the absurd.

I hope you can find back to your older ways and return the story to a more solid footing of Harry overcoming real problems instead of just floating through halfpresented non-entities in the problem department. I really do enjoy your style and the ideas that are gong into your original characters, it's just that right now i'm not happy with the way this twits and turns out of shape in the name of being "funny". Mea Culpa.

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 4:00pm for Chapter 14

Thank you for another well written chapter

I am enjoying how the story is growing from the school to the world as Harry grows

I did enjoy Kate and am sorry to have her leave on such a comment

I am looking forward to what you write next and hope you have a happy and safe new year

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 2:55pm for Chapter 14

An interesting an excellent chapter.

keichan2 posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 2:18pm for Chapter 14

“her face in his crotch.” OK… Someone is going to die!

“She knew exactly what it would look like” Oho! The little manipulator! ;-p

“requisite long legs and ample chest.” Bwahahahahahaha!

The plot is becoming very complex!

Though I’m surprised about Kate… And I can’t get the feeling out of my head that some secret service got very insistent that she get away from Harry… (and can’t remember if you hinted at it in a previous chapter, or not…)

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!

stell94 posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 11:34am for Chapter 14

Last scene was a suprise. Kate knew exactly where to hit so Harry'd be hurt. But I think, that she just did that 'couse she didn't want to have a broken heart and thought "better you than me".

I'm wondering who will be Harry with next. There is so many possibilities but you'll probably manage to suprise everyone :)

Harry and Changs - it was great. Neutreal groung - his restaurant. Oh, well... he needed to show who's the boss :D

Can't wait for next chap


ps. sorry for mistakes (if there are here) :P

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 9:01am for Chapter 14

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

And thank you for changing the next button to be light and have a crossed circle when there is no next chapter. Great improvement to the site.

TempusLupy posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 8:05am for Chapter 14

I'm surprised you ended Kate in that way, especially when last chapter it seemed like she was being put on that job to make an easier in for Natalia. It seemed kinda forced to me, completely out of her character the entire story so far, and I liked her as a character, but I can see their pasts and backgrounds clashing too much for them to work. Speaking of Natalia, I don't like the way she's been introduced, essentially as using Harry, wanting him on the Russians side. I don't think I will like any of the characters introduced in this way or with this motive unless they get converted to Harry's side like many seem to when in close proximity for a long period of time. I hope in future chapters you develop the new dynamic between Harry and Dawn, now that she has a body. They seem to be set up as a pair, and I can see both going around together, after Harry thinks of a way for her to be able to leave the castle, and taking care of stuff like Harry did this chapter.

All in all I like the story, and I think you've done a good job so far. Please continue to entertain us with this and any other amazing story you come up with (like all of your other stories, which is like a whole chest of hidden gems of fanfiction all in one place) in the future.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you. I hope you are in good health this winter, and remain so for the rest of the season.


The Great Phoenix posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2014 12:45am for Chapter 14

Yeees, someone finally defied the trope! It's not something I detest when it's done well and slowly, which I think it is in this story, but I really like that someone finally called out all the other authors that do this (even if you weren't trying to call anyone out). Still, that came completely out of nowhere for me—which may have to do with the fact that I'm reading this one chapter at a time as they come up and don't remember the context—so I don't completely buy her attitude change.

Glad to see a new chapter!

TheWickedTruth posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 11:27pm for Chapter 14

Great chapter, can't wait for more.

Jason9 posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 11:23pm for Chapter 14

Not a super Christmasy end to the chapter eh? I think it's a mark of the quality of your writing that I actually care about these characters enough for this ending to bother me a bit. I just finished reading the first of the Iron Druid series and can honetly say I couldn't care less what happened to any of the characters I was obviously supposed to care about in that entire book.

After my initial reading, I started to think about some of the previous scenes from Kate's perspective, and coming up with some plausible reasons for her behavior towardsHarry (from her perspective anyway) - I can think of a couple of reasons for why she did what she did, and hopefully her effort on Harry isn't/wasn't wasted.

It's kind of interesting, because if I were to compare this story to your older stuff (as far as pacing goes) that I would be expecting this to start winding down. Instead, you're bringing in new characters, opening new storylines and generally, I get the feeling that you're ramping up into the meat of the story.

In any event, this story is still a lot of fun to read, and I look forward to some of the new stuff you're working on as well (The Starlight Cafe Diner's Club)!

foreceflow02 posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 10:56pm for Chapter 14

ouch. That one hurt, mate.

The Seeker posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 9:45pm for Chapter 14

Very powerful chapter, almost too powerful, but in your hands it was very entertaining. The ending scene provided balance to the rest of the chapter, but what a sucker punch to the stomach. Kate's comments were wonderfully written and highly acidic. She will be missed but less than she would have been. It's not like there aren't many alternatives.

Hamilton Wrye posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 9:13pm for Chapter 14

When you said Kate was popular, you weren't kidding. Over at Caer Azkaban, I could not believe the number of people upset over her departure. I figure it this way; she was not a major character, more mid range, and an OC to boot. You did not kill her off, and Harry learns a valuable lesson, that when you dig down to discover the soul of a whore, you still end up with a whore. Kate never made any bones about who or what she was, she had a business arrangement with the twins to turn Harry from a clueless dork into a studmuffin. Mission accomplished, try to leave quietly because she sees her client starting to fall for her and make assumptions. She needed to come down hard on him, smack him down to the point that he would not become some obcessed stalker with unlimited resources.

Great job,


preier posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 8:23pm for Chapter 14

well, the bit with kate came somewhat out of nowhere... harry's idea to put kate in 'protection business' actually deserved something of a response but... seems to go contrary to what you built her as. did she grow out of hand to your mental image of the character? seems like it, given your AN

darn characters not staying in the box you intended for them, right?

GBTtown posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 7:41pm for Chapter 14

Great update. Long awaited but no less 'preciated!

sirisaac123 posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 7:28pm for Chapter 14

This is a great story. I look forward to the next chapter.