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Cadisnoblesse posted a comment on Thursday 8th September 2016 3:54am for Chapter 14

Great story! Hope to see it be continued.

mwinter posted a comment on Monday 5th September 2016 11:57am for Chapter 14

Hello. Thank you for Motivations but awaiting more of Hogwarts Dawn.

Darkon posted a comment on Saturday 3rd September 2016 10:47pm for Chapter 14

Hogwarts' Dawn by Arsene Wenger reviews

There were many ways that Harry could choose to deal with being forcibly entered into the Twi-Wizard Tournament. As everyone knows, the best way to deal with a problem, is to hire expert help. And who better than Fred and George to show Harry the best way to survive? Escorts, Veela, Bodyguards, Bounties, Alcohol, Mata Hari's, National Championships.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 125,918 - Reviews: 106 - Favs: 234 - Follows: 339 - Updated: 8h ago - Published: Aug 7 - Harry P., Gabrielle D.
Sigh to think people do such things Sigh. Love the story Love nintey percent of your stories keep up the great work. Hopefully this Troll will have it removed unless its you but I doubt it. It seems to be a complete copy/paste.

Maya Wallace posted a comment on Saturday 27th August 2016 1:15am for Chapter 14


krisb posted a comment on Thursday 25th August 2016 6:08am for Chapter 14

I'm mixed. I liked Kate when she first showed up. She was important to Harry and taught him some important life lessons/skills. I didn't really expect to see her after the yule ball again though.

The threesome was a surprise more than anything. I think that was more her being upset about getting him in the press rather than anything else though.

I never really thought of Kate being a real pairing for him. I could see Kate wanting to set him up with Fleur and slide out of being his romantic focus. Fleur didn't play ball and screwed things up for her though.

I'm curious on what the real deal with the Twins was. It's not really important though. I'm not really that interested in the spy plots at the moment. It does explain why she is taking a long term months long job though. The Russian plot really had little to do with things. She already was feeling that she was getting too attached to Harry. It wasn't so much that he was attached to her, but the reverse was happening. She was looking for a reason to get away for awhile. She's was likely looking waiting for any excuse to leave and quietly getting out of Harry's life.

I can actually see some of how she is thinking. Even if her back story isn't that cute and dried or nice, she still wants to be in control of things herself. Being around Harry? Laughs. She is loosing control. Of course, she doesn't want to be around him. Oh, she still liked him and would have been friendly if he could have kept things really at the just friends place. Harry fell for her though. Harry wanted to be more than friends.

This fight and leaving is Kate's way of breaking off with him and changing venues. Her life won't really be changed much and after wards she will still have her client base and all that.

I was skimming through the reviews. The one that really made me think was just when was Gabby thinking of Harry as an actual god to worship? Blinked. That was new and sort of out of left field. I thought that she was more of little sister or such for him. She was a safe person for him to pour all his love into. Gabby could hurt Harry much worse than Kate could. I actually sort of wanted this to end up Harry/Gabby. Nothing against Dawn, but she was more of their unexpected child rather than a proper love interest.

Dawn wants Harry's love though just as Gabby has been getting it. Dawn has had his love for years though... Dawn likely has had many students love as well.

I can't wait for some of the agents to get more of a basic idea of what is happening. Harry and his team will still be persons of interest, but they won't be like arch mage level of interest. You pretty much explained things that Dawn had lots of magic that she was using on behalf of Harry.

The one that I didn't get though was the second task with the lake. I thought that was actually mainly the Twins and Harry. Crediting that to Hogwarts and Dawn just sort of stoll their thunder.

I sort of like the chinese agent more than the russian agent. The russian one was more meh. There wasn't anything really drawing him back to her or anything. If she didn't invite herself along the other lawyes would have been fine at getting him out of things. It was more than a bit odd that she was able to get tapes of that before the local cops and agents from the queen. I'm sorry, but that should be raising some major red flags. Setup.

I actually hope she royally flunks her test. Harry is ready to go emo and all that and be angsty for the next chapter. Well, that or be all pissy and more angry. That's likely the reason why she gets a free pass on things. He wasn't really paying attention, and she isn't really asking to be invited into his inner circle.

I don't really care for the spy game direction. I'm curious on the gay cabal and that god daughter that he wants Harry to hire. Jonathan has surprised me. At first it was just a background place, but he has grown rather close to Harry. I was sort of expecting for the Declours to mainly be Harry's family in this.

How will Dawn affect Harry's plans of leaving? I doubt she would be able to actually leave the castle or grounds. I was actually sort of expecting for Harry to come back and become future headmaster or something.

So far, you've not really shown anyone that's a remote match for this Harry. Oddly, even if he waited for Gabby to get 18, she would still be far to naive/innocent for this Harry.

Well things have been a fun read.

elvander72 posted a comment on Sunday 21st August 2016 2:44am for Chapter 14

hoping there s still going to be more of this story

Doni2004567 posted a comment on Saturday 20th August 2016 11:34am for Chapter 14

I don't know if anyone has told you but there is an author - Krish2 who has copied this story word for word on fan Several of us has reported this author but still the story is up.

seaver posted a comment on Friday 12th August 2016 6:30am for Chapter 14

No please don' leave Kate out now. You've created a character who has so much potential.

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 17th July 2016 11:09pm for Chapter 14

I really don't like Russian and Chinese spies in an HP story, but I HATE not getting more of this story

red jacobson posted a comment on Thursday 14th July 2016 1:05am for Chapter 14

Any idea when the next chapter will be ready? You said it was being rewritten several months ago and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next


moontenshi21 posted a comment on Monday 11th July 2016 2:52pm for Chapter 14

It's been awhile since you have updated Hogwart's Dawn. I read it again this weekend and loved it as always. I hope you find the time to update soon.

JoeRoss posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2016 9:49am for Chapter 14

I had to come back and check to see if there had been a new chapter out for the story yet. I'm not going to whine and demand more chapters or complain that you shouldn't have a real life and then demand chapters. I do however look forward to the aftermath when Harry finds the treachery of the Russians. I don't think there will be much left of the Russian FSB or their spy network when he gets done with it though.

I look forward to the next chapter.

Excelsi---wait wait excellent work uhm thats what I meant!

Addlcove posted a comment on Tuesday 5th July 2016 10:21pm for Chapter 14

just re-read this, again ;) hoping your muse returns to this story soon.

alanis posted a comment on Sunday 19th June 2016 10:19pm for Chapter 14

Ok I just read the cahpters that I missed and they were great. I am rather sad that you plan on having Kate gone from Harry's life because you actually managed to make the two of them together make sense, what with all the darkness talk. At the begining when it started to look that way I was sceptict since well Kate is an escort. I am wondering what you plan on doing with all the different agents that seem to be popping up in Harrys life and will Harry trust them or find out what is happening? Another thing is there going to be some sort of trial in the muggle world because of the atack, one where Harry has to testify? I have to admit I am a little dissapointed that it isn't finished yet but all great things take time so I really hope you have fun writing and am totally looking forward to the next chapter.

Thodekke posted a comment on Wednesday 15th June 2016 2:23pm for Chapter 14

I wasn't sure how to take the end of this chapter. That scene was painful to read. Not because it was written poorly, but because it was written well.

On the bright side, I guess this opens the door for Harry/Sinistra or Fleur. Doesn't mean I really like it much.

This is a phenomenal story. You're an excellent writer. Keep it up!

Jimbocous posted a comment on Thursday 9th June 2016 7:42am for Chapter 14

Great stuff. Hope to see more of this as RL permits. As always, thanks for a great read!!

Rob_Wrecks posted a comment on Saturday 21st May 2016 9:37am for Chapter 14

OHh man, I seriously hope a new chapter is gonna come soon. The ending for this one shocked me greatly as I was truly liking Kate.

Carick posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2016 3:55pm for Chapter 14

I found this by chance it is a very well thought out take on adult Harry Potter it has all the need parts good writting, plot and story arc but is it a lost fanfiction doom not to be finished I hope not for if finished it will be an outstanding story

Biblio388 posted a comment on Thursday 12th May 2016 7:20pm for Chapter 14

This is an absolutely awesome story. I have only read this and White Knight, Grey Queen so far but they are definitely some of the best I have ever read. Hope to see this continued and will happily continue to read it well into the future.

Priyansh posted a comment on Tuesday 10th May 2016 7:47pm for Chapter 14

Abondoned? Or continued?