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jilumasam posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 12:56am for Chapter 14

Good update. Thanks so much for writing. Not overly fond of the russian dame, but hey, I can't win everything :D

red jacobson posted a comment on Friday 26th December 2014 12:06am for Chapter 14

Thanks for the speedy update, but I was not happy with that final scene, this story is going in a much darker direction than it was in the beginning. I hope you are planning to get back to the lighter story you were originally telling, because this chapter really left me cold.


Frederick Herriot posted a comment on Thursday 25th December 2014 11:23pm for Chapter 14

Sad to see the scene with Kate, but it is understandable: Reality for someone like her is much different than the dreams Harry came up with. It's sad, but it's part of growing up.