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darkblast posted a comment on Sunday 18th December 2016 9:06am

Amazing story. I just love this kind of slice of life fic.

gara5289 posted a comment on Sunday 26th June 2016 1:47am

One of my favorite chapters just doesn't feel like the end to me. In all fairness I couldn't say which chapter would be better so my comment is a bit of a wash.

gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 25th June 2016 11:52pm

Very cleve and very well done. Fawkes and Hedwig POV are my fanfic cliche of choice.

gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 25th June 2016 11:30pm

Very amusing and the best compliment I could give is I wouldn't know it was a guest author without the AN. The tone, flow and dialogue was seamless to the rest of the story.

gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 25th June 2016 11:23pm

I think this is my favorite way I've seenSnape dealt with (outside of just killing him).

gara5289 posted a comment on Saturday 25th June 2016 9:17pm

Regardless of how anyone writes her (that isn't all bashing), Hermione always needs to grow up at least a little. I love how you do it in this story.

tcl7189 posted a comment on Monday 5th October 2015 12:37pm

Interesting ride!

OriksGaming posted a comment on Thursday 23rd July 2015 11:48pm

Just reread the whole story, I wish you'd continue it. Because you uploaded all of these to your site at the same time, I'm not sure if this was where you wanted to end it or not, but I really wish you hadn't. It's a great and fun story, one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction, and I'd have liked to see it all play out.

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 28th June 2015 7:09am

Poor Padma. It would take a huge fan in every aspect of Ron's being for him to even be marginally acceptable for Millicent

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 2:51am

Loved the vignettes, but I'm sad to see it's been a couple of years since you added to this story. Well, depends on if you define a couple as somewhere around 8. It's great but I can't really judge the overall story, since it is, as of yet, incomplete, and I'll reserve my judgement for if you ever start working on it again. If you do, that's awesome, I'll love it, many other people will love it, if you don't, oh well, big loss of potential, and I'll have to make due with reading more of your stories that involve a pairing that I'm not as big on(Not a threat in any way, not that it would matter to you even if I did something as dumb as to even imagine this would threaten you, it's just what I'd do). I do really hope you come back to this story, as I believe that it's great work, and you would get a lot more people reading it nowadays, since Harry and Daphne is a very popular pairing at the moment. Plus, the prequel to this was presumably what really started Daphne's ice queen persona and her popularity in fanfiction, from what I heard, and I really want you to finish your continuation of that story.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 1:13am

I feel a little bad about Snape, but it's probably the best punishment he could have gotten.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 1:01am

Bad Dumbydork...

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 12:52am

Ah, life is always better when Gred and Forge take control! :)

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 12:35am

I hope Dumbledore dies soon in this story

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 12:27am

Lol, a baby basilisk, and Dumbledore ignores it. He's such a hypocritical idiot in this story, probably the most evil of them all, conspiring to kill a teenage boy by having him take down a student that he had corrupted, just to eliminate Dumbledore's own magical competition. When Hogwarts murders him, I wanna piss on his grave.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Saturday 27th June 2015 12:22am

I got a good laugh from this chapter. You captured Luna perfectly.

SteveC60xcjkas7rwlsg23 posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2015 4:01am

I really enjoyed the 'fleshing out' that you provided herein.

I am sorry that things have been going poorly for you of late but I guess that's life, eh? (And I most certainly do NOT mean that in any form of a slur or in a demeaning fashion. My wife has been healthy for aproximately 6 weeks in the nearly 32 years we've been married. I don't like it but there it is. And as the Preacher said during the vows: for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, und so weiter...)

I hold out hope that in the end all the seemingly random stupidly arranged problems are indeed for some purpose but that is also something that can only be answered (if it can be at all) at the end of the whole thing.

Until then I hope you hold your head up and take each day as it comes and I would once again like to encourage you in your hobby. I know that your writing has given me great pleasure over the last few weeks as I've enjoyed your work.

Best regards,


KSpringer posted a comment on Saturday 31st January 2015 11:38am

I really, REALLY, enjoyed reading the Vignettes. I've read quite a bit of your work on FFA and hope to read more. I like your style, humor, and your take on the Harry Potter world...

Thank you for your time and talent!

thisperson posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2015 10:06pm

Oh god the endind to this chapter...

It made me laugh heartily and non-stop as I saw Charlie's motivation and vision.

This is a wonderful universe that I would love to read more of. I'm reading this chronologically. :)


studyofchaos posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2014 11:53am

Great story. Too bad it isn't finished (yet?). Hopefully some day you'll come back to this story and breave some more life into it.