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James Rayner posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 11:28pm for 6 - Tintagel

i love it u are in my opinion one of the TOP fanfic writers out there

Los posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 10:28pm for 6 - Tintagel

great chapter, im loving it how you are making this relationship work...and having harry being compared to merlin and him behaving the way he does with compliments is great...cant wait how this story ends...

Lia posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 8:31pm for 6 - Tintagel

thank you for updating
that was a fantastic chapter
i love the merlin story and the crazy golf
very nice additions to the story
i look forward to reading more!

Meg posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 8:19pm for 6 - Tintagel

There is nothing I can say to start this review that can express the depth of emotion you pulled out of me.

As usual, I laughed and I got teary......but I said in my last review I didn't think after WKGQ you could do better......

That last line, Tim......"He was no longer alone." It pulls something from me. Not only images of an 11 year old Harry in front of the Mirror of Erised in PS, but the feelings I have from my own upbringing - knowing as an adopted child that I was /never/ alone due to the love and acceptance of two people who wanted a child more than anything else in the world. /That/ is what your relationship between Harry and Gabbie is bringing me in this story. It's not so much the angst or the drama just so much as the fact that it's /there/.

I've always known unconditional love from my parents (and have never felt the need to seek out birth parents), but what you've written perfectly expresses that "what if" factor as well as the warmth and acceptance of simply KNOWING that the love is true and that it's solid and protecting and not going away.

A beautiful chapter. Just heartbreakingly and heartliftingly beautiful.


WNabors posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 8:01pm for 6 - Tintagel

Whoot!!! These chapters are really rolling the story along. The interaction between Harry and Gabby is thrilling to read. WNabors

Lon Huey posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 7:34pm for 6 - Tintagel

Just. Absolutely. Loved. It.

This is why HBP was a little of a disappointment for me. You are taking the characters into ways I just love. HBP was okay, and I'm sure it follows her outline, but what you do with the characters, it really is magic. I'm not squeeing like a fan girl here, I almost quit reading fanfiction due to the asinine writing most people pass off. This is good. You REALLY have a talent. This is believable, given the characters, and even the stuff you've made up is great. I buy it. I would buy it, were it necessary. Now if you knew me well, you would know that's the highest compliment I can afford, no pun intended. I spend money as though it were my own blood. A little Scottish heritage goes a long way.

I will anxiously await the next chapter.

And...Thank You, very much.


Samantha posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:59pm for 6 - Tintagel


Crys posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:56pm for 6 - Tintagel

“French is one of the most romantic languages in the world, yet you sound like you’re butchering a pig when you speak it.”

“Throwing me to the lions?”
*snicker* We'll ignore that all the English wizards in the room were Gryffindors . . .

“Why did you not just Summon the egg?”
*laugh* I've toyed with the idea of a ficlet that gives quicker answers to the tasks. Glad to see someone else had the same damn answer to that one :)

Ah, so we have Gabby's story of what AD said. And he DIDN'T mention the merpeople. Where he DID mention to the others (didn't he?). More "manipulative AD" proof.

"when the idea came to me to Mate to him"
*sigh* We still don't know if that was a natural thought or if it was forced on her. And you're being amazingly tight-lipped on that count, not to mention all these chapters that don't give a solid answer either way.

“Good-looking? I’ve got a pet frog that is good-looking, but I wouldn’t compare her to Gabrielle.”
Wonderful way with words, George, wonderful.

Nice touch with Nev.

"... she would wait here, for as long as it took, for him to come back to her. At some stage she was going to have to explain the phenomenon to him, but not today."
Hmm. An obedience clause in the Mating . . . We first heard how this affects him and the ultimate "downside" to her. Filling in the remaining blanks makes this sound worse and worse for her.

Ah, it's comforting to see that miniature golf exists elsewhere. Of course, the parent game WAS invented in your neck of the woods . . .

[An evil smirk forms.] Oh, we get to watch Gabrielle utterly destroy Malfoy? *wicked grin*

“It’s going to get better than that?” He felt a little awed.
“If you’ll stop talking about it and let us do it again.”
*snicker* Damn, gotta love that "I instinctively know what he wants and do it" Veela trait.

Yeow. Helluva ending. I'm actually kinda surprised he didn't say anything. No, I didn't expect an "I love you, too", but maybe "I'm starting to love you, too".

Paulo Weber posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:38pm for 6 - Tintagel

wow. It's all I have to say so far. Just one question, and since I do not know much about international laws, Harry won't care, nor will Gabrielle, but if someone *cough* Malfoy *cough* decides to blab to the french ministry of magic about Gabby's age, won't it cause problems to them?

patrik svensson posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:37pm for 6 - Tintagel

Great story,
keep upp the good work.

Opinions are like assholes.
Everyone has one - but some just smell worse than others.

Madelyn posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:37pm for 6 - Tintagel

ARG!! *pulls hair out* That was absolutely fantastic! And you are a cruel, cruel man. WHY MUST THERE ONLY BE ONE CHAPTER AT A TIME?! [/rant]
Sorry. Anyway. Lovely new chapter, the interaction between Harry and Gabrielle was absolutely fantastic. The only thing I wish was different is that I would like to see more of Beaubatons and its denizens. You've described it very well in the previous chapters and it makes me want to see more! Anyway, I loved this chapter and can't wait to see the next one! *bounces in seat*

Oh! And Happy Turkey Day! :) *tries to foist off large amounts of turkey* >)

Bethany1 posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 6:07pm for 6 - Tintagel

*happy sigh*

This chapter was perfect.

Simply perfect. I stand in awe of your ability to capture Harry's essence on "paper."

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

Scott Hawkins posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 5:42pm for 6 - Tintagel

Good chapter, though not as intense as the previous one. A lot more mellow, but far more romantic, and the change of pace suited it.

Interesting little subplot you've hatched of the French Ministry (or Jean at least) getting suspicious of Dumbledore's activity's, and the 2 divination teachers helping each other to plot against Harry.

I can't wait until Harry just flattens the lot of them (preferably physically, but socially and psychologically would do just as well).

By Snape’s little comment to Malfoy about doing whatever he needed to get her, I have a feeling that Draco may just take that a little too far and force the issue onto Gabrielle, which will be very interesting. To (kinda) quote one of your other fics, the resulting explosion would be proof that you do not touch her.

The defence class intermission was quite good, and a lesson that the Beauxbatons students will more than likely find useful when wandering the halls of Hogwarts.

Something that got me pondering was the identity of the fourth girl?
By the sounds of the situation, that’d be Ginny and the reason for their subsequent break-up. Your addition of Gabrielle being ill after Harry was with another woman gives another reason for why she has been through enough suffering due to the bond.

Another thing that I thought worked very well was the game of Crazy Golf and eating of Fish and Chips (something no trip to the seaside can be without). It showed how far the level of closeness and comfort between both Harry and Gabrielle had developed, and how far they’ve come from being complete strangers to people who are in love or as close to being in love as any two people can be.

I can’t quite bring myself to calling this chapter fluffy, as it’s far too well written and subtle, but what is shown definitely cements the fact that he is hers, and she is his, even if they’ve not committed themselves to each other.

AK posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 5:39pm for 6 - Tintagel

This is a great story, when I started to read this I was wondering how on hell would you deal with the 6 year difference, and you did it quite well I guess :)
I really like the way the charactersinteract! Oh and can I make a request PLZ!!! I whant Draco Bashing!!! Blood and GORE!!!! Mouahahahaha! he deserves it... But I guess the way things are going we will have two divination, one potions, one flight professor and one hedmaster taking a serious beating and I can't think of any reason as to why not!!!

Joseph Fritz posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 5:35pm for 6 - Tintagel

Great chapter! Can't wait to see more!

siaru posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 5:10pm for 6 - Tintagel

The Harry/Gabrielle interaction here: logical and beautiful. Thank you.
The International Dark Cabal being revealed at Hogwarts: yes, it's believable that people can be so perniciously poisonous (I'm reminded of a line from Rand here: "They don't _want_ to succeed: they want _you_ to fail."), but surprising that you picked that thread up with Trelawney on it. Surprising but sadly perceptive.
Overall, it's impressive how compelling you're making a tale about an athlete at a French School of (the) Art; thank you for giving us the pleasure of this story.

Aragulus posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 4:54pm for 6 - Tintagel

Let us give thanks to jeconais for this new chapter of Hope. And may the next chapter be out just as quickly.

314159 posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 4:54pm for 6 - Tintagel

s/and ignored you were useful to him again/and ignored you until you were useful to him again/

Junky posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 4:46pm for 6 - Tintagel

When's the next chapter up? ;)

Bobmin356 posted a comment on Thursday 24th November 2005 4:46pm for 6 - Tintagel

Is it time for chapter 7 yet? :)

OK I get it, Hogwarts has become full of bad guys. I think this would be best ended if Dumbledore was ousted, and oops! Snape and Draco killed by a falling piano.

BTW, the twins would have resorted to at least one payback prank on Gabby for what she did against Harry. Knowing it mistake and she wasn't trying to hurt him, they'd make it a light prank. A day with Potter Black Hair would be perfect. :D

- Bob