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Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 10:53am for 6 - Tintagel

Right. I want to SLAUGHTER Trelawney, Malfoy AND Snape. In a very disgusting, public and painful manner. Am. I. evil?

Marauder Neyo posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2012 5:54am for 6 - Tintagel

Ahh... Bayard. I like that name. ;)

'Harry responded with a single gesture that perhaps wasn’t the politest reply one could make, but which got his point across perfectly.' How? By raising his middle finger? Hehe... XD

Oh and by the way, loved how you added the twins here! I sooooo love those two! Hahaha!!! XD A fanfiction with them around is always a fun read! :)

Oh and, that part about Merlin? I loved that as well! :D

Keep up the good work!

The Seeker posted a comment on Tuesday 6th March 2012 11:42pm for 6 - Tintagel

After reading this story and specifically this chapter more times than I can remember, it's about time I commented. In my opinion, this chapter is arguably one of, if not the best, ever written in HP fan fiction. Especially outstanding was the progression of the Harry/Gabby relationship, from the classic, 'orange is not a good color for fish,' to the relaxed fun at crazy golf and your educational interpretation of the Arthurian legends, accompanied by a visit to Merlin's final resting place. Most importantly to both the chapter and to Harry were the explosive scenes along the beach, ending with Harry apparating them to the bed in his cottage, where he finally realized he was no longer alone, despite his best efforts to remain so. Thanks!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 20th January 2011 4:15pm for 6 - Tintagel

That was great! How they finally kissed was very natural and realistic. Well done!

Abraxan posted a comment on Friday 2nd July 2010 6:05pm for 6 - Tintagel

This was an absolutely lovely read! So much love and passion and told so gently. Beautiful work, Tim!


ToriCat posted a comment on Saturday 15th May 2010 6:27am for 6 - Tintagel

I love your Arthurian legend!!!! I am now believing that it is the only good Arthurian legend out there!!!

This fic is AWESOME!!!!

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 16th January 2010 2:13am for 6 - Tintagel

Fred, George, Ollie and Katie just makes the story better with how you write. And then an awesome date with a King Arthur story and guest appearance. I am greatly enjoying this. Thanks

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Friday 30th January 2009 7:41pm for 6 - Tintagel

I have a question... If he had a dark magic detector that is almost always on.... How did he not notice the bone?

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 13th June 2008 1:04pm for 6 - Tintagel

Outstanding story, I really love the fun stuff. Nice writing.


Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2008 9:54pm for 6 - Tintagel

this chapter of the tragic but faithful tale was ausome i totally luved it keep writing.

Vilkath posted a comment on Friday 15th February 2008 2:56pm for 6 - Tintagel

Very interseting story, bit disapointed with the Divination professor's betrayl. Seems a bit shallow to me and how could she get such information out if she is suposivly already being watched? it's not like the two are super secret spy's or anything.

Mionefan posted a comment on Friday 25th January 2008 8:56am for 6 - Tintagel

Hmmm... I'm a bit disappointed! I thought I could find some problems with this fic, but so far it's PERFECT!!! Oh, one or two typos, but even the best published books have them, This is one of, if not the best fan fiction I've read, and the pairing is extraordinary. I'm sure the rest of the story will be just as absorbing. Sad to say, I'm not getting much sleep until I finish this one.
Excellent plot and writing.


Thomas V. Sperl posted a comment on Wednesday 5th December 2007 9:00am for 6 - Tintagel

Hallo, (bad to start a review like that, but i don't know how else i should start ^^)
As i am a fan of everything concerning Harry and a Veela (or Vampire or things like that) i rally liked that story (as there are so few out there even after doing search runs for 2 years and more). i would like to write myself, but i have the problem that i get stories startet and then loose the drive mid story....but anyway this is not about me, so please continue this excelent work (this story maybe finished but there are many more out there to write :)
with best wishes,
Tom Sperl

Curlism posted a comment on Thursday 2nd August 2007 5:27pm for 6 - Tintagel

“No, you think of me as Harry, your Mate, and everything else, but you have to remember that I’m also Harry Potter.”

“What does that mean?”

“That I’m practically unkillable,” he said with a grin. “Now do it again, just faster.”

LOL, I love this story.
Thanks for writing :D


Viridian posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 8:09am for 6 - Tintagel

Interesting... I've noticed considerable ret-conning regarding the Mating process. Namely, that 8 year old Gabby didn't know it would not allow Harry to have a relationship (from earlier) and now, it's implied that if Harry had met 'a worthy woman', the bond would have snapped on its own.

I suppose this allows you to have Harry's dramatic outburst when he learns the truth... and then later make Gabby a more and more sympathetic character. But it's still noticeable, so I'm sort of conflicted with regards to how well it works for me as a reader. Maybe I'm just thinking too much about it, lol.

Very nice close to the chapter!

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 24th May 2007 6:22am for 6 - Tintagel

so is there goign to be an update today

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Monday 14th May 2007 2:26pm for 6 - Tintagel

Good chapter. I really like the progression of Gabrielle and Harry's relationship as it seems so very natural.
Only comment would be the sudden plot twist of Snape, Draco, Trelawney and the Beuxbatons divination professor plotting against Harry seems quite forced and only there to give Harry some adversity.
Thanks for writing.

xBizzle posted a comment on Tuesday 12th September 2006 5:16pm for 6 - Tintagel

This chapter screamed romance. They finally kissed. And hot damn was it good. Evil divination teachers. Are Malfoy and Snape gay with each other? HAHA. I love how you compared Harry to Merlin and there similiarities and differiences. Again, I loved the final bit with Gabrielle and Harry sleeping in the same bed. She is far maturer than a normal 16 year old. Great chapter. Runs off to next chapter.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 11:41am for 6 - Tintagel

Tintagel is so beautiful. Have to love Ollie asking Harry to negotiate his contract for him. Have to love that Neville is a private defence instructor too. Have to adore the way you used the King Arthur myth too. The faculty having purple hair was so amusing. Loved the Goblin bone chip bit too.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 10th January 2006 8:35am for 6 - Tintagel

Awesome, that was some seriously good writing.