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OriksGaming posted a comment on Wednesday 24th June 2015 3:21pm for Chapter 12

HarryxAurora happens because of a side plot with a complete b****. Cool. Great work and keep it up!

kstchr posted a comment on Wednesday 31st December 2014 4:06am for Chapter 12

Loved the acronimization of Megan's school---so perfectly appropriate for her!! lol I also really, really liked Hermione's comment about Harry standing on the backs of giants. Can't wait to see both Megan get her comeuppance...and Dudley wake up to his own life lesson,too.

niloc posted a comment on Thursday 27th November 2014 12:00am for Chapter 12

It is a great story. I cannot wait to read more.

DJPotter posted a comment on Tuesday 18th November 2014 12:43pm for Chapter 12

May I ask about 13th chapter of HD as you said its at beta at 20th September & today is 18th November

Pennywise posted a comment on Saturday 1st November 2014 3:28am for Chapter 12

Awesome chapter.

studyofchaos posted a comment on Saturday 25th October 2014 10:08pm for Chapter 12

Fantastic story. Please continue!

sylvelle posted a comment on Tuesday 21st October 2014 1:10am for Chapter 12

Well I'm all caught up, so how long before we get an update here??? I did as you suggested though and now follow both you and fanficauthors.

Lve your Harry, but he sure is aging fast.


Kail990 posted a comment on Sunday 19th October 2014 9:13am for Chapter 12

I really liked reading this story, I hope you will find the time to finish this.

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Saturday 11th October 2014 11:24am for Chapter 12

As usual another great chapter. As you have probably heard many times from many people, I read to fast and I wish your updates were focused on one story and alternated between them. Not your problem really, just my wish for more of this story. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the next chapter. James

Sanabalis posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 7:44am for Chapter 12

Excellent!! Looking forward to more!

red jacobson posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd September 2014 1:05am for Chapter 12

Still loving this story buddy, and panting for an update! I can't wait to see Aurora taking Smeltings by Storm!


kubz11 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th August 2014 3:15am for Chapter 12

Great story! Update soon! I keep re-reading this story because it's so great and at the end, I find myself both incredibly pleased and regretably disappointed. Pleased because it's such a fun story to read over and over and disappointed because I wish there was more!

motherjenjen posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2014 1:55pm for Chapter 12

I have to say this is still one of my favorite stories ever. I wait with bated breath for the next chapter.

jilumasam posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2014 11:43pm for Chapter 12

Thank you for writing. I've been on holidays and left my password at home. The wait has been absolutely worth it. Keep up the fantastic work. Liz

Aran Linvail posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2014 2:41pm for Chapter 12

Awesome fic!!! i'm loving it so much, can't wait for the next chapter :). How does Harry deal with Aurora and the local bitch? what happens with Dawn?

Update soon!!!!

The Great Phoenix posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2014 1:08am for Chapter 12

There are still a bunch of typos, but it was great to read this again and have a new chapter to read to boot. I want to see the wonderful conclusion of this visit!

M4RKL4R posted a comment on Wednesday 25th June 2014 2:42am for Chapter 12

Last time I read this there were only ten chapters I believe. I like the additions and I'm painfully waiting on the cliffhanger at the end of Ch.12. Keep up the good work.

TheGrimmChaos posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2014 11:35am for Chapter 12

I Love it, can't wait for more.

Please update soon.

Gunooner posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 11:05pm for Chapter 12

Great chapter. Hope you update soon ;)

chrwain01 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 2:25pm for Chapter 12

Loved the addition, really didn't want it to end. Am definitely looking forwards to the next installment.

The one glaring thing that hit me during this was that if Harry is supposed to be early twenties now... surely he's a great deal taller than a mid teen? I suppose that is easily explained with the early life malnutrition but ... (although again that would be an interesting conversation for his crew to have.. "If he's twenty why's he still a short arse"... "those Dursleys really need kicked" etc)

The introduction of Aurora to their little coven is fun and interesting, the appearance of Dawn a great take on the story (with lots of interesting implications for their next year.. does she get a sister.. can she simply be two buildings at once? Could Beaubaxtons be a love interest for our ancient Scottish lass?)