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Chris Steadman posted a comment on Sunday 8th June 2008 12:45am

I hope that someday you pick this up again. I've really enjoyed it each time I've read and reread it. It makes for great re-reading!

redjacobson posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 5:31am

Hey Tim; just finished re-reading this story; and I really hope you find time to move this one to the top of the 'to be finished' pile,
because I'm really interested in seeing what happens next.

I'll have to admit, I was concerned with how you had been characterizing Buffy in the beginning of the story; but, with the explanation of how Spike has been manipulating her, including the mention of hypnosis; it does make a good bit more sense.

Looking forward to more. Oh, and, a quick question; are you going to be doing any more with the Witch and the Warrior story?


James13 posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 11:05pm

Aah. I must say I love this story :)

You were right about the first 2 chapters being slightly dodgy with the bashing, but after that, I haven't a single complaint about it, and indeed, I gladly praise you.

Nice to see some thinking characters and it's wonderful to see a grownup Xander, who can have an adult conversation with his once hated rival, and even crack jokes with Angel.

All in all, the chars are true to themselves, once realize that they are actually thinking, breathing entities.

skyblade85 posted a comment on Sunday 25th May 2008 6:33pm

hey love this story i dont know how many times ive read it was wondering when you would get back to it or if you would find someone else to finish it cause i really really would like to see how this story ends

redhandgrunt posted a comment on Monday 19th May 2008 8:53am

This is a truly great story. You have no idea how much I hope you come back to it someday.

trinkle28655 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th April 2008 8:54pm

loved it can't wait for more

child_of_lore posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2008 1:55pm
Wow I love this pairing and this has got to be one of the best stories with it, I read so far. You shoud definalty update when you can get a chance. Cause leaving on a cliffhanger is just wrong! love your stories keep up the good work!

kcgx23 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th March 2008 7:15am

I love this fic, please update soon, I want to read more.

Maverick512000 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th March 2008 9:58pm

Amazing story, though i realize the odds are slim I do hope you'll fimish it someday.

Nick8 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th March 2008 11:08am

... damn you... I'm now hooked on X/D pairing and there are not that many decent ones out there. It's all you fault you know... you just had to be an awesome writer didn't you.

I have found a few other decent X/D fics out there but nothing to the caliber of your three. So please help me with my new addiction and bring out a new chapter or three? Please?

Slade01 posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2008 2:39pm

need more, this is the best X/D fic that i have ever seen and i hope that more will be posted. please, i want to see more of it.

Chuck posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 4:27pm

Is there any chance we will get to see more of this story? its certainly one of my favorites it nice to see the development and the time taken.

Butclesb posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2008 3:08am

I got the rec for this story from what I have dubbed the 'Nights Bar and Grill' series. I have to say this is a wonderful story and I am looking forward to the rest of it.

kcgx23 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th December 2007 11:49am

I have read two of your other stories under the HP fandom, and I loved them, I enjoyed this story just as much, I hope you continue it, I would truly enjoy reading more.

asdf1234ghjk posted a comment on Sunday 18th November 2007 9:26pm

Finish this! You're killing me.

joshua trappe posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 9:23pm

damn! you sure can write a good story! please please please please PLEASE update soon! I'm not above begging( though you probably already knew that). Looking forward to the last couple of chapters(poor Buffy... NOT). i also can't wait to see how Kennedy 1)gets found out, and 2) takes defeat.

azrael3 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 7:18pm

Damn jec you ever going to update ?

Chuck posted a comment on Monday 29th October 2007 4:26pm

I love this story. any word on an update?

patrick1 posted a comment on Monday 17th September 2007 2:57pm

I think this is the fourth time I've reread this story, and still love it. Hope you continue it at some point.

bsr posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2007 3:44am

are you going to finsh this story