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firedrakegirl posted a comment on Saturday 13th October 2012 4:33pm

This is wonderful!!! I can't waut for more!!!!!!!

Addlcove posted a comment on Thursday 11th October 2012 11:22pm

Here's another review hoping to inspire you into finishing this story ;)

grey_shadow_horse posted a comment on Tuesday 9th October 2012 9:55pm

i loved it ^-^

jayjons posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2012 11:46am

this is awsome. i wish you had continued it

Lar21s posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 3:40am

I don't know if you will ever add to this but I hope you do.

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 9:28pm

I reread part 16 again and I just realized that Faith did not say how much she got paid, she was nice and insulting and I just did not get all of the nuances the first or fourth time I read this part.

Just a strange thought wandering through my mind while doing dishes.

Thanks again and looking forward to more of your fics

Godogma posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 10:40am

Still would love to see this finished.

Fireshadow277 posted a comment on Friday 16th March 2012 1:04pm

most awesome story ever

Brandon West posted a comment on Wednesday 17th August 2011 8:15pm

You know, this and Witch and the Warrior are still my most favorite BtVS fanfiction. It's probably been at least a year since someone's bugged you over this, so I figure it's my turn. Will you consider finishing one of the two of these off?

Thanks you for all the writing you do, regardless of what fandom you write in.

karis_tasogare posted a comment on Friday 12th August 2011 11:18am

the one thing I hate is where I am reading an unfinished story.
while this seems a bit 'uber' it isnt bad, and I hipe the ending is as good as it looks to be

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 19th July 2011 6:32pm

Only a chapter or two left to go and it's been sitting un-ended for a while and yet I still re-read it when I get a chance. Great work.

Stick97 posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2011 4:04pm

this was a great fic. Particularly enjoyed Spike's regularly scheduled beatings. Of course, like most of your unfinished stuff, I shoukd know better than to read it, but your halted stuff is better than most finished.

Hawk369th posted a comment on Sunday 3rd July 2011 2:09pm

oh please lord and master write more. I have followed this story since its early days on xanderzone and really want to see its thrlling end and chapter 16 makes me waant more of it.Your a great writer please dont give up on this

Dswogg posted a comment on Wednesday 1st June 2011 1:05pm

Love this so far. Hope you finish this soon.

Addlcove posted a comment on Tuesday 29th March 2011 4:17pm

still waiting for those last few chapters :)

enjoyed the re-read none the less.

Andrew2 posted a comment on Saturday 26th March 2011 3:20pm

Absolutely fascinating stuff.

I've only watched the occasional episode of the Buffy-verse so while i'm not totally down with the developments you managed to flush out a viewpoint of the whole thing that is a bit shocking at first blush.

but this is great reading. Pretty much in the same vein as the rest of your work but still very engaging regardless.

a refreshing change from potter fic. i might even try some naruto stuff after this! :p

willowfan posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 8:05am

I absolutely LOVE this story. LOVE! I read it on the Xanderzone archive, and it only goes to chapter 15. I looked on the yahoo group, and did a keyword search for the story name. That gave me the penname, Jeconais. I did a goodle search for the name, and waild led me here and BAM! A chapter 16! It was like christmas and my birthday! Now I need...NEED...a new chapter. Please, PLEASE continue!

budrick1701e posted a comment on Monday 14th February 2011 3:04pm

a great story

Richard6154 posted a comment on Saturday 1st January 2011 9:51am

Just finished a reread for the umpteen time. I do hope you continue this.

Thanks for sharing

PS enjoying Hogwarts Dawn too!

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 16th December 2010 12:54am

Update! Update!
Great fic, though I somewhat disagree with the blurb. You may not have had them jumping straight into bed, but you did slap them both with Cupid's arrows. Not to say that it wasn't good, but I feel it could have been slightly more... Tense. More drama. The mental link, for example, should not have been - it was a poor tool to cut through the tension of reuniting with his old ex's. And Dawn's sudden rise in the social hierarchy? Why? While I can understand the general idea, the whole series of events felt ridiculously unbelievable - far too artificial.
On a different note, you have a tendency to drift off into technical specs when it isn't necessary - "machine guns with armour piercing ammunition" works, you don't have to specify calibre and manufacturing number. When they argue about cars or weapons, then it's okay, because it is *in character*. Speaking of details - more on the surroundings is never a bad thing. Neither are descriptions of the characters - if only to reflect on how they've changed since they were last seen.
Over all though, love it. keep up the good work.