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OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 12:53am for Chapter 1

A very satisfying change to the graveyard scene at the beginning. So, you kept all of the canon pairings(except for Ginny and Harry, for obvious reasons. I much prefer Gabriel anyways)? I guess that's all fine, though I'm really against Ron/Hermione, cause they just don't match. I can definitely live with it however. I always like it when Harry starts to become more Sirius about his life ;)

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Tuesday 10th June 2014 9:50pm for Chapter 1

"What promise?" Good Q. Moving swiftly on to Ch. 2.

dimriver posted a comment on Tuesday 28th April 2009 4:52pm for Chapter 1

"Go on, Harry," Cedric found himself yelling in encouragement. He could hardly believe that he was present at Voldemort’s death, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Really, someones death is a once in a lifetime opportunity? We can't bring him back to life for a two for one special?

Anyway I love your work, whenever I want something happy I reread one of your stories.

Daily Prophet Reporting posted a comment on Wednesday 16th July 2008 12:36am for Chapter 1


It's always a treat to see a new story from you. Nobody I've read in the fandom is more consistently creative, and it's looking like you're out to prove that once again.

I'm a bit mind-boggled that you portrayed the entire second war -- complete with the Horcrux thread -- in the span of about five minutes and perhaps a half dozen spells. But then again, all you had to change to accomplish that was a slight increase in Harry's caution and reaction time so it's not so outlandish.

Plus, I can see it pushing the story where you want to go. I know I've complained at times about you reshaping the characters to fit the story in the past, so I understand the desire to do something that allows you to change the landscape so drastically. I can see that giving you a bit more freedom, and that can only be a good thing.

Or, at least, I think so. ... I was put off a bit by the pace of the action after Harry's pleasant awakening. I see how you used his parents to push him in the direction of living his life to the fullest, but you didn't give him any time to process that consciously. Relishing the attention of a beautiful girl I can buy, but the immediate prank -- while interesting (if not exactly to the Village Weasleys level) -- was a bit too sudden for me.

So, I guess I'm going to reserve judgment for now. But I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where you take this next.


PS -- And thanks, as ever, for all your hard work. I greatly appreciate it!

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Tuesday 24th June 2008 1:14am for Chapter 1

I love the pure joy of Harry and Gabrielle together. It's magical and refreshing

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 17th June 2008 1:44pm for Chapter 1

Very good chapter to a fun story.


Chris19 posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2008 12:58pm for Chapter 1

That sir was a pretty cruel cliff hanger... all things considered.

Regardless I was pretty much hooked after the story got under way. A confident Harry is always worth reading and this Gabrielle is even more interesting then the one portrayed in "Hope" The closer age and the different circumstances simply make her more equal in this relationship, by the by making it entirely more interesting.

I'm also slightly worried that I noticed the brown eyes right away.... I never took myself as observant to that extent. Not that I actually think brown eyes needs a serious explanation but yea, it struck me as strange right when I read it.

Zucht posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2008 12:30pm for Chapter 1

Absolutely brilliant! The story has so much depth and possibilities and I bet the best is yet to come.

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2008 10:41am for Chapter 1

hey u gunna update it today

kcgx23 posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2008 5:58am for Chapter 1

Fabulous, I love it, and I can't wait to find out what the promise is.

rodrigo2 posted a comment on Wednesday 28th May 2008 8:00pm for Chapter 1

Superb as usual. Hope you have it finished. It will go into my Jeconais printed collection. I'm intending in biding it with hard cover. Loved it and hope you update it fast.

Appo posted a comment on Wednesday 28th May 2008 7:48pm for Chapter 1

This is soooooooooooo exciting that we're getting a sequel to Hope!! Am loving it!!! Is Harry going to be siriusly that cool from now? Please update soon!!

jono74656 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:28am for Chapter 1

He's back, and how!
They say good things come to those who wait, and based on this, I'd say they are exactly right.

Can't wait to see where you're going to take this.

tthief posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 1:49am for Chapter 1

'Look the goodyear blimp!' classic lol. looking forward to more, no one writes a good harry/gabrielle story like fact no one else writes them at all.

sinisterDei posted a comment on Monday 26th May 2008 6:27pm for Chapter 1

I loved Hope, and this is obviously set to a different pace but seems quite promising. Also, stasis preventing Harry from aging is an interesting solution to the Harry/Gabby age gap. I look forward to more!

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Monday 26th May 2008 3:22pm for Chapter 1

It is good to have you writing an other fine H/G story. I get the feeling this will be even more popular the 'Hope' - and that's saying something.

Loved the opening, but the way you ended it makes me wonder 'What Promise?' just like everyone else.

I look forward to your next chapter.


RhiannonMei posted a comment on Monday 26th May 2008 12:44pm for Chapter 1

Hmmm.... I'm not sure how I feel about this story yet. I'm interested in how you're going to spin this story as a fairy tale, but keep all the characters from being mary-sue-ish. And about being Mary Sues.... Gabrielle and Harry kind of strike me as 'perfect' at this stage. I don't feel as if Harry's close to canon, though that doesn't matter as much to me as the fact that he seems to have this super!Harry persona around him. I'm interested in how this fic plays out :) ; I love your other ones, especially Hope. Thanks to you and your betas for providing me with a distraction from real life :D.

mouseybrown posted a comment on Monday 26th May 2008 7:16am for Chapter 1

This is great! I love the whole premise so far, and there's not enough Harry/Gabrielle. I really look forward to reading more!

brad posted a comment on Sunday 25th May 2008 10:25pm for Chapter 1

Oh dear. This story may not be my cup of tea at all; it seems to embody what I liked the least of 'Hope', what I think you're calling the 'fairy tale' component. Harry suddenly waking up after X years asleep, acquiring a gorgeous girlfriend within nanoseconds and taking control of the circus that becomes Hogwarts is just so, so ...

... fantastical. Which I guess is my word for what you mean by 'fairy tale'. Too 'fantastical' to believe, and it seems I need to have *some* measure of 'belief' in a story to take it seriously.

I've turned into a grumpy old man, haven't I? :-(

Oh, I'm still going to read this, and I'm sure there's going to be some good bits. Maybe once you've got this new scenario/environment for Harry bedded down the story will head off in a direction a little less madcap than what I felt this first chapter was.

I like the idea of Harry having 'powered' Voldemort through the scar. Presumably this will explain Harry's great magical power in the story proper.

'Cutting the threads' was a nice means to get the horcruxes out of the way nice and fast, too. It stands to reason that there *has* to be some sort of linkage between horcrux and owner, otherwise the horcrux wouldn't be able to keep the owner immortal in the first place!

Happily looking forward to reading the next chapter!

smog2187 posted a comment on Sunday 25th May 2008 1:24pm for Chapter 1

You continue to write some of the best fics fandom has to offer and I thank you for that. This is funny, light-hearted and your style is so completely immersive that it doesn't matter whether you write 5k or 20k word chapters, they're always over before you know it.

I'll be keeping an eye on this... much like I do with everything you write =P